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Chances for Umineko anime reboot?


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Chances of it are very slim.

You have to understand in the vast majority of cases nowadays anime is made as an advertisement for the source material, because that's how they can return some kind of profit (you advertise a relatively new LN/Manga/Game, sales increase, you sell more merch, and both entities profit from it). If the source material is already long past publishing date, and it has already had an anime before, then the chances of a new anime for it being made are close to 0 because whatever advertisement could have been done has already been done. They probably stand to lose more money if they make an anime than they gain in merchandise sales.

Unless you get external investments, a second anime for Umineko is very unlikely.

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I remember mentioning in some "What anime would you like to see made" thread that I'd like some unlimited budget works studio to do Rewrite (this was before the anime) and Umineko properly, but that it would necessarily have to be unlimited budget works because those are two VNs that don't lend themselves well to anime adaptations at all. So you'd need a studio to really put in a good deal of effort into the script to make something decent, and not just pull a Deen and 8-bit and slap something together real quick and call it a day. So unless some studio with a million money all of a sudden wants to, rather than doing literally anything else, adapt an almost decade-old VN that already had an anime made of it that failed horribly, I don't see us getting a new one, let alone a new one that isn't just as bad as the old one. And to be honest, even if some studio does sink a ton of money into it, there's still no guarantee that it'll actually be good, due to how much the VN relies on leaving subtle clues in the text, which isn't really something you can do in anime.

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2 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

Basically, zero. To be honest, I don't think any company would risk making it, considering the existing anime failed in sales.

Also, after I've seen Rewrite anime, I don't believe in visual novel adaptations anymore. And, I think, Rewrite is much more popular than Umineko in Japan.

Same here, Grisaia anime made me lose hope.

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15 hours ago, UnlimitedMoeWorks said:

Well that really depends on how much they left out. How faithful was the studio to the original content?

Spoiler warning!!!




Plot Inconsistencies


  • Battler and George being approximately the same height, whereas in the visual novel, Battler is 180 cm and George is 170 cm.
  • In several scenes, Shannon and Kanon have been shown together in front of Battler at the same time, which should be impossible, as 'they' only ever appear as different people in front of people who know the truth.
  • In certain scenes and especially merchandise, Shannon has been shown to have real breasts.

Legend of the Golden Witch

  • The cousins saw Natsuhi fall after being shot, which means that they should also have been able to see Sayo.
  • Natsuhi's gun should be unloaded. It would be impossible for Battler to shoot with it.

Turn of the Golden Witch

  • Shannon's corpse is found with the stake in her forehead instead at her side.
  • In the Tea Party, Battler wasn't shown bashing Beatrice's head on the table after asking Beatrice to make him a sandwich.

Banquet of the Golden Witch

  • In Beatrice and Virgilia's fight, Beatrice didn't float in air and even retreated her towers.
  • Before her final attack, Virgilia summoned more than one Smoothed Mate, and impaled Beatrice with them instead of Gungnir. Also, she didn't summon Odin.
  • When Virgilia realized she had been killed, she had two Smoothed Mate pierced through her instead of the lots of magic beams. And during Beatrice's explanation, it was shown that Virgilia was killed right before her final attack, and not before the start of the battle.
  • Eva-Beatrice met Rudolf in a corridor, while she should be in front of Beatrice's portrait.
  • Eva-Beatrice commanded the Chiester Sisters to kill Rudolf and Kyrie and bring their corpses to her. However, when they were killed, she teleported to them.
  • Rudolf and Kyrie were killed in a corridor. But then they and Eva-Beatrice (wanting to "play" with the corpses) were shown in the hall.
  • Eva-Beatrice and Chiester Sisters are less agressive and more respectful with Beatrice when sending her away.
  • Hideyoshi should arrive to scold Eva-Beatrice after she sent Beatrice away and after she "played" with Rudolf and Kyrie countless times. However, that didn't happen. Beatrice appeared right after Hideyoshi was killed.
  • After Chiester Sisters killed Krauss and Natsuhi, it was not shown their corpses being carried out to the outside.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

  • In the first twilight, Chiester 00 kills Rosa by cutting her throat. She was originally killed by having half of her face blasted, which is correct, as Sayo and Genji were using only the rifles in the first twilight.
  • In the final episode, the first half of the Tea Party was completely ommitted when Piece-Battler should have been seen investigating the crime scenes.
  • A significant amount of blue truths and red truths were removed from this arc alone.
  • Also, Kumasawa and Gohda were bloodied when found dead. Originally they were only killed by being shot in the heads. Moreover, the window in the garden shed was big enough to fit a person inside, but in the visual novel, this should be impossible.
  • In the ??? Scene, the red truths that Lambdadelta made to correct Battler's mistakes were completely removed.



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After watching Rewrite anime and seeing the reactions in Japan, I'm actually convinced that a bad adaptation can even damage the reputation of the original material (Planetarian, however, worked better as far as I know, but I doubt they had the same expectations to start with).

You can get away with a mediocre anime if you time it properly in order to boost people buying the VN. Doing a reboot at this time would not increase sales IMHO unless it was mind-blowingly great (and that means companies would need to invest a lot of cash on that, and that'd be a risky move), so I don't think so...

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2 hours ago, MiyazawaLulu said:

After watching Rewrite anime and seeing the reactions in Japan, I'm actually convinced that a bad adaptation can even damage the reputation of the original material

Well, I expected it might happen. The main problem of bad adaptations is that they show all the problems within the main story, and fail to show its strong sides. Also, there are a lot of idiots who think they can judge the quality of an original basing on an adaptation, and some of them are pretty vocal.

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