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  1. The original version has 800x600 Resolution. I don't plan to change the interface. I just have to find out how to make the window and text box smaller. I'm sure the options for that are somewhere in config.int. But there are almost no comments and the few that exist are in Japanese.
  2. I could resize the original images to 725x544 and create an offset in vram.xml to center them. But that would leave ugly black bars at the side. I haven't found the config value that controls the window size yet but that should also be possible... Thank you, it worked ^^
  3. How did you know? But yes, I try to make a patch to use the old artwork with the new version. I saw some threads on other sites of people who prefer the original and I am like that too. But before I start working on it I want to know if it's even possible. If not I put the english text in the old version. It doesn't have voices but I know KiriKiri and its XP3 format already from working with Monobeno.
  4. Hello, I'm working on something that requires me to edit a game made with CatSystem2. I can extract the images with exkifinit but apparently this tool can not pack them back to int. Is there a software for that already? I don't know anything about C++ so I can't create a "reverse version" of exkifint. Thank you in advance for your Reply
  5. I guess I can officially declare this project dead now. Why? 2 translators simply don't reply to my emails and the third one at least had the respect to quit. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to play it. I will put what we have together in a patch and release it on our website http://tl.lolis.org probably this week.
  6. Thank you, I downloaded the CG immediately after the game was released and always wanted to play it I hope you have more success than my project...
  7. Not a lolicon, the lolicon. She is cute and I think I have seen her before somewhere...
  8. I started posting here without even officially introducing myself... Maybe because there is not much to say about me. I own a few websites and FB pages that are not really noteworthy and I also work with a few other people on the translation of the monobeno VN. So ... nice to meet you all ^^
  9. How could anyone dislike lolis? They are very cute
  10. Project Intruduction We have decided to start a translation project for this VN because the chances of it getting an official translation are close to zero and we know that many people are interested in it. It has over 80000 lines so it is a bit big for a first project but we are confident that we can do it. Current situation We already have the first ~500 lines translated but they still need editing. For a detailed status overview, please visit our website and check this thread. There are currently 2 translators and 1 editor working on this project, but due to the amount of work to do we could really need a few more. What we are looking for Translators: Preferably people with good Japanese AND English skills to minimize the editing work. But even if none of the languages are your native one you are still welcome to join us, we can use any help that we get. Editors: People who speak English as native language and also have experience with Visual Novels. You will need to correct grammar and spelling mistakes and also make the conversation flow better by re-writing too literal translations to sound more natural (without changing the meaning of course). Translation Checkers: Responsible for finding and correcting content-related errors in the translation. If you want to apply for any of these positions, please send me a message.
  11. You probably would not like the one I had on my old PC:
  12. ^ This. I won't argue with people who call a project "hopeless" without even waiting for the first partial patch (that will be edited and QC'd). I already have to deal with enough disrespectful people at work (I work in IT so you can imagine...). There is one thing he is right about though. With the current translation speed it would take about 5 years to complete the project, but even that you can't say for sure yet. We will definitely find more translators and also a one week average is not a representative value.
  13. I admit that we will probably not be able to complete the project this year even if we have more translators and also it will not be perfect. But everyone who watched the video will know that it is playable and the translation is better than in any IdeaFactory game ^^ Also we will release partial patches whenever a route is translated and edited.
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