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New visual novel community for fans

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2 hours ago, HataVNI said:

NOOOOO... I was pitching this idea for months already! Now you were faster with it. Damn you @Happiness+ :(


Good luck , though! Make a presentable post and some small tut for newcomers how to make a mastodon and use it, then I can retweet it on Fuwa.

Don't mind working together on making this the go to for visual novels?

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>please refrain from posting anything illegal
Illegal where? The depiction of certain elements of some visual novels tend to be illegal in some countries, particularly lolicon/shotacon content but also bestiality.

edit: how can I see the timeline of the server/individual users without registering? Even twitter sort-of lets you do this and I feel like I've seen mastodon instances doing this.

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