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  1. Added the update to the game folder then used alpharomcracker now the game is working perfectly fine, Thank You!!! rox656564.
  2. Im putting this here for those who have this problem again. As a side note I didn't figure this out, the credit goes to unknown assassin & crArck. crARCk says: July 3, 2013 at 6:23 pm To those who has the problem to install the game for 2nd time or kept encountered the ADVwin32 error at the launcher window. You clicked インストール, but nothing happened. I don’t know if the problem has been solved or not but this might help for those who still couldn’t solve it. You need to delete some keys in registry that related to this game, but there’s a whole bunch keys so which on
  3. Thanks GetterEmperor for the help.
  4. Thanks for making Majikoi A-1 & A-2 they're awesome.
  5. Ever 17 a pretty good novel with an interesting story of being stuck underwater
  6. wish we had a machine to completely translate Vn
  7. http://erogegames.com/boob-wars-356/ the title will give you the idea of what it's about
  8. hello again i hope to see you again in the chat room and hang out, take care Minor
  9. pleasure to meet you i think i saw you in the chat room before hope to see you again there
  10. Ever17 its a bit old but still a very good VN since the story that really gets you reading more should try it theres about 4 routes i think theirs a fifth but not to sure still a great VN .
  11. Hello hope you enjoy it here ill only recommend one since there's a lot of others here,its called katawa shoujo its really great with each girl different in their own way hope you enjoy it and have a great time here as well . http://www.katawa-shoujo.com/
  12. blank dreams, ive heard its a really good horror RPG here's a link you also need to download a RPG maker if you dont have one (included in the site as well). http://vgperson.com/games/blankdream.htm also theres a yandere heres the link if interested http://erogegames.com/yandere-492/
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