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  1. We're still looking for TL's and TLC's to help out with the translation project. If anyone's free of work and would like to join us, then please PM me or the other members
  2. Hey everyone. This is datOtakuGuy I am happy to say that 'Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari' translation is now under way and we are looking for volunteers who could join and help us have this VN project completed! Here's our website: http://wakarimashitatl.wordpress.com/ Right now, we are currently looking for translators and translator checkers. But we still need members for other roles such as editing, quality checking and image editing. Also, if anyone is able to sub the OP and ED, then please join, your help will be appreciated. Reply back to this thread or go to the website and contact one of our members (preferably HentaiMeido) or you can drop by on our IRC channel #WakarimashitaTL in Rizon.
  3. Here's the link to our blogger site: http://walromatranslation.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. OK, before I start, let me apologise... Sorry for acting MIA for a long time now -- I'm disappointed in myself and feel really guilty. The reason for my absence is my part-time job (overtime since it's nearly christmas) and college (moderation day is coming up and I've been working my but off to get my coursework top notch). It's been driving my nuts to the point of exhaustion that I find it difficult to cope... BUT! However, from tonight onwards, I will be active ONCE again!!! -- I probably won't be available on IRC all the time but in this conversation I will. A Blogger site will be online today, and once I sort out a more decent website for the translation, it will do for now. I will send derpigreg the script, then request REtrans another link for Joshyan. The plan is: 1. We'll get the prologue completed first (derpigreg & Joshyan can do it together or separate) 2. Then, a couple of editors will check and produce the final translated text 3. I will let REtrans know and see if he can create a patch for the game. 4. Afterwards, quality checker/testers will run the game and report back any problems. 5. Correct the bugs 6. Release!! During the release, a link to the game will be posted to the thread so people can download it and play. Hopefully during the meantime, we can recruit some more people, especially graphics and video subbing. Head of TL: No one(staring at Joshyan) Head of editing:Mizore Man Head of quality checking: No one Head of testing: No one I think that's all, so now I'm going back to the thread and apologise to everyone and tell them that we are going to start BABY!!
  5. Hey EVERYONE!! -- Sorry it's been a while, so much is going on in college and my part-time job so it has been very difficult to keep up at the moment. Just want to say that the translation of "Walkure Romanze" is imminent -- I'm going to create a Blogger site or Wordpress Site (not sure which one to use :S) and I've already messaged the people that want in on the project. Anyone else that wants to join, please do!
  6. Yh, it'll be great if we get more helpers on this project REtrans has got to finalised one more request then he'll extract the text for us P.S Your location says 'Thailand' - just gotta say i was born in thailand!! (However, i don't speak any thai since i moved to the UK since I was a baby )
  7. According to Yes35, he'll be on all day today, so come on whenever you can
  8. Yep, it's the rizon server. Sorry about all that - couldn't go on cos of work and chores around the house
  9. Yes35 has created an IRC channel called: #walkure. Anyone that is interested in joining this translation project are welcome. I think we'll be on today, all day
  10. I think it will quicken the process - that way Derpigreg can get started translating I can email Retrans that we already have the scripts, so that all we need is the project hosted online, but can you only extract the scripts or can you extract graphics too???
  11. It will start - trust me. Like REtrans said - they are still processing requests but w're like 2nd in the queue. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long though
  12. REtransInternational says: Yes, that includes image extraction. Your request has been added to the queue. You are currently at position #2 in the queue. Please allow few weeks time. We will try to process text extraction first. Just updating the thread - hopefully it shouldn't take too long
  13. I just confirmed the request with REtransInternational - we're in the waiting list. So far, it has been confirmed that: - Translating the game: 'Walkure Romanze' http://vndb.org/v4041 - REtransInternational (when ready) is extracting the text + insertion and patch creation - I've finally confirmed that we need project hosting so we can get the translation out in the open, - If possible the project goes underway, we can recruit graphics editors as well if we get some recruitment going. vbcdvcv
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