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  1. I'm making some review and would like to see what kind of ending you think is most preferable by you in Song of Saya in general. There was and old pool at fuwanovel forum, but that's an old one and not many people voted so I wanted something fresh. WARNING - VOTE POOL CONTAIN SPOILERS DUH! https://www.strawpoll.me/42400272
  2. Thx for answer. Quess I will drop corpse party for now then. Maybe I will start Never7 then since in Tsukihime I'm still quite attached to Arcueid character and It would feel wierd for me to pick another route when I still remmember so good the feelings from that route ;p
  3. Thx for your answers. Sadly vndb say it have no english translation yet Damn, why I did not learn japanese when I had still ltime -.-' Hmm, may I ask (don't want to spam with another topic just for that ;p) which "stalled" vn would you reccomend to finish? I didn't had time to read much so I stalled some of them. I practicly don't remmemebr Never7 now so I would brobably start from beggining. 2nd Corpse party I end at like middle of things. In Tsukihime I'm after true and good Arcueid endings. https://vndb.org/u38416/list
  4. Hello, I found awesome song in some kind of opening. Not sure if it's fan made or it is official VN. Anyone know a name in roman lyrics? English: "Devotion of her who begins to go mad" find nothing ;/ Wanted to chek wwhat it is at VNDB. It looks like soem of official opening, but you know. Some people are just talented and doing stuff like this.
  5. I'm Darek and I'm glad that I registered here
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