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  1. You can also look for Protagonist with voice Acting on VNDB, just finished Little Witch Romanesque and really liked the voice acting there. It's a bit sad, but having a voiced protagonist can be kinda seen as a mark of quality, in a going the extra mile sort of way. ChuableSoft seems to take an approach where they only have their protagonists voiced during strong character scenes and that is kind of effective in a way too, while still keeping costs low.
  2. Picking one of the games that didn't even try would be easy, but if the game doesn't care I don't see why I should. From the games that actually did try I had the worst time with Amatarasu Riddle Star. It was confused at best and a completely arbitrary mess at worst. (Which was kind of the point as an Alice in Wonderland story, but it's hard to care about characters then, which also aren't very inspired, slapping some tropes onto loosely based on Alice in Wonderland characters. This one didn't work for me at all and I believe it's misguided as a Charage VN.) Too bad Hajimete no
  3. It would maybe seem like a good fit, but all of the anime I listed are actually nothing like toradora and the discussion here had to some extent shifted towards romance in general, which is why I just threw some examples out there of romance anime which tackle different angles of the spectrum rather well. (In contrast to toradora which was mentioned here as well)
  4. Spice and Wolf has my favourite couple and best portrayal of romance and love not only in anime/light novel (Both are great), but in all of the media I've ever seen. Nodame Cantabile is also pretty good, Kids on the Slope is very organic and genuine and Chihayafuru has less focus on it, but really great characters. All of those would make my top 50 Anime ever. I liked toradora, but also less for the romance and more for the characters and humour. On the topic of High School VNs: I try to mix it up and read High school stuff only with a considerable gap inbetween. (At least when
  5. All his games are pretty short content wise, but all of them have a somewhat genuine feel and approach to (strange) love. I'm finally done with Yumina the Ethereal, it took me about 60 hours and my Ctrl button shouldn't work anymore considering how much it was used. Yes, this is very grindy if you're shooting for 100% completion. (I even had to give up falling one scene short that I just couldn't find, which will haunt me) That is also my major gripe with this game, especially since it didn't feel meaningful. The whole ordacle training sessions give you a much needed edge to some g
  6. 1st: Kemono Musume no Sodatekata 2nd: Wabisabi 3rd and 4th: Pretty sure it's Baldr Sky, but I'm not that far into it yet.
  7. I don't mind talking about this stuff and I am a weirdo/pervert beyond just liking H-content. For me it's mostly a mind over matter kind of thing. I can't get into "regular" porn, since actresses mean nothing to me and you don't feel any form of emotional bonding that happens, which is an absolute necessity for me. I don't want to sound like a romantic here, I may like my vanilla charage stuff where that bonding is genuine love, but I also kinda like to see where emotions in general can lead to and that makes stuff like Euphoria interesting as well. Without stories, themes, progression an
  8. I didn't particularly like that one either. At some point I started remembering it as the VN I kept forgetting I had read before. I actually even went back into the game and reread parts of it to figure out why I couldn't remember and it wasn't too bad honestly, just nothing too memorable but at least some likeable heroines. In My fair Princess however I really felt like they didn't try at all to make it engaging and every route felt like a chore. (The best parts for me were the common route and the protagonists relationship with his family) Well, I thought so. Maybe at some po
  9. Maybe that was poorly worded. I meant to stress unreasonable. A nukige can have a lot of (in-universe) reasonable h-scenes, but when the protagonist shrugs of being raped like mosquito bites and an orgy bus freely drives through the town, then it's pretty hard to take one of the heroines depression and coping after losing her boyfriend to a terminal illness seriously. It just creates too big shifts in tone. Sure, go for it given the opportunity. I wouldn't give a cent for this in hindsight, but opinions are still just opinions and I'd be interested to hear thoughts on this, especially
  10. With some nostalgia for old JAST titles I read xChange 1-3. I had played a lot of the JAST games way back when, but this was one series that still remained on my want to read list that I didn't get around to. All of the games are clearly outdated and the shift of how VNs are written can be seen in this series to some extent. The first one is all over the place with shifts in tone, logic and character personalities. The further the series progressed, the more these mistakes get remedied, but none of them get it quite right, since they don't stop putting unreasonable h-scenes into the games.
  11. It has no VNDB entry because it's not actually a VN. It's more like one of those "puzzle" for a hentai pic games, with short intermissions between gameplay.
  12. To be honest, I don't think I'd watch either with my mom, but shoutouts to all young, liberal moms out there. I picked GoT as an example, because if you stop and think about it, it depicts rape, prostitution (implies child prostitution), incest, monster sex and sexual slavery, not the topics of a polite dinner conversation where I come from, (Topics VNs happen to frequently pick up, mostly with a 180 on the morals of it ) but all of them are used for world building, character building and shock value and that makes it okay, even mainstream. If a VN makes use of its H-scenes to the sam
  13. It's extremely hard to make me emotional, but I'd still like to make my case here. I usually don't tear up, I rather get pangs of satisfaction along the lines of "Thank you for blessing me with this powerful/well written scene". Rather than tearjerky they are generally more like memorable scenes for me. Those include: Saya no Uta (A very recent read, so it might just still be relevant for me) Shining Song Starnova Family Project The only VN that actually made me tear up was Harukoi Otome, but I think that was more related to my state of mind at the time I
  14. I'd say not liking characters is a valid reason not to get romantically involved with them. Not sure if you're joking about the special ending. For what it's worth Rika was surprisingly second best girl after Misaki for me. Her route doesn't have many scenes to blow you out of the water, but it feels really genuine. For me it felt like Misaki was the center of the VN, she had the backstory, she had all the impactful moments, she even had a fangirl to make things even more about her, so the competition was kinda rigged from the beginning.
  15. I'm not very attracted by physical appearance, or even interested in physical contact, for me it's mostly about reaching a certain state of mind. I guess that's part of the reason why I easily connected with 2D, or even 0D since I still read lots of books. (At some point I read the VN Killer Queen and, you can call me incompentent, I couldnt set it up for my life and only had a black screen and text with a poorly optimized font for the whole VN and still read and enjoyed it) That's why High-School heroines are as appealing as most other heroines for me, high school settings less so... Esp
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