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Alternative Projects - Recruiting!





Who are you?

We're Alternative Projects, translating Muv-Luv related VNs. We have released translations for Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles 01 and The Day After 02 in the past two years. We are opening recruitment to get more help as we have a larger line-up of projects we are looking to work on next.

What are you looking for?

TLCs: Able to understand Japanese fluently, and check the original meaning against the translated lines for any lost content. If you are able to suggest edits and line corrections to make it read better that'll be a bonus.

Editors: Able to work sentences into a coherent story, correct grammar and tenses, and check the flow of the story from line to line. Some knowledge of the Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative universe is necessary, so that you know what you are getting into. Knowledge of military workings and science-fiction is preferable.

Hackers/Programmers: Able to help convert text files with Japanese and English text to excel and back, keeping the text format the same. Will need to be compatible with Afhook tool, so if you have some knowledge of the tool that would be preferable.

If you want to help us, please write us an e-mail, [email protected]

Something that we really care about is consistency. We are looking for people who are willing to commit to the project in the long run without pulling out halfway through. That said, we do understand that this is a hobby and that IRL issues will always come first. We appreciate open communication on issues and concerns in the team.

Current projects:

Adoration (ML Chronicles 02's sidestory, currently in progress)

Our planned project line-up: ML Chronicles 03 and 04, Haruko Maniax, Ayu Mayu Alternative, Total Eclipse, Schwarzemarken (VN and LN).

Note: Projects will be confirmed once we have the personnel.


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