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  1. Yeah I can see a very cyber punk anime look. Very colorful, pleasing to the eyes.
  2. Holy shit, great art.
  3. oh really?? Interesting. I wonder why? Why because there has been episodes after it that were sort of like short sequels?
  4. Damn. It's September. Everyone's going back to school/university/work and I'm just drowning in research papers and work assignments. I have been playing the same visual novels since the last time I posted. It's Red Spider Vengeance and I also picked up The House in Fata Morgana. I'm kind of getting tired of Red Spider Vengeance? It has a bangn' OST that matches with it's Noir concept, but damn it's kind of slow for being Noir and it's all dialogue. Yes, I get it, VNs are about dialogue. But there's nothing stylish about the writing. It's just plain old talk. And I usually like minimalist prose. But there's no...no... punch to it? No vivid descriptions, very little emotional expression, and I'm not saying that because the character models look like Slenderman, but the writing is kind of basic and there's no color to it. Just like my blog post. While The House in Fata Morgana is a wonderful experience, I've always been a sucker for gothic victorian stuff. The music just gives me chills, the bleakness, and the elegant English prose, it's great. It reminds me of classics with a bit of a modern twist. Which yes, some of the prose is a little too modern for the time period, but what can you do? It's a visual novel? There has to be a balance where it isn't too wordy for the reader to get tired, but enough to fill in the box and make it opulent, especially for this genre, where it's all about that fancy. And I also know that this VN is pretty popular, so I don't think I will say much since it won't be different from anyone else. Although, this Bestia part is kind of a drag, not as suspenseful as the first chapter, and it's killing me. Maybe, the school work is giving me a funk? The other VNs I haven't touched in a long time. So I guess this is the end of my post.
  5. I'm really love the realist VNs I'm seeing on here.
  6. oh this is like a game on twine or Inform 7? Seems cool. I've been making my own since last year.
  7. The artwork for this Shingakkou -Noli me tangere- looks really nice. Is there an English translation? lol never mind. I looked it up and there's no English translation yet. I saw something on Tumblr that said there was some weird thing that translates something in the game but it led to nothing. Guess I will go back to learning Chinese.
  8. For my first post, I'm just going to make a list of VNs I'm currently playing or planning on playing. Currently Playing Banshee's Last Cry This is an American remake of a Japanese classic Sound Novel from freaking... I don't remember, but it's on Super Famicon. And I think it's already been mentioned here. Damn this VN has a lot of endings. I'm a little burnt out on it now and I had to download a guide because this game has a whopping 43 endings. I only got 6 without the guide.... Red Spider: Vengeance I just downloaded this one last night and I'm already enjoying the story and the retro visuals. The sprites are similar to some of the first PlayStation ports of the original Japanese version of Banshee's Last Cry . Except the sprites are colored in. What I Plan on Playing Next (I've started most of these already) We Know the Devil The Blind Griffin Taarradhin The Mind's Eclipse (I want the full version to come out already) Who is Mike
  9. This is really beautiful. Damn 3D models? I can't even make lowpoly models in Unity. This looks like a PS4 game or something. Keep up the great work.
  10. Wow this looks great. Been looking for more mystery VNs.
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    Thanks for the nice comments! Look forward to talking to you all.
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    Thanks! You didn't sound like a jerk at all lol.
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