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Arosia: an Erotic Storybook [Fully-Voiced]

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Please note, Arosia only supports Windows (32/64 bit) in 1920 x 1080 resolution at this time.



Arosia is an erotic storybook; it’s a nontraditional visual novel (OELVN).

Fully-voiced; written & illustrated by two female artists.

We release free updates monthly, adding new characters, stories and paths.

VNDB link




Arosia will only become more expensive over time. Read more about our pricing plan.

You can play Arosia right now by becoming a Patron.

We’ll release a free demo and launch early access on Itch.io in April 2018.

We will be running a Kickstarter with Early Bird specials in May 2018.

Arosia will be available on Steam in June 2018.

Join our Community Discord server! 





– Arosia is a non-traditional visual novel, featuring a growing collection of short, erotic tales that can be completed in 20-40 minutes.

– We release free updates every single month

– Each story offers multiple paths with at least two different endings.

– All stories are fully narrated by female voice actresses.

– Each story features 5+ gorgeous illustrations by IvyFetish.

– All writing by Lily Black, a master storyteller.

– Play with your choice of: keyboard, mouse, or gamepad; touch probably supported (but untested atm)

– The game runs on a custom game engine that features a clean, functional UI and minimalistic features; the engine is coded and maintained by Lily Black and is developed using Unity 3D.

– Our game is not pornographic, but we do offer a free patch that adds in additional, erotic content.


Please note, Arosia only supports Windows (32/64 bit) in 1920 x 1080 resolution at this time.




Our Growing List of Content

March 2018 - The Witch Tree - Summer Route | 7 scenes | 3,300+ Words | 35m+ audio | 8 illustrations

April 2018 - Teen Succubus - Poison Route | Work In Progress!




More Info

We are launching our demo and alpha next month (April 2018)!

We decided on pricing for our game.

We committed to doing free, monthly updates.

We announced a free patch to uncensor our game.




Help Us!

We really need you! And no, this isn't a plea for patrons.

We created a mission statement for partnering with others.

This definitely includes you! Please take a moment to read it.

And when you're done with that, join our new Community Discord!

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Looks pretty good! :D at first i was kind of skeptic, but seeing that it's being made by 2 women is what really piqued my interest. With time, i've come to realize men usually write very lousy female characters when exploring their sexuality, writing more about the fantasies of what we want from a female character rather than who that character really is. 

So, Arosia might be the first eroge i enjoy in over a decade! :P

Keep up the good work, try to get better every day and i wish you the best on your Patreon!

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So, lots of updates.

We stream 7 days a week, 11 hours a day now. That's a lot of hours and we're getting a lot done!

Our stream has become a giant game, filled with stories and minigames, and we're creating a world collaboratively with our viewers.

We're creating new game art every day, and we're also building up a vibrant community and audience.

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