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The Dawn Shield Gardening Club [Comedy, SoL, Romance?]

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Within the halls of the newly constructed Eorzea High School, one tightly knit gardening club will wreak havoc and chaos in their unending quest to plant a single flower. From dodge ball tournaments, to heroic deeds, the Dawn Shield Gardening Club will stop at nothing to have a little bit of fun together during the school year. Join Persha, Noaa, and Mayvi as they recruit new members for their club and do what they can to prevent Persha from going crazy with boredom.


Persha: A highly energetic Miqo'te who loves nothing more than running around outside through the grass. It was his idea to begin the gardening club for the sole purpose of having an excuse to play around in the dirt and grass some more without getting in trouble.

Noaa: A Lalafell, and de facto leader of the Gardening Club. Noaa loves music, drawing, singing, and dancing, and will find any excuse she can to create a little bit of music. As childhood friends with Persha, she is one of the few people who knows how to handle the spastic Miqo'te and his tendencies.

Mayvi: A studious Aura, Mayvi loves nature and was a natural fit for the gardening club. She often acts as the mother of the club, making sure everyone is taken care of and stepping in when a club member is in need. Be it food, medical attention, tutoring, or just company in general, Mayvi is always glad to lend a hand. 

Araceli: Araceli has recently moved into the city from a far away town in the north. Lacking in any sense of direction or maybe even sense at all, the young Hyur often finds herself lost or caught up in relatively outlandish situations. She joins the gardening club as a means of returning a favor after being saved by Persha from, what she figured, was certain death.


Anglea: Anglea, the interim student council president has the unenviable task of ensuring the gardening club is following all of the school rules and regulations for club conduct. She is seemingly good at everything she attempts, having stellar grades and being shockingly athletic. However, despite her outwardly strict attitude, it would seem that Anglea might be slightly more mischievous than first believed.



Sujih: A no-nonsense member of quite a few school sports teams, Sujih finds herself getting wrapped up increasingly in the gardening club's escapades throughout the school. As quiet as she is tomboyish, she finds it somewhat difficult to make friends, not that she is especially interested in making them. 











Character and CG Art: Charmiespecs
BG Art: mugenjohncel 
GUI: Namastaii 
Music: Kevin MacLeod
The boring stuff: solidbatman


Target Release Date: Summer 2019

This project is a learning experience for me as I learn my way around Ren'py in preparation for a larger, more serious project. The characters are based off of the Final Fantasy XIV characters in the Free Company I am a part of. A special thanks for my Free Company for without their motivation, characters, and friendship, this project would have never taken shape. A huge thank you also to the Ren'py community for fantastic guides, CC assets, and the engine itself. I hope this project is of interest to people, and am open to any feedback.

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13 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Good luck. I hope you'll ship those guildmates' characters so hard they'll have no choice but to marry in game after reading it. :nokia:



Now be a good developer and add some tags to the thread title. :mare:

"Good developer" :ren:

I'm not even a good VN fan. 

And most of the characters are already married and their relationships will be shown in this story or the follow up. I'm trying not to bite off more than I can chew since I'm in grad school. 

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29 minutes ago, solidbatman said:

And most of the characters are already married and their relationships will be shown in this story or the follow up.

Oh damn, that's awesome. :D I've never played FF XIV, but I absolutely adore how it encourages this kind of role-playing.

Have fun with this, I'll be looking forward to seeing how it turned out and what your "serious" project is going to be about. :)

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3 hours ago, tahu157 said:

Those text boxes are kind hard to look at (white text on white background).

Thanks for pointing this out. I've been tweaking the color values and working on the text so I will absolutely have this fixed before the final release. 

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Quick update on why no demo came. The old way I was implementing sprites was just flat out wrong. As this is a learning experience for me, I began using a new method of utilizing character sprites. Sadly, this required rewriting the entire script. I am using this opportunity to make other changes as well such as expanding the existing story, increasing the resolution, and looking at a UI replacement (not shown). For now though, have a look at the main members of the Dawn Shield Gardening Club. 

Also, I agree with Sujih. 

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Just now, Zakamutt said:

What he's not telling is he actually deleted all the scripts from google drive and mysteriously can't get them back. :ren:

Sadly i think we can blame me on getting him to recode the entire thing. i started talking about it during discussion about other project 

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