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  1. Pleasure it is, but not a long-lasting one. Strange as it may, why wont you just replay it one more but consistently seeking a resemble one? I replayed Tsuyokisu 5 times for I can't find better tsundere characters with funnier lines out there. I wont mind seeing others trying mimic those well-known scenes or moe chara (with no special feelings) though.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7ARsYs-Gq0 Using YuzuSoft's as example, moe characters are everything in their VNs. I think they exist to serve the fantasies of Otakus -- cat/dog-girls, majo, miko, childhood-friend, tsundere, you name it! They are kitschy essentially just like some animations, where just few heroines and protagonist talking with each other. As a part of Otaku-culture, they are valuable to those who like Japanese anime-style characters. Even though they are repetitive and cliched, it's not a bad thing if they can fill up your fantasies and bring you a lot of a
  3. Just finished it in few hours...Just like what you guys have mentioned. Yes, it is like a H-anime with extra-large-size subtitle. But the world created there is adorable. I think every Otaku has his/her 2次元世外桃源 (utopian 2D world). A world with cute humanoid cat-girls is definitely not a bad one... You cannot blame it for the short, monotonous and dull story-line because you knew it is a netage, moege as well as nukige at the first place. Regarding the e-mote thing used in the game, what I fear when it was applied at first has come true--it became a way to make animated H-scene. Ea
  4. I believe anything can be transcended into art if the author are perfecting his/herself in the processes. Sadly, I think most of them are merely commercial-oriented for superficial amusement and simple pleasure. I do think it is life mentor nonetheless; some serious stories really stroke the innermost chord with me. They are multi-media novel essentially, messages and emotions are coming from voices, words, graphics, and effects. These kind of presentation, of course, coming from Japan, but it's like entertained by a storytellor with illustration or watching a drama with close interaction
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm0vyVNIXAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4erYT2gMm8 I agree most openings are full of spoilers; yet it is also a way to give potential buyers the gist / style of the VN. I found these two openings are exceptionally well done.
  6. I think people just pick up the topic because it is rare in other societies...I think Otaku culture is by all means a subculture in Japan...There are lots of economic and sociological factors (e.g. housing price and inflation) contributing to the social phenomena mentioned in the video. Of course there are hentai hobbies within Otakus (e.g. like ejaculating upon figures and tapestry), but how many are those? It is absurd to say the national birth rate and marriage rate will be affected by those minority. In fact, many developed countries / regions (e.g. where I live) has a remarkably low
  7. It is "new" in the sense of applying in VNs (and it is not fully-animated like what School Days has applied--but it can retain the CG quality at best), that's what I mean... Butt spanking is just one way of using it, the trial has demonstrated other ways like sprinkling water. Yes, what I am hoping for is they will experiment on the "new" technology to bring out a more creative and alive story-telling. But, I also equally understand it could be just a useless gimmick and just used to strengthen H-scenes or other erotic elements. It is 2 months before the release date, I think the
  8. Before playing the trial version of Sweet Light's new title,ひまわり!! -あなただけを見つめてる- , I was thinking the new technology, E-mote, developed by the M2 Company (有限会社エムツー) is nothing but attracting people who like to see shaking boobs in VNs. But I changed my mind after playing the trial version of the new game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IsZNMAbkOA In the new game, it does provide some creative ways of telling story. Basically, I think it changed the traditional way of story-telling in VNs. It can make the characters and their interaction more alive while retaining the CG qual
  9. It is clear the nitroplus online store opened today is selling so-called "PC game-related merchandise" ONLY. Imo, it answer nothing to the pray of foreign VN players. I think it just want to milk all possible customers it can find dry but not seriously thinking of promoting its games outside Japan. I am not a fetish. I am disappointed at the store totally...
  10. Ha, that's true. Sometimes, I really feel amazed at Japan's freedom of publication..those hentai hardcore obscene contents are easy-to-access in some 18+ Doujinshi and nukige...I feel really bad when I stumbled upon those contents... Sometimes, I think the line drawn by the Japanese in the area is too far...You just don't need so many intense graphics and voice-acting to tell a similar story...
  11. Thanks a lot for the explanation. I really don't know so much about Tenco before. I do agree Eiyuu Senki cannot attract audience outside the fan-based groups. I cannot image IGN or Gamespot will be giving much serious attention to it (they would probably just laugh at how Japanese put "dating-simulation elements" with strategy gameplay). The game is fun, but the enjoyment fades out easily after, say, playing 10 hours -- and the scenes and story-telling in between battles are also poorly handled -- too loose and mostly unrelated to the battles.
  12. Yes, I know the VN selling condition is not booming. But do you think the online store will be mainly focus on selling "goods" like super sonico figures, character goods and other stuff besides VNs? I think they may use this to directly collect customer information and possibly organize some events or campaigns later.
  13. I mean the continuous voice acting of the sexual perversion scenes and the mentally twisted characters. At least it is unbearable to people don't into such stuff. I don't think you can pick up a person randomly on a street to voice-act those scenes. And those Japanese voice actresses and actors can opt out of these casting. So, the jobs leave to those with better psychological quality imo. And to the illustrators, I think people don't keep drawing people being tortured, raped, and brutally murdered...the illustrator is also a female, so I think she also have a strong mind to bear this as a ca
  14. Yes, those voice actresses are definitely of amazing psychological quality...otherwise, they can't bear those H-scenes and torture scenes... The same goes to the illustrators... But I think those writers are possibly just some unashamed perverts...and players are looking for excitement in those more and more extreme depiction... Luckily, most VN players are not into such stuff...
  15. Yes, I would agree this is just for a handful of niche players even in Japan. And heavy hardcore H-scenes are there...coupled with brutal death scenes definitely... You can think of it as a nukige specialized in グロ&リョナ, which is exactly the words used by the illustrator in her tweet. One of the writer, IzumiBanya (和泉万夜), is also known for writing gruesome scenes... Still, it is interesting to see how people in the other part of the world can possibly use these materials to tell a story. Judging from the company's previous similar title, Euphoria, it does have a solid story behind t
  16. Tenco's has prepared to release its EiyuuSenki(英雄*戦姫) in English (translated ver.), which is deprived of H-scenes and will be released on PS3 instead of PC. Meanwhile, Nitro+ is going to open its online store on the next Wed dedicated to serve international customers. Do you think more and more Japanese VN makers are responding to the international market? I think if Nitro+ have succeeded in earning a handsome amount of money by the online store, more producers will just follow the way. And a solid international market can then be formed. Do you think this is too optimistic?
  17. Are you "excited" at CLOCKUP's newest VN -- Fraternite? Its OP has been released today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiWiNeNOaFc The video ends with a heroine's comment: "(I) cannot be saved" (救いなんてない), which contrasts with the remark (かならず君を救ってみせる; translated as I shall save you) made by the voiced protagonist in the PV (also the tagline of the VN): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjoGSBFvyug Frankly, I don't like seeing people die and being tortured in whatever way even if they are just fictional... But, I have my particular way of reading such VN -- I just feel
  18. I'm surprised no one mentioned amiami. It is basically the most reliable one-stop-online shop that sells and ships the newest VNs (and other otaku stuff) around the world in my opinion.
  19. Frankly speaking, the game lacks real content and largely replies on the characters' mindless conversation to tell the story (if there is any at all). I am only interested in how are they going to take care of different routes' development. Moe characters and supposed-to-be-funny conservation...Nothing more to be expected.
  20. I haven't meet so many passionate VN fans for a while. I hope I can be your friends and share the excellence of VNs together. Here is my all time favourite -- Tsuyokisu -- I really like the light tempo and top-class acting and writing of the genre in the fantastic game. Normally, my VN-picking principle is moe characters or good story. Also, I am willing to try grotesque VN with good story like CLOCKUP's Euphoria. Thank you again for your warm welcome!
  21. Thank you for the warm greeting! yeah, I have made my list at vndb after hearing you advice The moe character is so cute! Thanks!
  22. I think most of you are excited for Favorite's next title, AstralAir no Shiroki Towa, as the forum's banner has a patriot from the producer's previous game -- Hoshizora no Memoria. Download page: http://www.favo-soft.jp/soft/product/WhiteEternity/download.html I am ready to try it out to see if the writing of Nakahiro this time is as good as his previous. What do you guys think of it?
  23. I also laugh out loud seeing your summary!
  24. I am an Asian VN fan come from Hong Kong where the Japanese subculture is more prevalent; but still very few VNs or eroge were able to be published here. As what Clephas has mentioned, Erotic content and piracy are of the crucial problems. Governments tend to see these kinds of game as perverted game (Hentai game) or worse (as some titles featuring little girls known as rori characters), publishing these games outside Japan will be easily attacked as deteriorating the culture or leading teenagers "astray"! That's why many producers have been or used to banned foreign IP from accessing their we
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