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  1. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that, that sucks. BTW, made a small change to the first post, sorry for the confusion.
  2. Basically what the topic says, "Insert your rants here". Did a driver cut you off in traffic? Rant. Did you somehow lose your savedata or the power went out before you saved? Rant. Did you discover that someone ate all YOUR nutella!?!? Rant!!! I'd like to say that ANY kind of rant will be welcomed, but we all know that that would be a lie, so let's establish some points on how to rant. - No Flaming of any staff/members. - Use of to many slangs/abuses is HIGHLY discouraged. - Don't make your topics sexually oriented. (Meaning real 3D sexlife, please keep such things private. Anything else is fine.) - No religion based bashing/racial comments. (Basically discrimination.) - We're here to rant. Try to limit your comments to those of empathy. - No one is talking about you personally. Even if you think they are, they are not. So please do not interpret it as such. (Reffer to first line for this one.) With that said, here's my first rant. Also, if you're going to spoil something remember to use the tags. Have fun ranting!!!
  3. Yeah, basically all of what has been said above. You must consider too that VNs are supposed to be "japan only" products, thus they will consider the ways to sell them there. Usually PC VNs are considered something only otakus are into and it's not something everyone sees with good eyes, but there are stories like S;G to put an example, that can be enjoyed by any kind of audience (as opposed to eroges) and considering that, it's easier to sell it if it's a console game than if it is a PC one (again, because of the way that it is seen the people that play that kind of PC games). Of course piracy is a thing too, but with the law over there it is way more difficult to pirate something than it is around here and I don't think they care too much about how foreigners take their games illegally, otherwise at this point there would be no Fuwa. So, basically it is because their main market is only Japan. It's about marketiizing a product, the reason there are ports of PC to consoles is the same that there are anime of VNs, trying to get more people to buy a product. With all of that said... it's my personal opinion.
  4. Indeed, but we have only 11 days of winter at the end of the year, so the upcoming winter season is considered part of the 2014 instead. Like this: http://i4.minus.com/iEGQjOD6GZE9s.jpg And here is what we will come out on the few days we still have of this year: MAL Now as for my votes in no special order: 1. Illya - Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2. Matoi Ryuuko - Kill la Kill 3. Kuroki Tomoko aka Mokocchi - Watamote And my last vote and probably only one she will receive 4. Lambda-11 (λ-11) - BlazBlue: Alter Memory
  5. Hmmm... been running some tests on it, but it runs without problems for me. Also checked the config options but there is no way to deactivate the auto-skip function (Ctrl). So, here are two wild guesses since I don't really have idea what's wrong and you already seem to have passed all the routine checks. Try to run it on another computer, must be yours what is giving the problem. And second, even wilder guess, your "Ctrl" key is stuck (yes I know, how would you not notice something like that). In skip mode with the "Ctrl" key pressed you can't stop the skip with a click but if you press "Enter" it will stop skipping. Those are all the ideas I have, so good luck and hope someone else can help you with it.
  6. Kokonoe, eh? I'm really wanting to play it... Anyway, will join you if I have the chance. Hope someone else hops aboard!!!
  7. Yeah, I've heard that people is enjoying it despite some (not so) broken chars. Will have to wait for that chance. Obligatory question: Main and subs? (Though you don't have to answer since you're looking for more people to play with, so it can be a nice surprise for them.)
  8. Why you do this??!!! D: Still waiting for a chance to play it... Did you play the others?
  9. We used to upload them unzipped as you may know, but then the "read-only files" issue popped up. This is because your torrent client won't let you modify a file while you're still seeding it, so the others don't get mixed data. But even when you stop seeding it, you had to change it's properties to make use of them properly. Then we started zipping them, of course checking the files were properly zipped before uploading them and then redownloading to check again to avoid problems. Or at least that was the method we used back then, but I don't see any problem with keep doing it like this.
  10. Really weird, just downloaded it again and tried it, have the same specs but I can save without problems. Maybe re-download (it's not that heavy). Aside from that I have no ideas.
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