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Found 3 results

  1. Is If My Heart Had Wings on fuwanovel.net is just a patch or with the game? Coz i cant open xdelta3. And second question. Where can i download the crack of a la recherche de futur perdu VN or known as Ushinawareta mirai to wotomete in Chinese Translations or the original Japanese sub? i know there's no English Patch(even the project) because i already try searching on google. Thats it. Sorry if i ask too many Edited Question
  2. hello there. Been lurking around the site for a while and finally decided to make a account. Altough i still can't find everyting on the site. I am a dutch chemistry student. And have been reading vn for a while now, the first vn i read was koihime musou, the second and third where fate/stay night and tsukihime. other than that i have alse read grisaia and katawa no shoujo and about a dozen others. while still having a few unread novels on my pc. I personally have a preference for story and charater driven vn's but wenether i like a vn or anystory for that matter depens lagerly on the pacing of the story. On a different note. I recently decided it was a good idea to cleanout my pc and do some restructering of the folders. (still have nightmares ........shudder) And i accidently misplaced my save for eien no aselia and katawa no shoujo. And i cant seem to find a save for eien no aselia anywhere. So i would like to ask if somebody has a complete save for on or both of these games and if it is possible to send them to me or upload them somewhere. Other than that while i was cleaning out my pc i ended up with a couple questions......typical. I hope people dont mind me asking them in my introduction post. Anyway here goes. Does anyone know what happend to the translation of fortune arterial, is it dead is it alive? The translation site has not been updated in half a year and i would really like to see the two main routes (erika and true i believe) translated. The translation of Mahoyo, I remeber it first being translated by the guy (cokesakto) who translated the kara no kyoukai novel and by amaterasu translation. Now i know it was dropped by amaterasu but what happend to the translator afterwards? I believe he wanted to finish it Also does anyone know if the translation of Majikoi S is dead or alive? I also have a question about takahashi recovery academy, i really struggle to find anything about it. Is it not a english vn in development like Katawa no shoujo once was, or is this no listed as a vn? Or did it just slip under the radar in the wake of Katawa no Shoujo? Well i must admit i also just stumbeld across it by accident. It also seems they could really use some advertising because the forums there are dead silent. http://love-despite.com/ http://blog.love-despite.com/ So has anyone here heard of it or has it been pretty much unkown or was there something else with? I have two more small questions. Why does it seem like quite a few translators start with the side routes for vn. I reallize they do this so they can translate thier favorite route last and so they do not lose interest halfway. But it sometimes still leads to half translated vn's who now have only the side routes translated instead of the main routes. Examples are fortune Arterial and more recent Dracu Riot. And wich vn do you think i should play through first, Sakura spirit Yumina the eternal Shinigami no Kiss KiraKira curtaincall Cross channel or Cho dengeki stryker well this turned out to be a lengty introduction. Hope i have not been boring you all to bad. And that i have not broken any forum rules. Maybe it was better to post the questions in the general discussion threat? I hop to be around for a while
  3. Hi! i just finished Muv-Luv Alternative and i have some questions (i paid attention and tried to figure them out but i am not the smartest and some stuff confused me)
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