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  1. I am playing the Fruit of Grisaia. It is a very interesting read.
  2. This is such an amazing post. Very well done, op.
  3. on a off topic note, the Japanese title is Family Planning (yep, fun pun). Jokes aside, Chunhua's route may not work with this walkthrough like said earlier. Otherwise it is quite a detailed walkthrough.
  4. Welcome, good luck with your project.
  5. Welcome to the forums
  6. Okay, i didn't witness that era. Nostalgia, almost like an illusion
  7. Hey Nandemonai, I remember you from over at the jast forums (back when they were called otakuism :)). Good to see you working on the project. Nocturnal Illusion is a great game for back in the day, and I am cheering you to get it over the finish line.
  8. Hey!,

    I am not sure whom to ask, but since your'e an admin, I thought I message. I want to, but am not able to make a support contribution, it says you already have purchased the monthly backer (I did it like a year ago). Any resolution? 



    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Thank you so much!
      However, as of right now, donations are disabled until further notice. We'll make sure to remove the buttons for donations.

      Thank you once more for the interest, nevertheless.

    2. sid.vnlr


      Got it, thanks.

  9. Hi Guys, So I was listening to the KANA imouto Special Sound Album, and got curious about the singer who sang the theme song- Shiroi Kisetsu and if there are more songs from her. The song is credited to "Kana" which I am sure is a nickname. Does anyone know the singer and any other songs she let her voice to? Cheers.
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