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  1. All right, what I lost?

  2. Thanks. Is never too late for someone who sleeps much as me. o/
  3. Certainly, I accept. >.< It's an option. I'm eclectic. Thks and thanks for recommending. You is kind. Very thanks. Certainly. /o/ That's true. I will organize my list. Tanks Flutterz. Azathoth, you're military? =O I'm also looking forward to reading it. I feel useful somehow. Thanks. How many answers. =O
  4. Do you like traps?? If you do, you are one step closer to paradise on earth. No, not like traps, but thanks anyway. )o) Hi Mr. Meogi. I'm Particularly fond of Nasuverse. Also am interested in the mystery genre as a whole. Oh, it seems interesting. Thks Certainly. Clannad is really good. Kotomi route. /o/ Yes, I'm ready. Thanks for the warning. Remember this. Ok and thanks. Certainly. Initially this topic. (I'm a programmer) After that, I started attending regularly reading some discussions. I believe it is this, nothing special.
  5. Thank you all. @HMN: Few to date. Related to Nasuverse: Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, Tsuki no Sango, Fate Serie (not all) and Kagetsu Tohya. @GetterEmperor: I love this image of White Len. @Fiddle: Yes, since I did not forget to do something. @IHSS88: Yeah. /o/ @Kurisu-Chan: I appreciate tanks. Reminded me Girls und Panzer. @Nohman: Thanks.
  6. To be honest, I don't really know how to start this. D: You can call me Shiro (oh, this sounds so common...). Anyway, my favorite VN is Tsukihime. I also like to sleep for longer periods of time. I hope that we will go along well. See you later. o/ Note: English is not my primary language. Forgive me for any misconception.
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