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  1. Winged Cloud's response to someone asking about an adult version for the Sakura series:
  2. What makes you drop a vn?

    I usually drop a VN if the common route is too long + uninteresting.
  3. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    Good news!: 18+ version of Grisaia will be available on BackerKit, as confirmed by Koestl's tweet. Also, for those wanting both Steam and 18+ version, the other version can be add-on at a significant discount.
  4. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    Sekai earlier just posted the first weekly update for the Grisaia trilogy. No news on that 18+ version yet though.
  5. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    $475,254 with 4,347 backers, the KS finally ends. Now time to start waiting for that 18+ version info...
  6. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    The Kickstarter for Grisaia will be launched this late Monday evening (PST) and expected to run through the end of January. Update: Some (unofficial) info regarding the 18+ version by koestl :
  7. Good tearjerking VNs

    Would also definitely recommend Edelweiss.
  8. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    Yeah koestl had mentioned that the actual Kickstarter will start some time during November.
  9. The news you've all been waiting for: http://prefundia.com/projects/view/lets-bring-the-grisaia-trilogy-to-the-west/2814/ https://twitter.com/sekaiproject/status/520691412975644672
  10. Konosora Snow Presents

    Seems that the release date of Konosora: Cruise Sign (both PS3 and PS Vita ports) has been changed from this October 30 to "unknown" due to quality reasons: http://5pb.jp/games/topics/4921.html
  11. First "VN" I could think of is Love Plus for the Nintendo DS (and its sequels)
  12. What are you listening to right now?

  13. Most of the time 100% CGs + normal/good endings. Sometimes it depends on the VN. I don't play the bad endings if I know the VN has them, unless it's to unlock CGs.
  14. Gmail passwords leaked

    Already enabled 2-step verification for my Gmail previously, but decided to change my password once more as a precaution.