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  1. Thank you! I haven't played Hakuouki either... Not sure why but it's not appealing to me...much... >< DID Syndrome? Why do you say that? About the last question... even otome players aren't even sure, since they do hate MC who's useless and weak. Still many otome games have idiotic MCs... guess the Devs think they're girls' games so the MC must be weak lol (which is unreasonable and non-sense). I don't think the MC in this game is useless though. Well then you should XD
  2. Hello, I'm the project leader for Golden ☆ Spirit, an English translation group that works on otome games. (Well, for now otome is the main genre we work on). I have a main blog here - which is where I update most of the progress and recruitments. We're working on Dot Kareshi (aim to be released by the end of this year) and Ken ga Kimi. Regarding Ken ga Kimi, we're looking for translators (JP --> EN) to help with the project! The game is really long with an amount of old kanji (I'm not trying to scare off translators so it might not be as bad as it sounds), the historical theme j
  3. LOL, weird how I'm not the one making the topic, but anyway, putting it here will get more attention and help XD
  4. Weelll, not all of them. That guy doesn't look so happy though (or is he?)...
  5. Pffft, no, those cute guys don't swing that way. Anyhow, maybe another week? I got OP/ED and CG talks ready, just the images now.
  6. Ah no, I just removed it for a while, now it's back. So the link's not broken no worries.
  7. Hm... oh geez... it's just like you said, even if I didn't change anything the game still shows a blank screen. Guess AnimeED really can't help me What am I supposed to do now...
  8. Um, can somebody translate this part for me? They're some sentences that were left out when extracting the scripts... Thank you! 小百合 「あっ、そう言えば…… 『2人のお尻が冷えないように』って……」 月子 「もしかして毛糸のパンツですか?」 小百合 「ええ、編み方を教えてって言って来た あの時の錫也の真剣な目は、今でも忘れられないわ、ふふ」 月子 「そうだったんですね。 すごくよくできていたから気づかなかったです」
  9. Yeah, I tried editing with notepad++ but doesn't look like it work... Still show a blank screen
  10. Ah well, here it is: Scenario.rpd
  11. Ugh...? To see if it's a text file and what's in there? At least that's the first thing I thought of considering my little knowledge in hacking... Not that it works anyway.
  12. Thanks for your help! Welp... tried it, edited some lines in the scripts, the game can run 'til the main menu, but once you start playing it only shows a blank screen with music :/ Looks like something must be done (that I don't know) before changing the text to English >_<
  13. Ah thank you for all your suggestions, I'll go with AnimeED first though... I got the scripts out, which is in the scenario.rpd (I'm not sure if all the scripts are in there, maybe somewhere else? There are like 359 script files in the scenario.rpd right now) Try opening the files in MSword, see a whole bunch of command lines, code and scripts, so I'm still wondering if editing them will crash the game. Do you mind if I ask how to put them all back into the .rpd file?... (Repacking)
  14. Ah... saw it coming anyway. The game's Ken Ga Kimi. I did think about VNR, but still, making a real patch and read it like an English game is better, so I'm trying my luck...
  15. I'm planning to start a translation project, and try contacting some hackers but no news... I post images of the game files to see if anyone can help me. It's an otome game btw (I'm sorry if it doesn't sound as tempting as girls with big boobs or something) ;___; Cover the name 'cuz I don't wanna raise/put anyone's hopes up/down... Also, I'm willing to learn how to extract/hack if someone's willing to show me (or if you can maybe you can hack it for me please?). Thank you!
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