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[Potential Spoilers] Visual Novel Screencaps

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So this may just be me, but I have a habit of taking screen shots of the game while playing visual novels when I find something amusing, so I decided to make a thread for these screen caps :P


These are potentially spoilerish, so please put the pictures in a spoiler with game relating to it. 


Grisaia no Meikyuu



Kazuki: That's true, however I don't remember telling you to make female friends. 

(several lines later, but same scene)

OEBQPdb.jpgKazuki: If you still want to be friends with girls no matter what, then they will have to be approved by me! Becoming good friends with girls other than the ones I approve is forbidden! Understood? 

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KuruKuru Fanatic



Her face was turning red. Subsequently... um, a strong leaking sound could be heard.



(…なんだよこれ? 逆羞恥プレイ? 頼む! こから出て行かせてくれ!)

What is this? Some kind of reverse shame play? I beg of you! Let me get away from here!


The sounds she makes while forcing her piss out is really erotic

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The Grisaia chibis are adorable as always. :D


Noooo! Please give me back my glasses!


I wish I was screening all the funny bits in AkaGoei... but then I'd probably just screen every second scene. :D


I think this one can't be translated, unfortunately. Basically the character has an extreme ojou-sama speech quirk and she tries to correct it - and fails miserably. :D

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