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To Heart 2 needs Translate checkers, Editors, Proofreaders and more




To Heart 2 is one of the all time classic original slice of life donkan protagonist harems with a cult following today, even if it is over 10 years old.

Positions desired:

  • Translate checker
  • Editors
  • Proofreader
  • Graphic editors
  • Windows scripters
  • Anything else you think you can offer

The completely translated To heart 2 translation project is one of the longest running VN translation projects still alive today that still needs people to polish it up to finalise the release. It's a fairly large work spanning 9 routes with 11 different girls and 50+ hours of reading (with 2267 unique kanji, 345512 kanji total, 2.9M kana, roughly 97,000 lines!).  I've kept this project alive for over 7 years now and would love to complete it but since I did almost all the translation myself and was not that strong a translator, what the work needs most is a translate checker to bring it up to a higher standard. I'd love to complete this project so that it would free me up to do more translation work on other visual novels instead of coordinating this project for ever more.

I'm looking for motivated people who can complete whole routes of translate checking or editing, or ideally can do the whole lot but understand how much work this is (since I know how long it took me to translate the text in the first place). More than half of it has had a 1st pass edit, but that still leaves quite a bit of text needing editing. I don't care if you don't have any experience editing VNs, so long as you have good English language skills, can work with UTF8 text files and have the time to dedicate to doing a large portion of it. Usually I get potential editors to undergo a small editor's test to verify they can do the task. I have an extensive style guide to guide how to edit it. Additionally I need a proofreader who can go over the whole lot looking for remaining errors and discrepancies in style and wording which takes a lot less effort than first pass editing.

Optionally if there was someone keen on trying their hand on graphic editing, there are a handful of text-on-graphics screens and icons that could do with being converted to English, and of course quite a few H scenes that could be decensored.

Finally if someone is good at creating batch scripts to extract, insert and recompress files in windows to patch the game in place instead of manually copying files across the way my patch currently does, I could use your help. The extraction, insertion and recompression tools already exist. The main reason I haven't included any edited graphics to date is that I would have to upload the entire recompressed data file and would prefer to have an archive with only the edited pictures. While I did a lot of the programming for this project, I'm almost exclusively a linux hacker and take short-cuts when it comes to windows.

The translation project thread is below. Please PM me or email me if you wish to help, or come onto IRC irc.rizon.net #aikeshi




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