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  1. Ive been starting to collect psvita galges for I have always wated to play galge when I'm outside and don't dont have acsess to my laptop. Here I have hit a big rock with this game to buying this game . . . .Ciel Nosurge. The are are versions of this game (http://www.play-asia.com/paOScore/19-71-1ab-15-Ciel+Nosurge.html). I am wondering if this game is really good as it does not really have any hand drawn CGs but instead 3D graphics(like Photo Kano). Also I dont know about the story if it's really good I have seen a reveiw about it but it's not enough to justify it. Also I am wondering if there will be a english translation for this game. Thhis game is made by Gust and there tiles Ar Tonelico 1 - 3 has been localized by Nis America. So maybe this game will get one too. If you have played the game I also have some other questions. . . -Is the story very casual or very deep -Is the japanese used difficult (easy=moege like mashi iro synphony / hard=like the griasai trilogy) -Was it worth playing?
  2. Soukoku no Arterial

    Anybody tried this game already. . . . . . . I wanna play this game but I'm worried ill be doing more losing in card games and I personally don't find some much enjoyment to cards....??
  3. Irotoridori no Sekai Translation

    Hmm. . . . well at first using Machine Translator is really hard and pisses me off(Natsuzora Kanata,Yuzusoft). But when you can get the hold of it and then gain some japanese experience points (grammar and vocabulary) on the way, you will get used to Atlas' crappy translation and be listening more and reading to the japanese text in hiraga with the help of a parcer like mecab. Also, I dont want the language japanese to become a barrier to me and any other eroge player to enjoying great titles. Oh. . . . . .international treaties. I think the japanese publishers may not want to fuss about visual novels as they want to keep a low profile in just japan. Another Rapelay imcident would may the japanese goverment putting barriers to eroge makers in Japan just for the sake of the prime minister and it's cabinet saving face.
  4. Irotoridori no Sekai Translation

    Well there is always a second option. . . . . . . . .Using machine translaters. That's what I am doing now playing this game. I am in Mio's route right now. Also there will be some hard explainations of some supernatural stuff in the beginning of this eroge, but after that the japanese is fairly easy if ur proficient enough to understand simple unsubbed anime. And regarding to legality since Visual Novels are marketed only for Japanese(in exception to localize ones) I think fan translator are on the shady legal area. Well, the thing that is really illegal is downloading a eroge in japan and playing it on Japanese soil. But when outside Japan it is outside of their jurisdiction and since eroge companies market to Japanese. So outside Japan it would be okay....
  5. My introduction to anime and eroge were actually by my freinds. I never did engaged in any japan stuff before that. During high school I was introduced to Fate Stay Night eroge and Princess Lover anime and that was what made me to an otaku as of today. But I was only the one to go far as playing untranslated eroge and taking up japanese learning. Sadly they were not as enthusiastic as me. When going to college I did had one that do play only translated visual novels, he was more to playing social games though and anime. Not so many in college really engaged to anime stuff. So how about you, got any freinds other that on the net that engages on visual novels ? . . . .eroge and galge isn't a very common type of game people play in contrast to rpg, shooter, racing or sports. I would like to know . . . .
  6. Clover Days Translation Project

    I completed this eroge and it's append disk just last week. This eroge was so amazing and this was so far the best that alcott made from all the others. Tsubame was so MOE. Her h-scenes were so. . . . OH YEAH Currently playing Clover Hearts.......
  7. Hi ! Newcomer here!

    Hi eroge fan here! Glad to join the forums! So here are some facts about me. . . -First Eroge>>> FSN -Second Eroge>>> Discipline(yes, that hentai loaded one) -First non translated Eroge>>> Natsuzora Kanata -Preferences>>> imouto, trap, tsundere loli -Fav eroge artists>>> Tomose Shuunsaku, Suzuhira Hiro, Aoi Nishimata and marui. -Been playing eroge for about 4 years. -I am 18up . . . . hahahahaha I also am also self studying japanese so one of these days I would enjoy galges live Date Alive Rine Utopia and IS Ignition Hearts. I am also interested in joining the ranks of helping translating eroges. I love anime too and I watch them daily as a desert with my eroge. Eroge is my main course. 今後とも宜しくお願い致します。