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  1. Hey i'm new to downloading visual novels so please be patient with me I enjoy anime and manga very much and would like to get into visual novels so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear and debate about your stand points and if I ever need help I will no hesitate to reach out. I am currently in University and I am really bored during breaks If I am not busy getting a 4 gpa in all my aerospace and engineering double majors. I also love takoyaki and ramen is my best friend. Toronto is my home and though it is cold I can bear with it if it lets me be my self.
  2. Segaco


    Hi, im Segaco. my favorite game is Fate/stay night I like ducks and cats I also like reading thats all. Hi again.
  3. Greetings! As of now, 1-10-2015, I will attend to this forum now and then if not daily. If you ever come to asking how I found this forum and what are my motivation, well... it must be the Little Busters! visual novel I started after finishing up the anime adaption of the series. I felt like J.C.Staff skimmed a little too much to fit their production needs and resources, and I need to fill those holes they left. I am completely a starter to the world of visual novels, but that doesn't mean I don't read - actually I spent a lot time reading - however the visual novels have been at blind spot for a reason or another. Aside from the visual novel, the motivation comes from the fact that I love Japanese culture and production probably as much as you guys here, and I'd like to chat about this and that. It is a good thing we have something in common. If you have anything personal to ask, ask; I'll answer, but take note that every response may or may not be true; that depends on the question . And one more thing: my mother tongue isn't English, so do not wonder, If I type like a retarded.
  4. Hello members of Fuwanovel, it is a pleasure to meet you. My username is, if you can't tell, Onlineglax and my real name is Max. I'm a Danish boy, who is in what would be equivalent to high school in Denmark, and I enjoy watching anime, reading manga, and playing/reading visual novels (even though I haven't played too many). I've watched anime for a long time now, the first one being Inuyasha which I was watching with my sister, when I was so young I can't remember, but then a couple years later I started exploring the world of animes and started loving it. Watching anime lead to me beginning to read manga and eventually to start playing/reading visual novels. Except for my love for anime and all that, I enjoy being a gamer playing various games. I'm also a big football (soccer for the americans) fan. I look forward to hopefully becoming a part of this community. I wish you all a wonderful day. P.S. if I take some time to reply to comments on this post, it's because I'm writing it just before going to sleep
  5. Hey everyone! I've never really been part of a forum before nor have I really read VN's before until today. Anyone have any recommendations for me? I'm pretty much into everything bar nukige (yay I learnt a word!) and yaoi. Also in case you're looking for a translator/editor for any VNs then I've made my application here I'm looking to improve my Japanese anyway so why not help out a cool community while I'm at it! Thanks guys!
  6. I finally decided to create an account here. I'm not really new to Visual Novels or Fuwanovel, been lurking before finally creating an account. I can't really remember how I found out about Visual Novels, but I do remember the first one I read. It was Kana ~Imouto~. It was great, and got me hooked on VNs. After that I've read countless of Visual Novels and simple eroges. My favorite VN (so far) is the Umineko series. Too lazy to type more, see whoever reads this around. also, here is a drawing for you. Enjoy.
  7. I don't know how to start this You can call me Muir/Alen. My favorite VN is Majikoi, and for character is Chriss. Well, I hope we will go along. Nice to meet you Note: I'm bad at english, so forgive me for any misconception.
  8. Hello everyone! The name's Draemorin. I've been pretty familiar with Fuwanovel for a while, I used to get my VNs here all the time. I just thought I'd introduce myself and get familiar with all of you. As much as I love VNs, I've also got a few other things that I enjoy doing. I make music, and I also produce music for other artists around the area I also love video games and am creating one of my own which will hopefully see the light of day around next year! https://www.facebook.com/halmooregame My favorite VNs include but are not limited to: -Grisia No Kajitsu -Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni -G-Senjou No Maou -Katawa Shoujo Aaaand those are about all the ones that I actively read from time to time again so I will presume those are my favorites! Anyway, nice to meet you all
  9. To be honest, I don't really know how to start this. D: You can call me Shiro (oh, this sounds so common...). Anyway, my favorite VN is Tsukihime. I also like to sleep for longer periods of time. I hope that we will go along well. See you later. o/ Note: English is not my primary language. Forgive me for any misconception.
  10. Greetings to the remnants of Fuwanovel! I am Christ. A typical average guy (well, I guess I am not "average" the moment I am into VN, to the eyes of general public) that just happened to have an affinity for VNs, Anime, Manga and pretty much anything related to the Otaku Culture of Japan. I have lurked the internet (and blogs, forums and alike) over the years looking for a community where I can share my views and here I am. I have known Fuwanovel for sometime but did not really have the time to actually join until now and I hope it would be a good time. Before becoming the so-called ero-gamer, I was one of those semi-casual, semi-hardcore gamers (especially RPGs) that can found anywhere on the street and had a past (namely, primary & secondary school life) where I wish to forget. I have started playing VNs sometime in 2010 and the very first game (Ever17) had succeeded in making me adore VNs as a whole. It wasn't long before I started picking up on other VNs (18x included) and I was glad I founded this "new world", though I am facing significant difficulties at the time and had to limit myself to translated titles as I am not able to read Japanese (like the majority) very well. Thankfully, that improved over the years of tears and blood (Just kidding) and now I have managed to be able to enjoy all VNs in general. Fast-forwarding to now, playing VNs is still one of primary ways I use as entertainment and to pass time, with the other half being watching anime, occasional gaming and surfing the internet like most other keyboard warrior. However due to RL issues (and having a full-time job despite not really liking it) I am not as active as many hardcore Otakus out there. Nevertheless, I wish to be able to continue to improve my language skills (and lots of other ad-hoc skills in game creation) so I can one day make a VN in the future. Biography: My Favorite Genre in Anime/VN : Romance, Mystery, Suspense (TBH, I like most genre in general but these 3 are top on my list) My Favorite VN with above Genre : 999, Ever17, 12Riven, Root Double My Favorite VN of All Time : Irotoridori no Sekai + Hikari My Favorite Character/Heroine (Waifu) : Nikaidou Shinku Character Stereotypes I Like (Prepare for a list) : Imoutos (Bonus points for Blood-Related), Mystery-type Girls, Twins, Osananajimis, Tsunderes, Traps, Legal Lolis, Shrine Maidens, Twintails, Little Devils, Faeries, etc. I hope I am not too long winded and not being annoying. Thank you for reading and pleased to meet you all. よろしく~
  11. Hey, I was meaning to sign up to this site sooner but real life got in the way... But it's better late than never as they always say. I've been meaning to search for a good forum where I can talk about VNs, Anime and Manga (and almost anything) and Fuwanovel looks perfect! Intro and About Me I have played a few VNs, my first being 'Fate/Stay Night' which really got me into the whole niche community (still waiting for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia). Then it was: Majikoi, MonMusu Quest, G-senjou No Maou, currently playing Majikoi S... something like that and probably a couple more. My hobbies consists of playing Basketball, DDR, Manga, Anime, Books, reading fanfictions mostly on Rosario + Vampire cos I love Inner Moka, listening to music and watching films. I also like dancing as well. Currently in college going onto my final year studying Business, Classical Civilisation and Computing. Right now I'm in the process of coming up with ideas for a short VN using Ren'Py, so I can't wait to get started on designing and developing it. Skills I like designing and writing up websites to kill time, also like to play around with Ren'Py and Visual Basic. Basically I'm an amateur programmer - can't do no hacking or the sort just yet for VNs (sorry about that). Drawing was a favourite past time of mine, and so my tablet came in handy whenever I wanted to just draw on the computer. However, ever since I came out of secondary school with a grade C cos my teacher hated me for drawing Manga all the time, I slowly stopped drawing, but I think I'm still good. I was pretty good in English back in secondary school, so in order to help and put myself out there as willing to do something for the team, I like to be a Quality Checker or Editor - basically something to do with text. I enjoy writing stories so I think I can be useful to a team. I think that's the basic of me - sorry if I rambled on for too long but I can't wait to be involved in this community. Please take care of me!
  12. Hello, everyone! It's nice to meet you! I'm a little new to these types of forums, so I'd like to share with you how I got into visual novels and a little about myself. I apologize if it's a little long. ^^' So, It began when my siblings had introduced me to a genre called 'anime'. I didn't know what it was at the time (I didn't even know how to pronounce it correctly). So after watching a few shows, I found it really interesting. Then I realized that all of the shows I used to watch as a kid like Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon, were all anime. A few months later, I came across Angel Beats! I was so moved by the story that it made me see the world in a whole new perspective. Soon after (because of my introduction to anime), I discovered the wonders of visual novels. The first one I came across was Katawa Shoujo. And of course, I thought it was amazing. I later learned that a group of amateurs had developed the game, and it got me thinking, "I want to inspire others like these stories had inspired me; to learn the lessons I've learned from them; and make a positive impact on others lives." So I began writing. Somehow, I got it stuck in my head that I could create a visual novel all on my own – from the art, to the music, the writing, and the programming. After a few 'meh' sketches, a couple of original piano tracks, and days of attempting to understand coding, I realized that it was too big of a task for me at that moment. Somehow by chance, I came across Fallen Snow Studios. They were looking for a writer for a visual novel they were creating called Lucid9, and I jumped at the chance. And now here I am, a writer for an amature visual novel. A lot has happened that lead me to where I am, but if I wrote it all here, might as well do an autobiography. ^^' I hope you all can welcome me here, and I look forward to meeting everyone. ~ David
  13. hello there. Been lurking around the site for a while and finally decided to make a account. Altough i still can't find everyting on the site. I am a dutch chemistry student. And have been reading vn for a while now, the first vn i read was koihime musou, the second and third where fate/stay night and tsukihime. other than that i have alse read grisaia and katawa no shoujo and about a dozen others. while still having a few unread novels on my pc. I personally have a preference for story and charater driven vn's but wenether i like a vn or anystory for that matter depens lagerly on the pacing of the story. On a different note. I recently decided it was a good idea to cleanout my pc and do some restructering of the folders. (still have nightmares ........shudder) And i accidently misplaced my save for eien no aselia and katawa no shoujo. And i cant seem to find a save for eien no aselia anywhere. So i would like to ask if somebody has a complete save for on or both of these games and if it is possible to send them to me or upload them somewhere. Other than that while i was cleaning out my pc i ended up with a couple questions......typical. I hope people dont mind me asking them in my introduction post. Anyway here goes. Does anyone know what happend to the translation of fortune arterial, is it dead is it alive? The translation site has not been updated in half a year and i would really like to see the two main routes (erika and true i believe) translated. The translation of Mahoyo, I remeber it first being translated by the guy (cokesakto) who translated the kara no kyoukai novel and by amaterasu translation. Now i know it was dropped by amaterasu but what happend to the translator afterwards? I believe he wanted to finish it Also does anyone know if the translation of Majikoi S is dead or alive? I also have a question about takahashi recovery academy, i really struggle to find anything about it. Is it not a english vn in development like Katawa no shoujo once was, or is this no listed as a vn? Or did it just slip under the radar in the wake of Katawa no Shoujo? Well i must admit i also just stumbeld across it by accident. It also seems they could really use some advertising because the forums there are dead silent. http://love-despite.com/ http://blog.love-despite.com/ So has anyone here heard of it or has it been pretty much unkown or was there something else with? I have two more small questions. Why does it seem like quite a few translators start with the side routes for vn. I reallize they do this so they can translate thier favorite route last and so they do not lose interest halfway. But it sometimes still leads to half translated vn's who now have only the side routes translated instead of the main routes. Examples are fortune Arterial and more recent Dracu Riot. And wich vn do you think i should play through first, Sakura spirit Yumina the eternal Shinigami no Kiss KiraKira curtaincall Cross channel or Cho dengeki stryker well this turned out to be a lengty introduction. Hope i have not been boring you all to bad. And that i have not broken any forum rules. Maybe it was better to post the questions in the general discussion threat? I hop to be around for a while
  14. I saw other members making similar introduction topics when they first registered, so I decided to make it as well. :3 Hello everyone! In this community, I used the name Sylvette, but you can call me Syl if you like! About myself... well, I haven't read that much visual novel, but I've read several famous ones (Hoshizora no Memoria, Clannad, G-Senjou no Maou, and currently reading Fate/Stay Night and several other titles). I'm still new to the visual novel world to be able to discover more, but I'll try My favorite genre are nakige, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and drama. I don't mind some H-scenes here and there if they're necessary in the story, but I don't really like nukige except if there are a lot of adorable lolis My favorite anime are... Kuroshitsuji, Fairy Tail, Gosick, Higurashi, Nagi no Asukara, Date a Live, Guilty Crown, Danganronpa, SAO, and K-Project. I know this is not an anime, but when I'm at it, I also love Vocaloid and a little bit of J-Pop. I don't want to make lengthy introductions, so I guess I'll stop there for now Nice to meet you all, and I hope to get along with everyone here! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  15. Hello I came across this forum by chance when searching information on Majikoi, and it seems interesting so i decided to register. Anyways, looking forward to talking to you guys/girls. Visual Novel that i read Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai (Completed) Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai S (Completed) Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai A-1 (Completed) Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai A-2 (Completed) Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai A-3 (Completed) Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai A-4 (Incomplete) Until the day it comes out and in a week or so, it will be finish which is like 1-2 months from now, max! Chusingura 46+1 Whole series or special edition (Completed) Sengoku Rance (Complete) Rance Quest (Complete) Rance: Helman Revolution (Complete) Demonion 1, think i spell the name correctly (Complete) Demonion 2 (Incomplete) Last route or final route. Bunny Black (Complete) Bunny Black 2 (Complete) Bunny Black 3 (Complete) Kohime Musou (Complete) Shin Kohime Musou (Complete) Kohime: Fan disc or something Shouden (Incomplete) 15% or something. Eiyu Senki (Complete) Eiyu Senki Gold (Incomplete) *Contains Hazakura Seiso from Majikoi in it* Anyways these are the good visual novel i read. There is still quite a lot more but they are in a way, more of my own taste. I can read the visual novel even if it's untranslated, and most of these are untranslated. I only read the visual novel if the protagonist suits my taste. If he is some is kind of faggot, talk a lot and no action, lack common sense, bitch (not defending himself and getting picked on), then he's probably out. Rance is a bastard and more of a villain but i guess i don't mind villain protagonist.
  16. Hi eroge fan here! Glad to join the forums! So here are some facts about me. . . -First Eroge>>> FSN -Second Eroge>>> Discipline(yes, that hentai loaded one) -First non translated Eroge>>> Natsuzora Kanata -Preferences>>> imouto, trap, tsundere loli -Fav eroge artists>>> Tomose Shuunsaku, Suzuhira Hiro, Aoi Nishimata and marui. -Been playing eroge for about 4 years. -I am 18up . . . . hahahahaha I also am also self studying japanese so one of these days I would enjoy galges live Date Alive Rine Utopia and IS Ignition Hearts. I am also interested in joining the ranks of helping translating eroges. I love anime too and I watch them daily as a desert with my eroge. Eroge is my main course. 今後とも宜しくお願い致します。
  17. Hello, everyone. No doubt my overly long title has caught your attention. Unfortunately, I am quite new to the idea of forums, despite my age, so I must apologize if I break some rules along the way. I've played many of the best VNs, as well as some of the lesser ones up to this point. For a breif introduction: My overall favorite VN: Rewrite. No game I've played yet or will ever play will change this. My favorite gameplay-based VN: Utawarerumono. Again, pretty sure nothing will ever change that. 999 holds a special place in my heart. As in, it's the only game that ever made me cry. Worst VN I've ever played: Yandere. I have never played a game so utterly horribly made. Other than this one horrible game that was so bad I was surprised it was ever even released. But that one wasn't a VN, so I shall not speak more of it. The one game in top tens I've never played before is Fate/Stay Night. I always reach a problem and am either unable to download it or unable to run it. It's quite annoying, really. I have tried many troubleshooting options, all to no effect. I fear I shall never get to play it. My most Interesting VN: Cross+Channel. I mean, for once, H-scenes are somewhat important to the story rather than just there for eye candy. My favorite VN by way of music has to be G-Senjou No Maou. I played it years ago and the music is still stuck in my head. In fact, I'm listening to Shiyuu right now. I'd write more, but I fear you're already terribly bored by reading all of this. So I shall stop here. I'm sure a few of you know me already. Took me quite a while to realize I could introduce myself. Hello, everyone.
  18. Hello! I'm fairly excited to join this forum; it seems like a strong community. I've been a fan of anime for years. It is always the one thing I know I can go to when I need something to calm me down or to put me in a better mood. I haven't delved into the world of visual novels much, or really at all yet. However, from what I have played so far, I can say they're something I thoroughly enjoy. Joining this forum seems like a fine opportunity to explore more of the whole anime culture, widen my horizons and discuss it with others who have the same interest. And I'm glad to join the party.
  19. Welp. I guess this is where I get to be self-absorbed and talk all about myself. Hello there, everyone! I'm Andy. I'm a 20 year old male living in America. I'm not really good at these things because I have ADHD and I tend to get out of place, disorganized, and yeah. So I'll try to keep this on track. I'm signing up here because I've recently run into a small addiction, you might say. I've always been a lovey-dovey kinda guy. But recently, I've taken a much more serious plunge into the depths of romance and love. It's gotten to the point where I can only watch Romance/Drama Anime's. And due to my age, I tend to favor School Life anime. My first and only Visual Novel was Katawa Shoujo. And as you all might or might not know, it's completely free and already subbed in English. Since I played that, I've been craving a more... well... sexually active?... Visual Novel. Some might call that eroge, some refer to it as a "hentai visual novel". I'm sure I can find that here, in multitude. But I also enjoy meeting fun new people to share experiences and/or opinions with. Self-absorbed section has ended. I hope I get to meet a lot of you awesome people and as my first official thread here, I'd like to take the chance to request anyone's help here, linking me to some English-patched Visual Novels/Eroge's that they enjoyed! I'm not exactly experienced with torrents or anything so... Hopefully I can figure out how to fit in here! If you have read this entire thing... Arigato! <3 Side Note: Graphics I just felt I should let everyone know! I'm a graphic designer, and I make Forum Signatures, avatars, userbars (If people in this age even still use those), and other social media art like Twitter Backgrounds, headers, facebook profile/cover photo's, etc. for free! I'm not a professional, nor do I have a degree. But if you would be interested, feel free to PM me! I'm always up to some art. And if you want to look at some of the art I made, I can show you examples as well.
  20. So I joined just a few hours ago and decided to just conform and say hello. Been playing VNs for maybe a year now and I've been lurking around the forums for technical help and recommendations. If that doesn't sound creepy. I can't rank my VNs in terms of favoriteness because they're all awesome (except Yandere. It can go die in a fire), but ones that stand out include Hoshizora no Memoria, Rewrite, G-senjou no Mao, and Never7. Currently playing I/O and Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji. A huge regret I have is not taking Japanese as my foreign language in high school. Now I can't read or translate all the awesome stuff that hasn't been "deciphered" yet. I dabble a little in the arts of video gaming (usually only jRPGs) and watch anime, but most of my time is spent studying or playing VNs. Hope I can somehow contribute to the community.
  21. Hello guys, I'd like to introduce myself as a new (hopefully) active member of this forum. I already had a chance to discuss my technical issue with one of the community members and as I was really suprised by the fast replies and the willingness to help me, I thought that I could repay this kindness by contributing to the forum. Some quick facts about me: My name is Paul, I'm 16 years old (birthday soon, yay!), I live in Czech Republic and I study computer engineering. I love video games, anime, VNs and the otaku culture in overall. My hobbies consist of programming, networking and playing football. I totally love studying foreign languages, the fact that in 6 months by just watching anime I'm able to understand some japanese sentences never ceases to amaze me. I have a dog. Fetishes: loli (who doesn't have this, right?) I am a very communicative person who isn't afraid to show his opinion, so if you're bored or want to talk about anything, feel free to add me. Well, with that said, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
  22. Hello. The name is Oystein (Øystein), which is basically my real name. I'm 19 years old and I come from Norway, and I'm still here. A tiny bit about me, well first of all I'm a student currently studying Sound and Music production. The big great plan is most likely to work as a Music composer/Designer for the video game industry. Well, either that or maybe try and become a artist. The music I mostly create is things from EDM - Ambient - soundtrack`ish. In a sentence: I'm a 19 year old dude, I play Video games, Watch Anime, read Manga, Make music, play Magic The Gathering, and I generally like anything that I can find entertaining. Well enough about my main hobby, and I guess I can start with my newly started (Left clicking and reading text on screen Hobby!) Currently: Completed - Air 100% - Clannad - Edelweiss - Flyable heart (That machine translation tho...) - Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete - Grisaia no Kajitsu (Of course, I loved this one) - If My Heart Had Wings (And this one) - Kira Kira - CROSS CHANNEL - Dra+Koi - G-senjou no Maou - Hoshizora no Memoria - Kamidori Alchemy Meister - Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo - Wanko to Kurasou (What...) - muv luv + Alternative - Shuffle! - My girlfriend is the President - Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji - Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru - Red Shift - Cosplay Alien Currently: Progressing - Eternal Knight Expeditions - DRACU-RIOT! (One of my favorites so far, only done 1 route... Needs more English!) Currently: Not started - Toradora! Portable - Little Busters (Asoon as the website comes fully back online, I'm downloading that...) - A Profile - Tenshin Ramman ~ Lucky or Unlucky (Waiting for English patch, if it ever happens) - Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai (Waiting for English patch, if it ever happens) So, this is the current list I'm able to make. You have the website "peachprincess" and they do have a few of them there. I have mostly played all of them, that are available there. There are probably some other ones I can't remember. I used to play Visual Novels a few years back. Ok, as for this list I will tell you this has been my adventure this month. It's basically everything that I have been doing. My girlfriend keeps asking me "Why?" and I have no idea! Just good old fun. But this is not about What games I have played and what games I'm intersted in playing. So this is the end of the game listing and such, the reason I signed up here and made this post is to give my thanks for everyone that supports this community and of course the whole team of Fuwanovel for creating such a great website with easy acsess to new titles. So, once again. Thank you all! Best regards Oystein
  23. I started getting into VNs after finishing Clannad. I started checking out other Key titles (Little Busters!) and I eventually started playing titles from other companies (Steins; Gate, Narcissus, etc.). I haven't really played a lot of titles so I'm hoping to get lots of recommendations from everyone here. I study computer science so I do a lot of coding for both software and websites. I hope I can help out with any coding projects or front site development in my spare time. On another note, me and a couple of friends were actually planning to create our own VN titles but it depends on whether or not we'll be willing to push through with our projects due to thesis work and other school stuff XD But if anyone has an idea for an original VN project I'll be more than happy and willing to help out. I'd really like to see the community here create some awesome VN titles. Anyway, hoping to have a great time in the forums and meet lots of new people
  24. I'm not good at introducing myself and I don't like to write walls of text. So I'll just say Hi everyone, nice to meet you.
  25. I’ve been accessing the main site virtually every day for a while and decided to register in order to participate in solidbatman’s contest. (You are free to judge me) Figured I might as well introduce myself. The first Visual Novel a played was a port of Tsukihime for the Nintendo DS. Great game, by the way. I really enjoy reading in general, and I always liked story-heavy games, so I soon found myself pretty absorbed in VNs. Since then I’ve played way too many VNs to list here. (It seems I’ve played over 50 and already completed 25…) I’ve been formally studding Japanese for 2 years. Haven’t taken the JPLT tests yet, but my skills are probably around Level 4. (This is not nearly enough to read any visual novel fluently, in case you have been wondering. And if there is anyone out there who can learn Japanese from scratch in a single year, he must be some sort of genius. Or an alien. A genius Asian alien) I like to think I am pretty decent at drawing characters... Anyway, please take a look at the Deviant Art account I created last week: http://zucco1.deviantart.com/ Well… that’s it. Nice to meet you all. I don’t know how often I will participate in the forums once vacation is over, but I hope I get to know you people better from now on! From what I’ve seen so far this place seems to have a really nice community.
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