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  1. Yes, I played all of them; it would be weird to vote on VN's based on their soundtracks xD Also, thanks everyone~ I'll definitely try my hand at some of these!
  2. Looking for good games with good music. It doesn't really matter what genre the game it is, as long you could say it's enjoyable ofc. Untranslated is fine. It would be appreciated if you link some of the soundtracks that you actually liked, but not really necessary. Thank you~~! VNDB
  3. This list pretty much. I assume you don't know any Japanese so I won't recommend any untranslated games. Alternatively, the Girl's Love Only tag on VNDB is probably the pure yuri you're looking for. Don't go into the yuri tag, since it's pretty much filled with games that have threesomes between a guy and two girls.
  4. Can't say much about the story, but there was pretty decent reception with Karumaruka Circle (though I haven't played it yet) even without Nijima writing the scenario. I'll keep my eye on this, mostly since I really like the character designs...especially Inori and Wakaba.
  5. My system locale is already in Japanese. It doesn't make sense that it should be in English, since it's a Japanese game...
  6. I keep getting this when I try to open on this game. I'm not sure what happened. I actually got all the way through Meguri's route, and then I restarted my computer, and when it turned on again, I got this message. I had tried re-installing it. Still got this message.
  7. To be honest, faceless protagonists kind of freaks me out. It's really creepy...especially if you add in a smile with it...
  8. I delete every game, but I keep the save if I ever want to download & play it again.
  9. There aren't many PSP visual novels translated into English, but I know that the Oreimo game has a partial patch. I forgot which heroines it covers, however. Dangan Ronpa Corpse Party Blood Covered Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Those are the ones I played and liked.
  10. I love pixiv, lol...I don't draw, but I like looking at new stuff my favorite artists draw. 薯子Chuko Vocaloid and Touhou stuff. あー11 Definitely my favorite of all time. Love the watercolor feel. ファルまろ Touhou and Madomagi. 山田あこ Adorable as hell Madohomu. れい亜 macozi Godly Kagaminecest. ことびら 6274 Yume Nikki. ショコラ Warning: Intense amounts of moe. 桐子 恋未 And lastly... 蒼兎 Yeah...I don't get it either.
  11. A lot of yuri games have voiced protagonists, so you could start with those. Any Sono Hanabira game Hitori / Futari no Qualia Lilium x Triangle I also recommend MeltyMoment & Lover Able. Both are pretty much straight charage.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqiCE0faOlA I was grinning like an idiot the whole time. Their confession was incredibly endearing and adorable, especially that little tidbit of who's supposed to say it first. Best confession I've seen in an anime.
  13. This is taken from Micchi's blog: The huge age gap might turn some people off (she isn't a loli either) but I'm actually kind of interested in this. Thanks for sharing~
  14. http://vndb.org/v12416 http://vndb.org/v12417 Yuri's always nice, we don't get much sadly though. Though there seems to be an influx of yuri games this year...not that I'm complaining c:
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