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Fuwa Battle Royale - Week 1 -



Fuwanovel Battle Royale - Volume 2 -

Chapter 1: The Beginning


<??> Watched the screen in front of <him/her?> intently. Everything was ready. The time had finally come. All that planning, all that preparation. It had all been for this moment.

“All the pieces are in place. Well then, let’s start the game, shall we?”

<??> Pressed the button before <him/her?> with a wicked smile.

“Hear me, members of Fuwanovel. You are here for a single purpose; to entertain me! Those who have their name announced over these broadcasts shall enter the arena, and fight to the death! Anyone and anything you see out in the arenas will be an enemy, so be careful… And ruthless. As far as the rules go… There are none, heh.

Good luck.”


Day 1:

Members in this chapter:












“The game has begun. Good luck.”

“‘Alright, time to hunt.” Ranzo jumped down from the platform he was standing on, numbered ‘11’. He had woken up inside an unfamiliar room just moments before, where he had found his suit and weapons. After a short, confusing briefing from the person in charge, Ranzo’s <cell?> had opened, and he could walk out. What greeted him was a massive forest, full of large trees towering high above him. The large trees blocked out almost all the sunlight, making it hard for Ranzo to see where he was going. But, it was either straight ahead, or back to the cell, so Ranzo chose to keep walking.

The “briefing” had been simple. “You are stuck here. You are to fight anything and anyone you come across. If you are the last alive after the game is over, you win. If you die, you lose.”

“Gee, really? If I die, I lose? That’s a shocker.” Ranzo spun his scythe around his body with precision while he walked, clearly used to handling the weapon. A sabre hung from his waist in a makeshift sheathe, crafted from his belt.

After having advanced through the forest for a good ten minutes, Ranzo reached a suspicious looking cave, marked with a number— “7”.

“Hm, another contender?” Ranzo whispered, and gripped the handle of his scythe firmly while he scanned his surroundings. If his hunch was right, the numbers represented contenders in the “game”. He was 11, and “7” was a different Fuwanovel user, also entered in the game.


Ranzo spun around instinctively at the sound of a branch breaking behind him, and in the same motion, he threw his scythe forwards. The sound of metal colliding with metal made Ranzo flinch for a brief second, and he lost sight of the person who had knocked his scythe out of the air.

“Tch.” Ranzo gripped his sabre and chased the mystery person, like a wolf rushing towards a sheep. He had no plan. The only thing going through his head was: kill it. Whoever or whatever it was; kill it.



SeniorBlitz ran as fast as he could through the forest, like he had the grim reaper himself on his heels. That was in fact what Senior had thought for a second when he saw the scythe fly towards him just moments before. Senior was not well versed in any kind of combat. He had, in fact, never been in a fight in his entire life. What he did have, however, was a special ability. The ability to know what to do, where to go. He couldn’t explain it well, but there was something guiding him at all times. If he was about to trip and fall, something in his mind would tell him to stop. If he ever got lost, something would guide him back home, even if he had no idea where he was. It was thanks to that power, that guide, that Senior was still alive. He had seen the scythe coming seconds before it was thrown, and had used the sword that was given to him at the start of the game to block its path. He had sadly dropped the sword in his escape, and was therefore now unarmed.

“Stop running my friend, I wish you no harm!”

His attacker was shouting at Senior from behind. Thanks to his ability, Senior knew that he would be able to shake off his tail if he just kept following the path laid out in his mind. He did not look back, he did not falter.

“Tch, you little… How long do you plan on running for?”

“I’ll catch you eventually you little slime! Just you wait, I’m coming for you!”

The voice of his attacker grew distant, as Senior just kept on running through the forest. Before long, he had completely shaken off the madman running after him.

“Haah, haah, haah…” Senior finally had the opportunity to stop for a breath. With his hands on his knees, he spent a few minutes calming down. He knew that the man behind him would not be able to find him for at least another ten minutes, thanks to his ability.

“Alright, time to find a better place to hide.”

Senior got back up, and started walking through the dense forest, looking for shelter. He figured it would be smart to find someplace safe to gather his thoughts. It would be best to do so before nightfall, so he started walking faster, following the path lit up in his mind.

“Just about another hundred meters this way, and— Huh?!”


Senior was so focused on following the path to “safety”, he paid no mind to his surroundings, and did not notice the strange creature approaching from his left. Whatever it was, its massive jaw closed around Senior’s chest, and he was lifted up into the air and shook brutally back and forth, the sharp teeth of the beast ripping his flesh apart with each movement.


Senior let out a primal scream, and tried to punch the creature with his free arm, but it was no use.

The beast’s iron jaw remained closed, and the life soon drained from Senior’s body, as most of his organs and blood poured down onto the grass below him. His entire torso had been ripped to bits, and what was left of him was soon devoured by the beast, leaving only pools of blood and a few chunks of flesh behind.



SeniorBlitz, Dead End


About an hour later, Ranzo arrived at the scene of Senior’s death. Taking one look at the pool of blood and gore, Ranzo clicked his tongue, and turned back.

“Guess someone got to him before me. Oh well, time to look for the next guy, I guess.”

Whistling a song to himself, Ranzo spun his scythe around, matching the song’s rhythm as he walked back into the depths of the forest, looking for new prey to hunt.



Ranzo: Status = Alive


Arcadeotic sat at the end of a cliff, looking at the waterfall below him with a emotionless expression, balancing a katana on his feet. A single sudden motion would surely send the sword tumbling down the fifty meter long drop.

Arcadeotic was wearing a blue yukata, stained red with the blood of a pack of wild boars he had killed an hour ago. After cooking some of their meat on a fire, he had eaten some for himself, then tossed the rest down into the abyss. He had no intentions of sharing the meat with anyone else, nor did he want the smell of the meat to attract possible predators. He had extinguished the fire as soon as he was done cooking the meat, but it might still have notified someone of his location. Nevertheless, Arcadeotic sat completely still on the cliff, staring out into nothingness.
Sure enough, after another few minutes, the sound of footsteps could be heard behind him.
Still, Arcadeotic remaind motionless, not facing his attacker.


Sneaking up behind him was Thatcomicguy, clutching his spear with his right hand. In his free arm was a wooden shield, covered in thick leather. Other than his weapons, Thatcomicguy was completely naked, though his body was covered in blue war paint.

Thatcomicguy snuck up to Arcadeotic until he was a mere two meters away, then stabbed at Arcadeotic’s back with his spear. Right before the spear hit Arcadeotic’s back, he jumped straight up into the air, grabbed his katana, and in the same motion as he drew it from its sheath, he cut at Thatcomicguy’s chest.

Thatcomicguy barely had time to block the slice with his shield, and was forced back a few steps from the impact.

Meanwhile, Arcadeotic landed gracefully on the edge of the cliff, and quickly moved in for another attack, cutting at Thatcomicguy’s left foot.

Arcadeotic closed the distance between them in a second, and mercilessly sliced a deep cut in Thatcomicguy’s calf.


Thatcomicguy groaned in pain, and pushed his shield forward defensively, hitting Arcadeotic in the chest.

Arcadeotic fell backwards, but quickly regained his balance.

For the first time in the fight, Arcadeotic glanced at his opponent, and chuckled.

“You look ridiculous.”

Thatcomicguy paid him no mind, and tried to focus on his plan of attack. He should have the upper hand, even with the cut on his leg, as he had the longest reach thanks to his spear, and a shield to block the katana’s slashes. The leather on his shield had taken a hit already, and was already starting to come apart. It probably wouldn’t last too long.
Seemingly having come up with a plan, Thatcomicguy stepped forward. Although the pain in his leg was nothing to joke about, he did not let it stop him.

“Yeah, well, we’ll see who gets the last laugh.”

Keeping just enough distance between himself and his opponent, so that the katana would not be able to reach him, Thatcomicguy thrust his spear towards Arcadeotic. Arcadeotic easily deflected the thrust, but as he was about to counterattack, Thatcomicguy swiftly changed his grip, turning his spear downwards towards Arcadeotic leg, and dug the tip of his spear into Arcadeotic’s knee. Arcadeotic winced in response, but didn’t let the pain stop him from fighting. Not wasting any time, Arcadeotic slashed two times, but both attacks were blocked by Thatcomicguy’s pesky shield.


It became impossible for Arcadeotic to stand on his wounded leg, which meant he would be at an even bigger disadvantage than before. His strongest point was his speed, but without his full mobility, he would be unable to close the distance between himself and his opponent fast enough to stop the spear from keeping him at bay.

“... An eye for an eye, huh?”

Arcadeotic said to himself, as he tried to come up with a way out of the dire situation. He had cut his opponent’s leg, but in return, his own knee had been damaged. Both of them were less mobile, but it seemed like his own injury was a bit more serious.

“Well, what can you do.”

Arcadeotic walked forward with awkward steps, his wounded leg mostly just being dragged along the ground.

“I’ll end this with one strike.”

The bold statement from Arcadeotic made Thatcomicguy snicker.

“Oh, is that so? Well by all means, come at me.”

Thatcomicguy spat back, readied his spear, and covered his chest with his shield. There was no way Arcadeotic would be able to attack his opponent’s torso. And yet…


With a grunt, Arcadeotic jumped forward, and with all his might, he slammed the flat side of his sword into the wooden shield. The impact made Thatcomicguy stagger, and he let out a painful groan as he put all his weight on his wounded leg.

Still in the air, Arcadeotic slashed downwards. His sword moved along the rough leather covering the wooden shield, until it reached Thatcomicguy’s exposed shoulder. The sharp blade slashed open the naked shoulder, making Thatcomicguy drop his shield. Unfortunately for Arcadeotic, he was unable to brace himself properly after the attack, and he crashed into the ground, dropping his katana. The air was knocked out of him as his chest collided with the rough ground. But, he wasn’t done there. Although the world around him was spinning, he used his healthy leg to kick violently at Thatcomicguy’s wounded foot.


Thatcomicguy screamed, as he too fell to the ground, paralyzed by pain.

Crawling towards his katana, Arcadeotic was ready to deliver the finishing blow. He gripped the hilt of his weapon, and turned towards his fallen enemy. Although every part of his body hurt, Arcadeotic somehow managed to stand, and moved towards his prey with clumsy movements.


As he reached his target, he brought his katana above his shoulder, and slashed mercilessly at Thatcomicguy's neck.


The sound of something breaking made Arcadeotic look at his sword in confusion. The katana’s blade had snapped in half, most likely a result from his fall. And since the blade had broken mid swing, he had not actually hit his opponent.

“Well, shi—”

Before Arcadeotic could finish his sentence, the tip of a spear dug into his throat, making a spray of fresh blood shoot out from the wound, dying Thatcomicguy’s skin in red.

As Arcadeotic’s dead body hit the floor, Thatcomicguy dropped his spear, as the strength began to leave his body.

“You… Tough bastard…”

With those words, he passed out.




Arcadeotic, Dead End

Thatcomicguy: Status = Alive



Meanwhile, at the outskirts of the forest:


“How’s this place?”

“Hmm, looks good. We’ll camp here for now. Someone start a fire.”

“Ugh, do you think there are any more of those things out there? I’m not sure I’m comfortable sleeping here, out in the open…”

“Don’t worry, we’ll take shifts keeping guard. #28, #6, you two take the first shift.”

“Huh? Who died and made you the boss?”

Four figures, covered in mud and blood, were talking under the cover of a giant tree, just half a kilometer from the edge of the forest. The four of them were members of Fuwanovel, and contenders in the death game that had started previously that day. But, neither of them wanted to kill their fellow members, and as a result, they had formed a team.
Shortly after they teamed up, however, they were attacked by giant monsters that seemed to live in the depths of the forest. Hungry and tired, the four of them had finally reached a seemingly peaceful area, and were setting up camp with what little resources they had.

The four members were Sayaka (#28), Norleas (#9), Shikomizue (#13) and Kiriririri (#6).

Shikomizue was the natural leader type, and had taken the lead of the group as a result, something that did not sit well with Sayaka.

“Why do I have to listen to your orders, huh? I’m tired too! I want to sleep just as much as the next guy!”

“Look, I don’t mean to be rude here, but in terms of actual combat abilities, me and #9 are the strongest. We need our rest, so that we can protect this group when the time comes. You and #6 are… Well you know.”

Shikomizue gestured towards Kiriririri, a small girl with silver hair, who was poking the ground with a wooden stick, paying no mind to the conversation that was happening around her. So far, she had not participated in the fighting at all.

“Okay, I’ll give you her, but we’re not that crazy! Master and I helped you in the fight against those… Those things, didn’t we?!”

Sayaka pointed in the direction they had come from, where the group had fought against numerous strange beasts.

Shikomizue scratched his head awkwardly in response. He did not want the group to start fighting among each other, as that would just make things worse. He wanted to figure out what was going on, and how to get out of it. In order to do that, he needed to get as many people as possible to form a team. If no one killed each other, the “game” or whatever it was, had to come to a stop. That was the conclusion he had reached.
“Fine, I’ll take the first shift, along with… Her.”

Shikomizue looked towards Kiriririri, who had just finished drawing a strange symbol in the grass.

“Alright then, let’s get that fire going and—”

“Get down, something is coming.”

Norleas reached behind his back and fished out the two daggers he was storing in his jacket, then crouched down, signaling for the others to do the same.

The group gathered together, and those who had them drew their weapons.

“What did you see?”

Shikomizue did not have to wait for a response, as a large bear, covered in metal plating, walked past them. It was looking around, like it was searching for the group. It looked… Off. It looked intelligent, just like the other beasts they had fought that day.

“Something is definitely not right with these things. They started attacking us right after we formed a team. Almost like… Someone doesn’t want us to team up.”

Shikomizue thought to himself, as he recalled the days events. Actually, every time they had been away for combat for a certain period of time, something would come and attack them.
Almost like something, or someone, were controlling them. If that was the case, then...

“Master, behind you!”

Sayaka shouted to himself, and jumped forward. In the next second, a large paw covered in metal slammed down on the very spot Sayaka had been standing.

Reaching into his maid uniform, Sayaka fished out a strange statue, in the shape of an anime figure.

“They know we’re here master, so we might as well make some noise.”

Turning the head of the statue around 180 degrees, Sayaka threw it behind the tree, where the second bear had attacked from.

“Everyone, if you don’t want to go boom, I suggest you run!”

Moments later, the figure exploded, turning the ground beneath it to ash, blowing the bear to bits in the process.

The other bear was alerted to their presence, and jumped at Norleas, who slashed at its snout with his daggers before it had time to react. The beast roared in pain, and slammed its massive paw towards Norleas, who elegantly jumped out of the paws path, and went in for another attack.
While the plate armor proved to be an obstacle, Norleas still managed to bring the massive beast down in a matter of seconds, as a flurry of dagger cuts tore into its hide like it was butter, always finding the unprotected parts of the bears body.

Meanwhile, Shikomizue was fending of two wolves with his wakizashi katanas, holding back one wolf with each blade, as he pressed them against the wolves sharp fangs.

“Where is #6? Someone cover her.”

“Yes, yes, Master and I got her, don’t worry.”

Throwing explosive statues at everything that moved inside the forest, Sayaka jumped around Kiriririri, who was sitting on the ground, watching the fighting happen around her with an indifferent expression.

“Ohh, we’re gonna make master so proud, yes we are, tralala.”

Sayaka sang as he looked up at the sky, throwing statues now seemingly at random. A few landed close to Norleas, but he simply moved out of their path with incredible speed each time, still slashing and stabbing any beast that came in his way with his daggers.


The group fended off countless beasts, until finally, only one remained. It was a massive tiger, also covered in metal plating like the bears from before. The beast’s eyes were glowing in a strange blue light, and it moved faster than any other creature they had fought so far.

Sayaka had tried throwing several statues at it, but it always got out of the blast zone before it was damaged.
Norleas was unable to get close to the beast as well, as it was simply too fast.

Shikomizue knew they were out of options.

“Tch… Is this really how it ends?”

He clicked his tongue, and started to walk towards the beast while he shook his head.

“Am I really doing this?”

After glancing over his shoulder, taking another look at his three teammates, Shikomizue nodded, and closed his eyes.

“Listen up. I know what’s going on. These things are being controlled by someone. As long as we’re in a group, we’ll be sitting ducks. They are either being controlled by whoever started this fucked up game... Someone who wants us to keep fighting, or it’s another contender, in which case we should split up to try and find the bastard.
So...  Guys, split up. Run. For now, just get as far away from each other as possible.”


Like it understood what Shikomizue was saying, the tiger roared, and charged at the group. It was not happy.

“Yes come on, you stupid cat.”

Shikomizue charged as well, running straight ahead, towards the beast’s fangs.



Shikomizue screamed in pain, as the tiger bit him, its large fangs digging into his left side.

“I’ll keep this thing at bay… You guys… Run away… Now!”

Lifting up his free arm, Shikomizue gripped his katana firmly, and slashed at the tiger’s front legs, which were not covered by armor. That should slow it down. The thing was, it would have been impossible to target its legs without making it stop first. And, the only way to do that was to make it stop moving, for instance, by letting it bite one of them. Shikomizue had realized this a while ago, as he watched his comrades fail to hit the beast, and he had given his own life so that the other three could live.

“You guys better figure out what the fuck is going on here, and stop this ‘game’, alright?”

Shikomizue looked over his shoulder, watching as his allies ran into different directions. No beasts chased them.

Pleased that he his plan had worked, Shikomizue fished out a cigarette from pocket, and moved it to his mouth, his hand shaking. He didn’t have anything to light it with, but he still put it in his mouth, and took a deep breath, closing his eyes.

That was his last breath.



   Shikomizue, Dead End


Norleas walked through the forest in silence. His daggers were still dripping with blood from the countless monsters he had killed. Still, he had not even broken a sweat. Killing was his job, after all. It was a breath of fresh air for him to kill beasts instead of people.
It was strange. The person whose job was to take people’s lives had chosen to join an alliance to avoid killing others.
It was different this time, after all. The people in question were his friends. His fellow Fuwanovel users. There was no way he could kill them.

Sensing something moving behind him, Norleas gripped his dagger, and prepared for battle. But…

“Oh, it’s just you.”

He lowered his weapons. Behind him stood the strange girl from before, Kiriririri.

“What, didn’t you hear what the boss said? We’re supposed to split up. What, are you scared in the dark by yourself?”

Kiriririri didn't’ say anything. She simply lifted her arm, pointing into the darkness behind Norleas.

“What? What is… It…”

Norleas turned around to look at what she was pointing at, and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. Looking down at his own stomach, he saw a silvery blade sticking out from his chest, covered in fresh blood.



The laughter of a little girl was the last thing he heard, as his lifeless body fell to the floor.

Kiriririri pulled the sword out of Norleas’ corpse, and it soon turned into light particles, vanishing into thin air.

Kiriririri then simply kept walking through the forest with an emotionless expression.



Norleas: Dead End



Kiriririri: Status = Alive

Sayaka: Status = Alive


Wildcards This Week?



Dead This Week:








Still Alive:



#2 Mr Poltroon

#3 Zakamutt

#4 Kaguya

#5 MaggieROBOT

#6 Kiriririri

#10 -soraa

#11 Ranzo

#12 Thatcomicguy

#14 VirginSmasher

#15 Weiterfechten

#16 Fiddle

#17 Plk_Lesiak

#18 Dreamysyu

#19 DarkZedge

#20 Kurisu-Chan

#21 xGreyHound

#22 URV

#23 littleshogun

#24 Funyarinpa

#25 Jazid-Kun

#26 alden_0023

#27 DharmaFreedom

#28 Sayaka




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From out of nowhere echoes a distant voice that pulsates through the air. The voice gently cries Ranzo lives. One by one different voices take on the cry, black winged carrion of the sky, tides of frenzied rats bursting from dwellings underground, writhing centipedes fighting for a early death, vicious looking horrors deep down fathoms below, all take up the cry! Ranzo lives still!

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23 hours ago, Dergonu said:

Let me know if you see your name missing from the member list, or see any mistakes etc, and do give me feedback if there is anything you didn't like/ would want changed for future chapters!

Everything is perfect; I'm #16.


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