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  1. I feel really stupid for not checking VNDB in the first place. Thank you so much everyone!
  2. I am looking for the English prologue patch for Akatsuki no Goei. The translation group dropped the project and their website is no longer available The Internet Archive doesn't have a working snapshot of their site and google search isn't being helpful either. I'd really appreciate if someone who still has the patch or a mirror link shared it with me
  3. My Japanese friend and I decided to try translating a very short visual novel together. He's very serious about getting into the VN translation, so I decided to help him with the extraction/insertion of text. Does anybody know of any good tutorials on this topic? I have a bachelor in CS, but my hacking experience is almost nil (I once made a simple aimbot for Cube Assault following a dll injection tutorial). I would be very grateful if anyone here who has experience with VN cracking could share his learning sources. No big hopes up, but we are going to try our best, and possibly see it all the way through. Edit 1: I'm not sure if this is the best section for this kind of request, sorry if this question should've been posted elsewhere
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