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Site Work Failed, But We Didn't Die

Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. Google Chrome question

    Usually, like all the time, stuff hidden behind surveys is just a scam and doesn't work or is incomplete and most likely full of virus. So if I were you I wouldn't try to remove them because they're useful to know what to not download xD
  2. What's your fuwa browsing habit?

    Notifications and pms then check the "Recent Topics" and open the ones that call my attention and after that just go to the fuwachat. Repeat once or twice during the day.
  3. Finally came clean (for a bit,at least)

    As long as you enjoy the game you did the right thing. Buying something that you won't enjoy is waste of money. Now before someone goes full retarded making stupid logics, in none of this sentences I said piracy is good or bad. Just saying.
  4. Shoutbox on Main Forum

    You still at it? Seriously... We can't please everyone. The voting was done and there's more yes than no and neutral. We can always experiment. If it goes wrong we can always return to what it was. If the problem is the atmosphere like tiago mentioned, then if the server allows it's possible to have 2 different chatboxes, 1 in the main forums and another "hidden" as it is right now (not that it would be good but whatever) The main problem is exactly what tiago mentioned ut even that is not good enough to reject it. It's true that some people wil enjoy it and others will no longer enjoy it. The "atmosphere" of the chat will change but only time and experiments can say how. @eclipsed I consider what tiago said as a good reason against (which is what I mention here but in a stupid way as usual, he explained it better)
  5. Shoutbox on Main Forum

    The main problem: Moderators... The only active moderator I've seen is kurisu. If it's going for the main forum then you should start recruiting new moderators just in case of spam and since it will be a "new thing" for a while it will be spammed alot... I have mixed feelings over having it in the forums and not, so I don't really care where it is as long as it's not a place for just spam...
  6. The important is not restraining yourself for doing just 1 thing. I mean, certainly that's not the only thing you want. So if 1 is impossible other things somewhat related or related to something else you like might be easier to achieve. Also hobbies is not something static. During your life your tastes might change, I mean what you like now may not be what you like in a few years, you may like new things and you might start to not like so much of other things. Basically what I mean is take into account what you really like to do and your capabilities, try to improve them and try to look for something that's relatively possible to achieve. Remember that experience is the most important part on getting a job, so even if you really like it but have no experience then it's really hard, so you should start by looking for something that would be easy to gain access without experience and then gain experience over time and finally reach the job you wanted. Just open your mind to different paths and you shall find the right one. (I'm someone who had no "dream job", I basically went to university without a job in mind, though I have one job I really would like to do I think it's pretty difficult to reach it, but as long as it's related to it I'm fine with anything) So sorry for the long post. All of this is my opinion and it can be considered shit. I wish you good luck with that issue.
  7. Shoutbox on Main Forum

    I'm neutral on this. The chat is kinda unknown around here, so in the main forum page would lead for it to get more noticeable. I prefer it as it is, but I can deal with anything that comes (unless it's an overflow of users, that I can't really deal with, except running away) so yea, whatever comes is fine by me.
  8. Best Wishes for Krill

    I don't really know krill, but that's really a bad thing to happen... Well good luck and get better soon!
  9. Meh

    Well hello there and welcome to the fuwanovel. Hope you enjoy your stay and blablablabla. Hvae fun
  10. Just a Few Words

    I find the lack of my name in that post really disturbing... Not really, I know I'm a lowlife who will never amount to anything. (I would use my own words, but yours are much better) You were scary and sometimes mean, but you're cool and I enjoyed stalking your arguments in fuwachat. Still you brought more life to the fuwachat, so we should be thankful for that. It was nice to meet you and good luck for whatever you're going to do now. Cya.
  11. Isn't raspberry pi an arduino like thingy? Why would people want a fuwanovel OS for it? o.O I don't really see the use of it. Well it would be cool if you planned to make some kind of handheld device with a fuwa OS to play VNs and browse the net though...
  12. Online Team Game (4players)

    ah I remember playing that a few times in the past, it's a pretty fun game, until someone messes up xD
  13. How about no? xD Most of the time I come to the forums to just check new posts and mostly the fuwachat. Though rarely post anything.
  14. solidbatman's Mega Big Ultra Contest

    extend it. Let everyone die!! So everyone loses points and in the end no one wins!!
  15. solidbatman's Mega Big Ultra Contest

    5 points on kyrt I have faith in you. So let me down! P.S.: no mistake in the sentence
  16. solidbatman's Mega Big Ultra Contest

    Shit cards... So I'm out. I would never win with that hand... But supposedly in blackjack you can pick more cards and if you go over 21 you lose, but whatever...
  17. Programmer's Corner

    Tastes are tastes. We can't all like the same or else this world would be even more fucked up xD
  18. Programmer's Corner

    I've always been used to high level language they seem easier for me to understand than asm. Too many stuff for just 1 simple thing, too much address stuff...
  19. Programmer's Corner

    I've just studied asm for x86 processors, we just studied the basics of basics though and I hated it...
  20. solidbatman's Mega Big Ultra Contest

    7 9 13 21 42
  21. solidbatman's Mega Big Ultra Contest

    5 points on 25
  22. Our Healing Hearts (Purple Panda)

    Well if you-re really looking for a programmer and you REALLY can-t find one, I can maybe help you. But I-m kinda slow and I-m not that good, but I-ve already told you all that in the chat. Well anyway good luck for that.