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  1. Tragic backstories that made you cry

    It's extremely hard to make me emotional, but I'd still like to make my case here. I usually don't tear up, I rather get pangs of satisfaction along the lines of "Thank you for blessing me with this powerful/well written scene". Rather than tearjerky they are generally more like memorable scenes for me. Those include: Saya no Uta (A very recent read, so it might just still be relevant for me) Shining Song Starnova Family Project The only VN that actually made me tear up was Harukoi Otome, but I think that was more related to my state of mind at the time I read it and it's basically my proof for not being a robot. For some reason backstories in general have a harder time to impact me, the disconnect of time and seeing the results they had beforehand often takes the edge off for me.
  2. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    I'd say not liking characters is a valid reason not to get romantically involved with them. Not sure if you're joking about the special ending. For what it's worth Rika was surprisingly second best girl after Misaki for me. Her route doesn't have many scenes to blow you out of the water, but it feels really genuine. For me it felt like Misaki was the center of the VN, she had the backstory, she had all the impactful moments, she even had a fangirl to make things even more about her, so the competition was kinda rigged from the beginning.
  3. I'm not very attracted by physical appearance, or even interested in physical contact, for me it's mostly about reaching a certain state of mind. I guess that's part of the reason why I easily connected with 2D, or even 0D since I still read lots of books. (At some point I read the VN Killer Queen and, you can call me incompentent, I couldnt set it up for my life and only had a black screen and text with a poorly optimized font for the whole VN and still read and enjoyed it) That's why High-School heroines are as appealing as most other heroines for me, high school settings less so... Especially when it's about a club and a lot of time is actually spent in school. High school as a subsetting for expanding the story is still okay. I just try to mix the VNs I read so I don't get too aware of repeating school tropes and usually read at least 3 at the same time so none of the topics/settings get stale.
  4. What are you playing?

    Just wanted to stress, that it is a decidedly parodistic comedy VN and if it has the choice between taking an emotional story scene to its conclusion and making a joke out of it, it will opt for the later. I haven't read Lamunation so I can't make the comparison yet on how things are done there, but I have read Fureraba and it felt very different in what the VN set out to do, since Fureraba tries to be fun in a wholesome slice of life kind of way (mostly) and Sankaku Renai (mostly) pokes fun at story/setting/character tropes of charagames, (and otaku fandom in general) while going through the motions of being a super basic charagame itself. The intent (as I perceived it) was pretty different and that was the main point I wanted to make, sorry if I make it more difficult than it needs to be, but for me that's an important distinction. It correlates to charage like Undertale does to classic RPGs and Bakemonogatari does to harem anime, but without having as much insight and instead having fun with the theme in general.
  5. What are you playing?

    Imagine four of the most basic heroine routes possible (story-wise) and the conflict inside them reduced to barely existing. It takes more of a diversion of expectations approach, setting up some amounts of drama and resolving them cheaply for laughs, almost poking fun at other charage for actually going through with their drama. For what it's worth that actually worked for me, the tone in this VN is set accordingly to take this approach, but the meta insights into the medium weren't profound enough to actually make it meaningful, (Especially not when being powercreeped by the translators meme-knowledge) so it's pretty much just a "thrillride of jokes". The heroines pretty much represent different angles of obsessive otakus. Was it worth my time? Just barely. I like a good number of works that go meta on their medium, this was just not written well enough to please me in that regard. Gonna read Lamunation at some point to make the comparison.
  6. What are you playing?

    I finished Funbag Fantasy 2 and it was mostly what I thought it'd be, maybe a bit better than expected. I allready liked the first instalment and though the differences are very minor they affected what bothered me about the previous game, so I can't help but like it a little more. Is it worth making a sequel when you roughly want to do the same thing again? Hard question, but I can at least admit that I had fun reading this anyway. 8/10 Next I read Sankaku Renai, another work that mostly tries to entertain, the comedy was hit and miss for me, in part because the translator seemed to like his memes a bit too much. There was enough parody, memeing and references to go around before the translator threw in his hat to get a point across that had allready been made. Every character is a nerd, the fourth wall is broken every other minute and comedy takes precedence over story. And, all of that is fine, it's not like the VN is trying to hide its hand. The tone is set early enough to not get any false expectations, many jokes actually did hit home as well, especially with a lot of weebs in my inner circle of friends and drawing some loose comparisons. Depending on your mood and what your into this might be worthwhile. 6.5/10 With these comedy VNs read I was in the right mood for something completely different and decided to finally read something I've wanted to read in forever, but never felt my mood to be in the right place. Saya no Uta - This one was pretty damn good, it deserves it's high ratings as far as I'm concerned. The content is thought provoking, deep without being condescending about it or completely inapproachable. It's pretty short and I finished it in a single sitting. I found it to be a good example of less being more. Concise writing, quickly to the point, never running out of meaningful plot development or character angles, overall a very enriching experience. 9/10
  7. Most disappointing VNs of 2019?

    My most disappointing and frustrating read from last year was Amatarasu Riddle Star, but I don't think it had high expectations. I thought it would be good at best and decent at worst, but it was terrible for me. No interesting plotlines, every route just threw stuff at random, hoping something sticks, not my kind of writing style. Releases from earlier, that I've read last year and left me disappointed were Edelweiss, for having no likeable characters, very jumpy pacing and weak resolutions and Sanoba Witch for lack of in-universe logic and boring routes.
  8. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    Kindred Spirits on the Roof, it may have been a re-release (full chorus), but that was also the reason why I took notice of it. (The first VN to pop up in my steam feed) Besides that Funbag Fantasy 2 and Onii-kiss just hit my strike zone and Love Esquire and The Demon World of Flore Hades (No official release) were fun as VN as well as with their gameplay. The best ones I've read last year regardless of release date were Chrono Clock, Hoshimemo and Katawa Shoujo in that order.
  9. Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations

    Glad to see that my taste is appreciated, I usually only recommend what I'd rate 7 or higher and though I'm not picky about what I read, (There is a certain delight to be had from bad games, picking apart what did and did not work and for what reasons is enjoyable for me) I am rather picky about what I would rate games, but in this case, maybe single good heroine routes within a mediocre VN would also work as a recommendation. I remember a tsundere route and an "ostracized by beauty/untouchability"-type girl leaning towards kuudere in Fureraba. The Funbag Fantasy games are surprisingly well made and also have a number of heroines with the desired traits. A bit older and it's more of a VN where I'd recommend the whole experience instead of a single heroine route, Family Project. (A very tsun girl to be had here) One heroine is a tsundere, two others would be a kuudere together I guess^^, Harukoi Otome. There's also an all colors of the rainbow array of characters in Koihime Musou. (Tsundere and Kuudere characters are more often the side heroines though) Another Tsundere in Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. (Also the best route in this VN, in my opinion) Last, if you can handle it, Princess X, this one has a lot of reasons to dislike it, but also a lot of stuff that make it special, even touching at times and Monster Girl Quest, where pretty much the same applies, at times disturbing, at times touching. Kuuderes and Tsunderes present in both of these, but handle with caution.^^
  10. Tsunderes or Kuuderes Recommendations

    Was hesitant to recommend this at first, since there's a somewhat blurry line to the consent, but I saw you played Bunny Black, so I'm going to do it anyway since this one is more wholesome than that.^^ I mentioned the sequel and this game in the What are you playing? thread. https://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE240947.html The dungeon of Lulu Farea has a large cast of girls, many Tsunderes and Kuuderes to be had in these two games, but there's only a fan translation to the second game. The blurry line definitely develops to mutual feelings in all cases, of that I can assure you. Also it's one of the most addicting puzzle games I've played. The Protagonist is even a weird/eccentric character who is an outcast (by choice) and they strangely gave him depth by making him shallow. Chrono Clock and Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai have some of the best casts of heroines in my opinion, but they are more witty and sharp-tongued than tsun or kuu. (Chrono Clock has a classic Tsundere and a somewhat kuudere heroine)
  11. I'd say it depends on your definition. Take Game of Thrones for example, I'd say that has more sexual content than many, many VNs, still it furthers its respective world and it's fitting to show (most) of it and I'd say most people wouldn't call it porn. A good VN would try to create it's scenes in a similar way, many don't however and instead get into a different writing style, play some mellow music and basically create a cheap porn scene by being shallow. I'd say FSN fell into that trap. Still, hentai or pornographic doesn't equal bad in my opinion, the question is rather how it is used. Monster Girl Quest is a pretty hardcore nukige, very fetishy to boot, still all its content is a logical conclusion of the world it's trying to build, same (mostly) for Funbag Fantasy and Euphoria. There are some nukige that embrace their sexual content as a way to create the world they are trying to make and that usually shows. I think these are often better received and accepted than a charage or plotge, which includes shallow porn scenes that go against the flow of the rest of the VN. It's a similar approach to GoT, though I wouldn't call it equal.
  12. visual novel walkthrough

    Under one Wing has only the decision of the respective girls plane that decides the route and Funbag Fantasy 2 is here, Amatarasu Riddle Star here (Can't recommend it though), Farther than the Blue Sky here (Auto-translate should be good enough) and My Fair Princess here (Again auto-translate should get you through it)
  13. What are you playing?

    Yeah, my spoiler gets into some details about the gripes I had with the androphobia, but you don't want to read that yet. I've stopped minding incest stuff in japanese media a long time ago. Many charage also do a poor job of it, but I can't stop myself from going through every route anyway. I'd hesitate to call the sister route in this game a good portrayal of this relationship trope, but I'll at least call it one of the better portrayals within VNs. At this point I prefer it if they go balls to the wall not giving a damn about it, as in Imouto Paradise, so you can enjoy some cute girls without thinking too deeply into it. I think the stepmom would have been better as well, with the teacher/student angle on top it would have also had a lot of angles for conflict. Oh, well.
  14. What are you playing?

    I guess it's a form of risk management. I'd draw parallels to the Imouto Paradise series or any longer running Lillith series. Nuki can get away with making the same game with minimal risk, using the same engine, layouts and staff. It's efficient and if the first game was a commercial success, the likelyhood of more games bringing in a stable income is better than risking your assets on something new/daring. Especially when you are expected to go in a specific, fetishy direction you don't want to lose your audience. The Iberian peninsula is pretty much Spain and Portugal these days. Since Edel means regal in german I always took Edellant to be an euphemistic portrayal of germany or a germanic group of nations, with lant as a missspelling of Land. (Country in german) As for my last games, I played Demonic Nation Florehades, it's more of a dungeon-crawling puzzle RPG-maker game, but so enjoyable that I have to mention it anyway. It's the sequel to Demon Cave Lulu Farea, where the protagonist is Klurs, a misguided human who tries to get into intimate relationships with monsters, after he failed to do so with human girls. He taught himself fighting moves that will only incapacitate others, without leaving lasting effects otherwise and he tries to make the girls he encounters into his girlfriends/wives. After he defeats a girl he will "rape" her, the quotation marks mean that he isn't violent about it, or strikes somewhat shady deals with the girls before the battle, making it either borderline consensual or comedic in nature. I would poke fun at this, but the game is very self aware and does that enough on its own. The games system let's you freely traverse deeper and deeper into the dungeon with much freedom on how you tackle the puzzle element. You basically have attack and defense stats and every enemy has those as well and you deal excess attack to the enemy HP and they deal excess attack to your HP, making the whole process very predictable. You have to traverse the dungeons tackling enemys you are able to, getting stronger and engage the new enemies that you become able to defeat. I found that to be a very addicting, rewarding gameplay loop and super enjoyable if you like puzzle games, that's why I'm highlighting this game to this extent. The monster girls are very likeable, but the game is even enjoyable if you skip the H-scenes. I'd recommend starting with the first game, since it left you on a cliffhanger that is now finally resolved. Had a great time with this one 8/10 I took a break from Yumina the Ethereal, it's an enjoyable game so far, (I'm in chapter 4) but the dungeon-crawling segments are extremely tedious and my game completion OCD stops me from skimming them... I really like the battle system on the whole, but I don't think it's meant for longer grinds, since having skills that are largely dependent on each other and a steady fluctuation of skills you can and can't use, means every turn has to be thought through. Even when you grind through low-level enemies you can't just spam an attack, as you would in most other turn-based games and that really wears you down over hundreds of battles in the training segments. So I went back to VN's. I read the first two episodes of 9 - Nine and it was a good experience overall. The dialogue has a pretty good flow and the characters have unique likeable traits. The first episode ends a bit weakly, not having much of a climax and just ending arbitrarily. The heroine is a pretty typical genuine good girl, they try to spice it up by off-setting her rich girl archetype with being frugal, good combination overall. The second one has a better arc structure, in terms of impact, but some of it just feels like going through the motions of getting back up to speed. The sibling relationship is surprisingly well done in terms of build-up, chemistry and reluctance/reasoning for and against it. The episodes are short, making them easily digestable, but it does feel like I only got a part of a complete visual novel, where everything is part of a multiple route mystery, so I left this story unfulfilled. That could be argued to be a good thing, since it means I wanted more of it, but it's a bit cheap nonetheless. I don't feel like rating it is appropriate yet, I want the complete picture before I do so. With that done I felt up to read another Palette VN, hopefully getting a complete experience this time and started Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki. This one felt like they really didn't know what to do with some of the characters, or even the general direction of the plot. I liked the protagonist, he was sensible and had an altruistic nature. Sadly that also leads to less potential for meaningful conflict. This VN was a lot longer than necessary, they ran out of meaningful things to say, which resulted in too many boring stretches during the read. 6/10 Guess I'm gonna read Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 now, for some unapologetic dumb fun. Also have Newton and the Apple Tree installed, incase the Nuki overwhelms me.
  15. inquiry evenicle

    This one is super spoilery, so only open if you won't play it blind under any circumstances and need that info to decide.