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  1. Happy New Year! 2016: Who are you?

    Happy new year everyone. I usually don't do the whole resolution thing, but as always I guess I want this year to be better than the last one!
  2. I hate when I get a cup of coffee, place it next to my pc. Leave the pc for 2 minutes. Come back. Forget the coffee. Then remember the coffee. And it has gotten all cold and gross. I simply hate it. 

  3. Rate the signature above you

    I have no idea who the character is or where the quote is from (Google didn't help either ) FeelsBadMan But I'm sure it has some signifigance... So 6/10? If the quote is related to the picture then adding it into the picture could be cool
  4. Ask me anything number 8 version 2.14

    On a scale from -17 to 842, what is your favorite color in the alphabet?
  5. What manga are you currently reading?

    Currently reading: Tokyo Ghoul:re, Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, and Horimiya. Also reading some others from time to time, but these are the only ones, which I would say that I'm reading.
  6. I'm becoming lazy.... :(

  7. Guess this is a good place to start, Hi Everyone!

    Hi there TehRealOne, welcome to the forums. I hope you'll like it here
  8. Welcome to the forums Poltroon I hope you'll like it here
  9. Hello there ! It's time to stop lurking.

    I would say welcome, but I guess you have been here for too long for that. Oh well. Looking forward to seeing you around the forums Mr. Top tier Lurker
  10. mbl incoming

    Hey mbl. I hope you'll like it here in the forums
  11. greetings

    Welcome to the forums I hope you'll like it here
  12. Hello I have arrived

    Hey Sideshow. Welcome to the forums, I hope you'll like it here. Nice avatar btw
  13. [Poll 5 is live!] Tay's Hatemail Grab Bag

    What the???? Goodbye fan tl
  14. The beginning

    Hey Ayano. Welcome to the forums That was really a nice introduction, the song made it extra..... Yea I can't think of a word fo it, but you probably know what I mean. The song was a bit too long though I hope to see you around the forums and that you'll enjoy being here
  15. Introduction post

    Hey Ame. Welcome to the forums. I hope you'll like it here and that your hopes will be confirmed instead of just vanishing.