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  1. You are welcome, hope you enjoy them, if you play. Never7 is part of the infinity series, which is highly recommended in itself.
  2. This is a really detailed and clear compilation, thanks!
  3. Of the rural setting VN's in English, besides the ones already recommended here and in order of release (old to new) 1. Never 7 2. Snow Sakura 3. AIR 4. Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet.
  4. Got it. I think i will read it myself, I have waited long for Rewrite to be available for sale, so I dont mind if translation is a bit off.
  5. I have heard that Romeo sensei's Japanese writing isnt done justice in English translation... what are your thoughts on it? Considering the hype around Rewrite, I will buy it soon, but I am not sure if I read it any time before the new year, and definitely while ignoring the hype.. like a rewritten blank slate.
  6. Im reading Muramasa, just in chapter one but very engaging story so far
  7. hey Ange, fantastic coverage of August, as always. Ai Yori Aoshi is one of my favorite Anime (from back in the late 2000's)- I remember playing the game too a long time ago but don't remember if it was on PC or DVD release- are you aware? It may help save some of the other DVD titles or Hirameki or Nitroplus (Phantom of Inferno is on DVD as far as I know)- would love to play some of these games on PC sometime
  8. Yeah this should work now. I am giving Kazoku Keikaku another run so will test. BTW your'e darkling from the old JAST sites? Those Kana Eyes are familiar
  9. I am playing the Fruit of Grisaia. It is a very interesting read.
  10. This is such an amazing post. Very well done, op.
  11. on a off topic note, the Japanese title is Family Planning (yep, fun pun). Jokes aside, Chunhua's route may not work with this walkthrough like said earlier. Otherwise it is quite a detailed walkthrough.
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