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Kono Oozora Re-Translation project is looking for translators and hackers




What are you re-translating?

We're re-translating Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete, also known as "If My Heart Had Wings".


Who are you?

We're the Kono Oozora Re-Translation project, formerly known as the Kono Oozora H-scenes porting project.

Our current team consists of 5 members:

We have also started an IRC channel for the current project, come chat with us in #Kono-TL on irc.rizon.net

What's your current progress?

We have roughly translated 30K out of 51K lines, here is a breakdown of the routes.

  • Common route: TL: 100% ED: 100%
  • Kotori route: TL: 100% ED: 100%
  • Asa and Yoru common route: TL: 100% ED: 25%
  • Asa route: TL: 100% ED: 0%
  • Ageha route: TL: 7% ED: 0%
  • Yoru route: TL: 4% ED: 0%
  • Amane route: TL: 0% ED: 0%

What are you looking for in a translator?

We're looking for somebody who's, above all, enthusiastic to work on this project.

You also need to have a lot of time on your hands, as most of us are very busy people the translation is going very slow at the moment.

You will start working on Amane's route and possibly the remaining routes.

So if you're willing to put quite a bit of your daily time into the project, we can reach our goal of 500 lines per day.

If you're confident in your Japanese skills and are willing to translate for us, please contact PabloC or me (Dragoon).

What are you looking for in a hacker?

We're looking for somebody who's willing to work on the Moenovel version of the game.

I'm not entirely sure what needs to be changed on this version, more info on this later.

If you have reverse engineering skills and are confident with reading X86 ASM, please contact me (Dragoon).

Will you do route X?

Yes, every route will be translated.

Will you also do the fandiscs?

We currently have no plans to translate them.

Will you make the patch compatible with the Moenovel version?

Our initial partial patch will be only for the Japanese version of the game, because it will be smaller and easier to distribute that way.

Eventually, if things go right, we will make the patch compatible with the Moenovel version.

Will the Moenovel patch be compatible with steam, for achievements and such?

This is currently not planned, but if we can find people that are willing to put work in making it compatible with steam,

we will do our best to make it work with steam.


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