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Eyes of Gods [Cyberpunk/Drama/Mystery]


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«Eyes of Gods» is a dramatical visual novel with elements of mystery and cyberpunk which tells us about a struggle, uneasy choices and hope.


The development of the storyline wholly depends on selections the player will make in the game.



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Demo-version (Windows) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/n4dyvt056njup11/Eyes_of_Gods-1.0-win.zip
Demo-version (Mac) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/h80w5r3kjqbyyxj/Eyes_of_Gods-1.0-mac.zip
Demo-version (Linux) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/lbi9xy44c4091oe/Eyes_of_Gods-1.0-linux.tar.bz2

Group Facebook: facebook.com/groups/eyesofgods/
Site: http://solarsidegames.com/

The plot


In a rotten world where people forgot the definition of "humanity", two coalitions fight for power. One of them is the Order who keeps under its heel a puppet government and another one is the Alliance – a gang of yesterday’s bandits who decided to take power. What way to choose ? Who has truth behind him? Should one reject the old rules and rely on the ideas of the future ? The truth is to be looked for in the tricky tangles of people’s destinies, hopes and vicious desires.

And what about gods ?...

The Order uses the faith in them for its black deeds. And the main asset of the Order are no donations from millions of believers but children born with black eyes. These children are called "seers" because they can see the future and look within the mysteries of the past. It is believed that the seers are chosen by gods and that the Most High watch mortals through their eyes. From infancy the seers are taken away from their families to the Order where they are given to drink potions depriving them of their consciousness. To the regret of the Order, only a few are born seers so scientists try to create "the messengers of gods" artificially, by means of experiments.

Certainly, nobody believes in a fairy-tale about the divinity of black eyes anymore, except for the desperate ordinary people who have nobody else to ask for help.

But who knows, what if the gods watched for real?...

The player is invited to walk through his way with Luca, a hired killer who was born with only one god’s eye. You will have to decide on what party to join in an unfolding conflict between the Order and the Alliance, and also to determine who really Luca is – a simple murderer or something more. 

Early concept 



A composer has written magnificent soundtracks that you will be able to enjoy during the game.  
We invite you to hear some fragments of the soundtracks from the novel.


Luca is the main character. He earns money being a hired killer. He has only one “god’s eye “ that he hides under a blindfold. Luca doesn’t want to enter the war (doesn’t matter whether it’s for the right cause or not), his own small world, far away from the Order’s intrigues, is good enough for him. However, one fact changes everything…
Early concept:

Dora is a victim of the Order’s unsuccessful experiments in an attempt of creating« the seers » artificially. She managed to escape from the Order’s facility when she was ten and she first met Luca in the slums. Dora has a sweet temper but a strong will. From child hood she decided to fight for the Alliance where she found a shelter and a refuge. 
Early concept:

Cloyd is a former military man whose sister was a seer. He has been hiding her from the Order for fifteen years but in the end he couldn’t save her. Cloyd has a harsh temper, his own codes of honor, and he won’t stop until he achieves the intended goal.
Early concept:

White Lady
The White Lady is the first leader of the Order. Cruel and mysterious woman, she thinks that she controls the balance of powers in the country. She got her nickname for her color preference in clothing.
Early concept:

Garey is the leader of the Alliance. He is physically undeveloped but very smart. In the past Garey was a professor of a University, and in his spare time he created his own drug dealing net. Even though he hides himself behind words of virtue, he only cares of himself.
Early concept:

Spider is the deputy of the White Lady, the second leader of the Order. He is smart, charming, able to find an approach  to people. At the same time he is diagnosed with alexithymia (he can’t understand and almost doesn’t feel any emotions). If he had an idol – that would be Hannibal Lector. He is acquainted with Luca. Before joining the Order he had worked with Luca for two years.
Early concept:

Leland is the third leader of the Order. He loves ballet and makes considerable donations for the needs of art, he also supplies arms. He was married five times but none of his wives could outlive the first year of marriage. Leland is sure that his ancestors were aristocrats. He collects porcelain dolls, five of them have faces of his deceased wives. 
Early concept:

Astra is the fourth leader of the Order. She dreams about taking the place of the White Lady. She has three children ( all girls, she adopted each of them).  She favors the illegal organ trade. She was the one who caught Cloyd’s sister.
Astra suffers from fits of melancholy. She doesn’t see the sense neither in her and nor in others’ lives. Only the fight for power helps her to distract herself from painful thoughts.
Early concept:

Abby is Luca’s  friend, who he has been raising since she was ten.  She is a cheerful girl. She dreams of a new life for her and for Luca. She saves money for moving to a different country.
Early concept:

Nancy is a popular seamstress in the slums. It was precisely her who found Luca and raised him like her own son. Nancy is a rather rude and simple woman, she values her relatives more than anything.



About the project


- Follow the hitman’s way who is able to see the future and to look within the mysteries of the past. 

- Make selections that will effect the storyline. 

- 12 main and 7 additional endings! 

- 2 possible love-affairs! 

- 20+ exciting musical compositions! 

- More than 60+ unique backgrounds and 60+ CG - scenes! 

- The game will be available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.



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The art looks nice and the story sounds very interesting. Looks good! Look forward to trying out the demo later. 


There is a decent amount of slightly awkward English in the post and a little on the site as well. You should probably get a native English speaking editor to look it all over in order to get an even better result. 

Good work and good luck Look forward to seeing more of this! 

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I played the demo... What can say... You must get a native-speaking english editor, as even the intro text looks awkward ("The cold water nicely refreshed me chasing away the rests of the sleep" as example). Music is nice ambient and fits the game, gfx... well, not so much, sometimes they are too sketchy. Storytelling... did not like it as much, and premise looked boring, actually.

I will skip this one.

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