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  1. How did you find your favorite Visual Novel?

    I read manga and watched anime but never before have I heard of Visual Novels. It was only until last year when I watched Fate/Stay Night that it had a game so I thought "It can't be that bad" - it totally went beyond my expectations. Now, I try and find every translated VNs I can find to relieve my boredom and finding good ideas to make my own. ***I so badly want to make a doujinshi game of Fate/Stay Night.
  2. HEY GUYS!! THAKHUN HERE Since I cannot post in the 'Ongoing Projects' thread, I thought I'll post about a project I've recently started in this thread since you can talk about anything. As you can see, the title of this game is OPPOSITExATTRACT. You can find more information about this project on a post I made on LemmaSoft: http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=27967 <-- Please check it out. Also, I've opened up a blog where I post updates on progress and other random nonsense I decide to spew out, so please check this out too! ----- If you have any comments or want to PM me, feel free. I like to know whether you're interested in this project or not. In addition, I'm happily to provide more information in this thread if it's more convenient!
  3. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ "Sup Everyone"

    I suck at hacking, but am willing to learn how to extract contents from a game if a software already exists. Hopefully I can become good enough to actually develop an extractor program for different visual novels as they may have different game engines. But currently I want to help out on Walkure Romanze since I just finished the anime, plus it seems they might be in trouble seeing how their website has been inactive. I hope with my help I can liven things up PS. I love Majikoi ( Tsubame and Benkei ) - I definitely would like to start a translation group to help speed up the process of finishing what Wairu is trying to do!!
  4. Just finished School Days (VN)

    Ugh... I hate School Days I just want to smash that protagonist's face in.
  5. Auto mode - do you use it?

    Auto mode can be useful sometimes - however I rarely use it even if my hands are busy because I would finish what I'm doing first then continue so I won't get distracted.
  6. Hey.

    Welcome to FuwaNovel forums. I hope you have a great time here and it's good that you are willing to learn japanese to translate VNs.
  7. Hacking help?

    The links has been very useful for someone that wants to learn how to hack a VN and extract all its content for translation. Sorry if I repeated something in this post but if you want to hack and extract a game, then I think the process goes: Hacker's Job 1. Find a game you want to translate and see what type of engine it's running. 2. All game engines have a form of encryption to stop people (i.e. you the hacker in this case) from extracting the game contents. For a hacker (whose versatile and knowledgable about programming and reverse engineering for instance) would need to get into the engine and figure out how it works etc. in order to find a counter-measure. 3. Once analysis has been completed, the hacker would need to make a software or command to decrypt the files, allow editing and so forth. -- Once that's done, anyone with no experience in programming can extract that game or any other game that uses the same engine to start translating. Sorry if I'm mistaken, but tell me if I'm wrong - I like to do something like this in the future as well just to increase my skill set. Also, good luck. Hope it goes well for ya!
  8. It's great that everyone is becoming more motivated to learn japanese just to read VNs. Unfortunately, I won't be learning the language any time soon since I will need to learn korean in order to get into SNU (yes, I'm a kpop fan and would love to date a kpop star). However, I know what Retrans is asking is a pretty big thing from a guy that wants a VN translated, but in the real world if you want things done you need to do it yourself - or at least contribute to something. Besides, I don't think Retrans meant you must learn the language, he simply said 'do it yourself', which could potentially mean other things. I remember after watching Walkure Romanze that I wanted the VN translated, and I read a post which astounded me: Some person wanted the game translated, people who are interested got together and had a discussion, and this user 'datOtakuGuy' managed to create a team. This user probably doesn't know a thing about japanese, but he made a team nonetheless and it looks like the progress (hopefully) is going fine - though I think datOtakuGuy has been inactive and the team probably kicked him out, but they're still going I believe! -- still waiting on updates though I plan on emailing the leader to join this team and become an editor or quality checker at least, cos it's fun to be a part of something that people will enjoy! Hopefully you'll understand my point Yuki-tan - instead of waiting start something up. You might not have the skills but put yourself out there. Other users might see this and want to join in as well!!! *** Note: Obviously don't become inactive once you start a team, be committed. If you have problems in real life, it's likely that your team and everyone is going through the same.
  9. This is the first time I've heard of this game, and I can tell it's going to be good and heart-warming. Good luck on your translation! We're all rooting for ya!!!
  10. Fate/Stay Night confusion

    Everything from above is all true. I've played the Fuwa version as my first VN and it really got me interested in japanese gaming - if you haven't played it, play it now!!
  11. Hullo.

    Welcome to FuwaNovel - I'm new here as well so lets get along!!
  12. Hello everyone!

    We can be newbies together! Welcome to a great community and I hope you will enjoy it!!
  13. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ "Sup Everyone"

    Thank you very much for the recommendations and cute moe pictures, and just for being welcoming! I'm looking forward to have fun with you guys and everyone in this community. I like writing fantasy that really works on my imagination. But it also depends on my mood as well. That's why I think VN's are a really good medium and would like to develop them for the IOS and Android, because it's so immersive and a brilliant read! It has only been 2 months but I've literally been burning my cash on any DDR machine I find. It's too addictive, plus it attracts cute girls! I'll definitely be playing Grisaia no Kajitsu in the near future. Once again, thanks everyone for the warm welcoming!
  14. Hey, I was meaning to sign up to this site sooner but real life got in the way... But it's better late than never as they always say. I've been meaning to search for a good forum where I can talk about VNs, Anime and Manga (and almost anything) and Fuwanovel looks perfect! Intro and About Me I have played a few VNs, my first being 'Fate/Stay Night' which really got me into the whole niche community (still waiting for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia). Then it was: Majikoi, MonMusu Quest, G-senjou No Maou, currently playing Majikoi S... something like that and probably a couple more. My hobbies consists of playing Basketball, DDR, Manga, Anime, Books, reading fanfictions mostly on Rosario + Vampire cos I love Inner Moka, listening to music and watching films. I also like dancing as well. Currently in college going onto my final year studying Business, Classical Civilisation and Computing. Right now I'm in the process of coming up with ideas for a short VN using Ren'Py, so I can't wait to get started on designing and developing it. Skills I like designing and writing up websites to kill time, also like to play around with Ren'Py and Visual Basic. Basically I'm an amateur programmer - can't do no hacking or the sort just yet for VNs (sorry about that). Drawing was a favourite past time of mine, and so my tablet came in handy whenever I wanted to just draw on the computer. However, ever since I came out of secondary school with a grade C cos my teacher hated me for drawing Manga all the time, I slowly stopped drawing, but I think I'm still good. I was pretty good in English back in secondary school, so in order to help and put myself out there as willing to do something for the team, I like to be a Quality Checker or Editor - basically something to do with text. I enjoy writing stories so I think I can be useful to a team. I think that's the basic of me - sorry if I rambled on for too long but I can't wait to be involved in this community. Please take care of me!