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  1. So after nearly a year!! of going on with Nicholas J from Sekaiproject, he told me that Aiyoku no Eustia have a bigger chance of getting a kickstarter. please help us to make this happen!! Please retweet so we can have it up on kick starter!! : https://twitter.com/VN_Saviour/status/756139850168803328 Please retweet so we can have it up on kick starter!! : https://twitter.com/VN_Saviour/status/756139850168803328
  2. Get the patch here. One of the team members was sick of waiting around for erengy to apply the finishing touches and leaked what was done as of nearly 3 years ago to the public. Should be a 100% translation, but does not fully translate all images. Note that first, you need to download and install the partial patch downloadable here. Apply this to the all-ages "Brighter than Dawning Blue" version of the game, it will not work on the 18+ version. Then copy and paste the files from the 100% patch onto the game directory, overwriting all of the files. Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na is a classic 2005 charage from August, the makers of Aiyoku no Eustia and Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. The protagonist's cousin has connections that somehow end up with the Princess of the Moon (yes, literally the moon) staying at their home. The all-ages version of the game they chose to translate has a lot of new content including two full-fledged routes that the 18+ version did not have. So hurrah, the August curse is finally broken. Kinda. Can we give a little leeway for some untranslated images?
  3. http://store.steampowered.com/app/464780/ Uhh... as far as I can tell, there aren't any F2P aspects or DLC here, but here it is, on Steam, in English, for free. UPDATE: Apparently it's just chapter 1. Uh huh. Not gonna lie, I'm very confused right now.
  4. Hello, I've created a Visual Novel recently along with my team it's called - Elisa - The InnKeeper. It's a prequel to the main story. I was wondering if I could get some community feedback about the game and how everything in it from the perspective of the player. The game is currently free on steam right now and can be downloaded here --> http://store.steampowered.com/app/472680/ All other information about the game is located on the page about me section on the steam page. -Thanks for your feedback!
  5. Just knew that we already had KARAKARA demo. Right now I'm using tab so I couldn't give much impression about it. Anyway, is anyone else here already trying it and what's your impression. For last word, you may use this thread for KARAKARA discussion thread later. PS - Looking from HDD size (1GB only), this VN will be short although it's still too early to tell that though.
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/app/485040 https://vndb.org/v16610#main Yeah, so this is coming out of nowhere. Licensed and published by Degica, the folks behind the Muv Luv Kickstarter, yet seemingly advertized nowhere other than Famitsu. The english title will be "Nurse Love Addiction," and it will be on Steam June 16th, seven days from now. I don't know much about this, the art looks kinda cute and it's medium length with several girls, so it seems like it has some meat to it. You may recognize Kogado Studio as the developer behind Symphonic Rain, by the way. Most of their VNs have some form of gameplay to them, but this one seems to have so such thing. So yeah, that's happening. I guess sometimes it's nice to just get a release without being bombarded by months or years of hype. edit: Replaced famitsu link with the Steam store page since that's up and I missed it before.
  7. So, I'm voice acting for this visual novel on kickstarter. It's in its last week so I've been trying to promote it to anyone I think would be interested. If you guys want to talk to me about it, ask me questions, whatever, I will stick around to talk to people. I have limited information as a voice actor, but I'd like to talk about what you guys like about the project, what you don't like, what you think could be better. Here it is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/247104356/visual-novel-lost-in-the-drift-0?ref=nav_search
  8. I have some question about Corpse Party. 1. How much blood are the in Corpse Party? 2. It's Corpse Party good VN Game? I hope somebody can answer my silly question.
  9. (official site) Novectacle's gothic horror VN The House in Fata Morgana is finally translated and released on MG's site, and will be released on Steam shortly (19 hours, according to Steam's countdown). Just what is Fata Morgana about? The author wrote a good summary on MG's blog: It's a very highly rated VN on both EGS and VNDB, and has received some pretty serious acclaim from members of the community in recent times. And the spoiler-filled content advisory that I very briefly glanced at indicates that it deals with some rather dark themes. I'm a little bit worried that it will underperform, however. It's a very unique VN, and uniqueness is not always a selling point for a lot of people. If you're one of those people who don't like ever leaving your comfort zone, I suggest that you at least give the demo a shot. This VN deserves to be a hit. I'm eager to start reading it, but it may unfortunately be a while before I'm able to. Anyone else excited for this?
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1296614914/kisaragi-no-hougyoku
  11. I've been working on a visual novel where you can play a full space game adventure similar to "escape velocity nova" or star control 3, but enjoy all the best of a visual novel. Choices that matter, romance, hand drawn character and background art. Demo: *Includes the entire first chapter http://www.indiedb.com/games/omni-link-space-visual-novel-action-rpg/downloads/omni-link-demo-space-visual-novel-action-rpg The non-spoiler version of the story is this: You start the game as a man of little consequence. The first chapter: "A Hero Will Rise" defines exactly what you become. There is something called "The Virus" which has awakened near the edge of the galaxy. People are painfully discovering that this is a real threat. The Virus consumes everything it touches. You encounter an advanced warship, and an explosion binds you with an entity known as Ectype D-8. You quickly learn that there is more to this ship and A.I. that meets the eye. The artificial intelligence is so advanced, she is able to absorb energy from other ships and duplicate them. As well as quantum burst, administer atmospheric regeneration, quantum entanglement, and of course...Omni Link. You find out about these abilities as you play. Your choices in the game affect what happens to the story and gameplay in meaningful ways. You'll discover this in the demo. What ships you acquire, who you save from the Virus threat, and what relationships of love, hate, and friendship you form. Who do you trust? I need a small amount of funding to pay the art/music artists involved: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/994920323/omni-link-space-visual-novel-action-rpg *This gives you chance to be a part of the game early on, and even design some content. since the background is black, my character descriptions don't show up Real-time tactical combat Choices that affect gameplay and story in minor and large ways Huge two path end game split Hand drawn character and background art Epic emotional music *Let me know what you think of the demo and story.
  12. Wait really? Yeah, really: https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/4fnyu7/seinarukana_spirit_of_eternity_sword_2_has_shipped/ Seinarukana is the semi-sequel to Aselia the Eternal, an RPG/VN hybrid that received a fan translation and a subsequent official release years ago. Here's a description courtesy of Sanahtlig: You do not need to have played Aselia first, the stories are mostly unrelated and I believe that if any of its characters make an appearance, it's pretty much just cameos. The gameplay is somewhat akin to a turn-based Ogre Battle if you've ever played those. The basis of the battles isn't a group of adventurers going on a journey and encountering monsters, but instead you control an armed force who does battle with other militarized entities, sort of like an SRPG. You move multiple parties of characters along a series of interconnected pathways and when they meet an enemy, they carry out actions in a mostly hands-off manner in accordance to the party's formation. To be perfectly honest, I did prefer the Ogre Battle games to Aselia, but I still had some fun with it. It's been in the works for ages, has been the subject of derisive jokes due to its many, many delays, but it's finally here. Kind of. I have confirmation from JAST that they're shipping out copies. We got notification a couple weeks ago that it went golden master, and just last week they said it was duplicating, but it still sort of feels like they just stealthily slipped this one out to us. It seems like they didn't want to miss a release date, so they simply never publicly set one. You can order a physical version on J-List (referral link is fuwanovel's, not mine) and get your copy shipped out now or very soon. The download version will also be made available very soon according to my JAST contact. He didn't give me an exact date but it sounds like within the next day or two. So, yeah. Surprise! It's here! edit: Download version is now available! https://www.jastusa.com/seinarukana-the-spirit-of-eternity-sword-2.html
  13. As we knew at April 18th Dangan Ronpa 2 was finally released on Steam, and we obviously should knew that this game was the sequel for Dangan Ronpa. For Dangan Ronpa, my first impression would be the game looks like a bit over the top with Ultimate student thing, but guess it's quite acceptable if the setting was also over the top here. The premise was actually a bit questionable with the students must kill each another to get out from the school that trapped them. The principal (Monokuma) was the one who trapped the students and establishing the strict rule. My attention was obviously to the seiyuu here though. In fact, even though Dangan Ronpa was only partially voiced (Maybe to save some memory and cost), the seiyuu was definitely not an amateur. In fact back in Dangan Ronpa 1, we got name like Megumi Ogata, Hisaka Youko, Sawashiro Miyuki, and many more. And more famous seiyuu had voicing the characters in Dangan Ronpa 2 by the way. I'll give the list to MAL link for each seiyuu later. For the premise here, actually it was sort of different for the beginning since the students was brought to tropical island by a rabbit called Monomi. She said that she bring them to field trip. And sometimes later Monokuma decided to join for fun and establishing a strict rule on the island. The rule was the same as back in Dangan Ronpa 1. Oh, actually Monokuma and Monomi was sort of artificial doll who could talk there. And from the moment Monokuma announce the strict rule, the vacation on tropical island was turned into slightly dangerous area, since with that rule some students obviously could be tempted to do the bad thing, killing his/her friend (Actually same thing also happened back in first game). Actually, this series had some sort of gameplay called class trial, which remind us of Phoenix Wright. And the reason for establishment was to find out the murder culprit each time murder occurred. Oh, I forgot to explain that if the murder occurred and the killer was unknown in the court, Monokuma will made the killer got Karma Houdini trope (Just google it since I kind of dislike the trope) and killed the rest of the student. While if the killer was found, he/she will be executed (And to be honest from the execution scene I saw on Youtube, the scene was so over the top that made me giggled instead of fear (Although the death was obviously horrifying)). And since MC in almost all of the mystery story should be not the killer, your job was to find out who's the culprit each time a trial occurred. I think that's all I could write for, and I'll add seiyuu info for each character later. Oh, and had fun to discuss the game here. And here's my advice, don't get to attached to any character because it could be your favorite character that would be died, either by execution or be killed (But if your favorite character was MC himself, you didn't need to worry and you may get attached to MC himself I supposed).
  14. I have been trying to play this game, but all it does is crash when I click on "New Game" It shows a menu full of random characters and boxes http://prnt.sc/aj4h6h Everytime I try to change my locale it shows this i've been trying to do everything to add "ja_JP.UTF-8"and "ja_JP.UTF-8 UTF-8" <- Which was recommend from the SUPPORTED file. http://prnt.sc/aj4b69 Can someone please help me, I have been looking everywhere in Google on how to this and still does not work. I really want to play this game, and I know its possible to be played in linux, its just maybe my stuff is not configured properly. Also I have tried putting this "LC_ALL=ja_JP.UTF-8 LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine age.exe" in Terminal to try to open the game but it shows this http://prnt.sc/aj4dfi Would appreciate some help, I have been looking around this forum too for help, but I found nothing that works, and I hope someone can hopefully solve my problem so I can play the game. Thanks
  15. http://www.yuzu-soft.com/ ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN
  16. Update: Game is now for sale for 10 USD: http://www.mvizlab.com A little over a year after their Kickstarter got funded, M-vizlab has announced that the Korean visual novel Lucy -The eternity she wished for- will be going live on Steam on February 26th. This game is a complete remake of the 2010 version with new graphics, more CGs, a new ending that was supposed to be in the original version and even full voice acting for Lucy's character in both Japanese and Korean. The creators had a thread on Fuwa while the Kickstarter was running, although they seem to have disappeard off the site since then. I'm making this thread to let people know this title exists because I've been hyped for it ever since I saw it back in 2015. My only concern is really with the translation quality, although since I don't know Korean I won't be able to tell if it's good or not, but what I really want to see is a narrative that flows nicely and has no grammar mistakes or typos. I listened to their preview which has Korean and Japanese voice acting clips. Although I have no clue what the fuck the Korean version said, the Japanese voice acting was not bad at all. What really struck me was how much deeper the Korean voice was, but maybe it was only for that particular scene. Ultimately I'm hoping I won't end up hating the story and that this really does end up feeling sort of like Planterian a bit. Anyone else hyped or was I the only one who remembered this? Will update the thread when there's a Steam page but here's the Greenlight page.
  17. On PS4/PSVita platform. A VN originated from a well received animation. I didn't watch the animation, I am looking forward to that because of the script writer, Urobuchi Gen, also the writer of Saya no Uta..
  18. Well, first of all congratulations on successful Kickstarter for Root Double, even though it's kinda shaky at the middle. My comment is that for Sekai if next time you want to release the VN that has less exposure than this one, I would suggest that you better did the Thunderclap and better tier earlier (Although I understand that maybe this time Regista was kinda hesitate to allow Sekai at first, while back at Libra the decision to make the Kickstarter was started from the staff of Libra themselves iirc), since I'd read that many of the user feel here your move was kinda late. Anyway since this project was already funded, let's move on to discuss this game, and if you still want to discuss the Kickstarter, please go to this thread. For the release date, hopefully around March (Although if the release was got pushed, I'll make sure the thread will be not drowned). Anyway, from the title, it was obvious the credit should go to GundamAce or back in Gamefaqs forum ShadowBlackMage since he was as the leader of Lemnisca Translation did the translation. Once again, if some of Lemnisca member came here (Or especially GundamAce), thanks for translating this game and 2 previous games (I/O and Never7). For the premise, as we knew Root Double was dealing with 9 people (3 people from rescue squad and 6 civilian people) trapped in nuclear facility which about to explode within 9 hours. To make it worse, actually there was a drug that could prevent radiation, but unfortunately in best case scenario it was only enough for 6 people, leaving 3 people dead. By reading that, you knew that the chance of all people to survive were very slim. So of course they need to trying to search where they could escape within 9 hours. Oh, apparently this game maybe Takumi Nakazawa answer to 999 which was made by his fellow back at Infinity project, Kotarou Uchikoshi. I mean what's with 9 people and 9 hours (Oh and one more info, the drug I mentioned was only capable to prevent radiation for 1 hour. The drug supply was only 54 drugs, in other word only enough for 6 people like mentioned before). For trivia info, the drug name was Alone Desire. As the story goes, there was also some mysteries which accompany them to their escape. There were 6 mysteries, and the mysteries were: The captain rescue squad loss his memories Some of trapped civilian were high school students (Normally in VN it's not a mystery, since they like to involve high school XDDD. The question is more like why the high school students could come into nuclear facility) There was dead body inside facility The reason that the incident happened, and why they couldn't get out easily And last mystery was about the people who should not exist but exist at the nuclear facility There you go with the mystery. For more info, once again you could look to Kickstarter page, or Animesuki forum here. And once again thanks to GundamAce for the info translation back at Animesuki forum. As for the review, here's from Awesome Curry Chronicle (WARNING - Some MAJOR SPOILER there) and below's from GundamAce. For special service I'll post his review, from A route to his final review (The game was divided to 4 route - A, B, C, and D). He wrote the review in Animesuki and Gamefaqs back at 2012 (I was interested to Root Double since 2012 by the way). So, here's the review from GundamAce Route A Review (I'll use spoiler for shorter page, although guess it's already very long) Route B Review Route C Review Route D Review (Keep in mind this review was for normal version, because I'd heard that XTend version had Route D changed. Correct me if I'm wrong) Gundam Ace Final Review There you have it, although if some of you find it better than Ever17 or not later is depend on you I suppose. Oh finally, since GundamAce mentioned cast, guess for next I should do some commentary for the cast and character, like back in KoiChoco and Noble Works. One interesting thing about 9 characters was the system called Enneagram. It take too much time for explaining it, so I'll give Wikipedia link here. And for 999 games, actually there was also some info that Uchikoshi confirm that he design the character based on Enneagram. There was discussion about that at Gamefaqs, and here's the discussion (Watch out for spoiler though in case you didn't finish 999). For the cast, I'll give them based on Enneagram from 1 to 9, some info, and the seiyuu. But before tha, I'll give some info about 2 additional characters first. Since in GundamAce review that he mentioned Ai Shimizu character, guess I'll better mentioned Ai Shimzu first. In case you wonder who will Ai Shimizu voiced, here's the character. As for the character, I couldn't explain it since the info was nothing, and if you ask my opinion, she was not important at all. As for Ai Shimizu herself, her role was (By the way her pseudonym mostly had some connection with automotive brand) Sanjou Makoto in Noble Works, Komine Sachi in Grisaia franchise, Napoleon in Eiyuu Senki, Elina in Dracu Riot, and Tamaki Sakura in Hatsuyuki Sakura. As for Miyoko Tenkawa, she was Natsuhiko's mother, and she works at LABO and according to VNDB she rarely come home. So she like Hinata's father back in I/O, while we could said that Natsuhiko situation resemble Hinata's. For the seiyuu, she was voiced by Sayaka Ohara, and her role was Kela Hazel in Galaxy Angel trilogy, Dahlia in Duel Savior PS2 Version, Urotorii in Utawarerumono, and most famously in VN she was Beatrice back in Umineko. As promised earlier, here's the other characters info, starting from 1st Enneagram. Oh by the way all trapped people based on Enneagram. Ukita Keiji (1st Enneagram, The Reformer) - By the way, his enneagram and Loise enneagram was mistakenly written in kickstarter page as the Helper. According to the description, he was Natsuhiko neighborhood and work at LABO as one of the researcher. His voice was provided by Toru Okawa, and his role was Tomitake in Higurashi franchise, Arawn in Tears to Tiara, and Gasai Itsuki back in Comyu. Mashiro Toba (2nd Enneagram, The Helper) - According to description, she was one of our MC (Natsuhiko. Oh this VN had 2 MC by the way) childhood friend. Her biggest pride was cooking and take care of Natsuhiko. Back in TV Trope, GundamAce describe her position was like Sakuya back in I/O. Her voice was Asami Imai, and her role in VN was Makise Kurisu back in Steins Gate, Okitsu Ai in Yumina the Ethereal, Morishita Michiru in Koi Choco, and Yoshitsune in Eiyuu Senki. Ena Tsubakiyama (3rd Enneagram, The Achiever) - The teacher at Natsuhiko and Mashiro school. For hard word, she was kinda want to achieve something as the enneagram said, sometimes to obsessive to the goal I think. For easier word, especially to Remember11 veteran who read this, just thinking of Mayuzumi Lin when she trapped at LABO. As the seiyuu, the name was Toyoguchi Megumi and her role was like I said before Mayuzumi Lin in Remmeber11 and Junko Enoshima back at Dangan Ronpa. Louise Yui Sannomiya (4th Enneagram, The Individualist) - Half Japan and half French, and transfer student in Natsuhiko school. Nicknamed Salyu and she had ferret called Alice. For some reason, she was willing to live with Natsuhiko. For the seiyuu, Shindou Kei, no notable role in VN or anime, although some of user here may elaborate it. Oh GundamAce made a comment that Salyu design remind him of Feili from Chrome Shelled Regios. Watase Kasasagi (5th Enneagram, The Investigator) - One of our MC and the captain of rescue squad. At the beginning, he was lost his memory for unknown reason. But before memory loss, he was calm man and with dry sense of humor. His voice was Shingaki Tarusuke and his role in translated VN was none, although Fate/Zero fan may recognize him as Matou Kariya. Kazami Tachibana (6th Enneagram, The Loyalist) - Chilhood friend from Watase and vice captain of rescue squad. She was take the lead while Watase suffering memory loss. Her seiyuu was Rina Satou, and her role in VN was Souya Misaki in old VN Snow Sakura, Kusakabe Yuki in To Heart 2, Yoshitsune in Majikoi S, Nami from Aoi Shiro, and Ushiromiya Ange in Umineko franchise. Natsuhiko Tenkawa (7th Enneagram, The Enthusiast) - Another MC, and he was only high school students. He like to be alone, just like Hinata back in I/O. For a little commentary, at the beginning he was liveng in harem situations lol, with Mashiro came to his house every morning, Salyu living in his house, and another his childhood friend Yuuri also live in same house as his. For the seiyuu, the name was Ichiki Mitsuhiro and his role in anime (I didn't comment his performance in VN because he didn't had any role in translated VN yet) was very lame MC from old anime Magikano (By the way, I watched it back at 2007) Haruo Yoshikawa. Of course Natsuhiko was more handsome than Haruo lol (Even though both of them wear glasses). Jun Moribe (8th Enneagram, The Challenger) - Kazami junior in rescue squad, and her goal was that she want to become the heroes who protect the weak. That's why she choose to become rescue squad as first step. Her seiyuu was Tomonaga Akane, who in VN she was play as Inubushi Keiko and Suzukage Hotori back in Remember11, Seira in Chaos Head, Nagamine Nozomi in Seinarukana, Kawakami Kazuko aka Wanko in Majikoi, Soejima Hisoka in Comyu, Kazami Kazuki in Grisaia franchise, and Oda Nobunaga in Eiyuu Senki. Yuri Kotono (9th Enneagram, The Peacemaker) - Another Natsuhiko childhood friend, and live with him. According to the info back at Animesuki, she didn't like to go outside house, but for some reason she was trapped in LABO, while according to Natsuhiko she should be at home. I quite take a liking to her design back at 2012. Her seiyuu was Kaori Nazuka, and her role in VN was Flower MC Shirahane Suou. Oh if some of you like to watch Fate Ilya, she was play Miyu Edelfelt. I think that's all of the info from Root Double I could give it here. Although there's still more about world building info, but you could read it at Kickstarter or GundamAce info. Use this thread for future discussion of Root Double in near future. And sorry if I couldn't provide more info. Hope you like my post here. PS Almost forget, here's the OP Video for Root Double thanks to Sekai Project Edit - I'd just remember that one of VNDB user made a review for Root Double. So like GundamAce review, I'll copy the review here. Oh the user name was crauxan Crauxan Root Double Review - The review was made back at 2013
  19. Since Haruka about to be released (Well, still 39 days later actually, but back in VNDB I started Princess Evangile discussion 41 days before release), I figured I think I should started the discussion here. From the title, of course we should express our gratitude to arunaru, who back in June he was suspended his Rance VI translation in order to accept job from Mangagamer. A choice which of course would be guaranteed many anger from the people who expected Rance VI for a long time, although for Haruka translation actually arunaru managed to keep his standard pacing for translating, less than 6 month iirc to complete the translation of a script which considered long visual novel in VNDB. For the game itself, actually it was like nukige as doddler said, because the sex scene in there was quite a lot, and I'd already checked the CG for Haruka by the way. The story itself is our MC was meeting with very beautiful transfer girl and when he meet the girl again, he saw the girl as the ninja fighting the villain and suddenly the girl ask MC to have sex with her. From there the girl introduce herself as Haruka and our MC revealed to be the next leader of a ninja clan which Haruka belong. Oh and by the way our MC always followed by his landlord daughter, Narika who also will be revealed that she was a ninja along with Haruka. Since the company behind Haruka was Alice Soft, normally we would expect gameplay. In this case we had raising sim in order to raise the girls stat by, well have sex duh (Of course, since it was called nukige not for nothing). In case you didn't get it you'll have sex with the girls to up their status. Of course the status will be important to prepare ourself for the fighting, which almost always will be happen in the night. Oh speaking about night, we had the system called day, which if we recall Sengoku Rance or Daibanchou it means turn, and we had time limit 99 days to beat the game (I still didn't sure if it's right or not). Looks like I couldn't explain it well, so I'll leave it to arunaru's twitter for brief info or aroduc's (Kamidori and Galaxy Angel translator) review of Haruka for more info. I knew you had some post here, arunaru and if possible you may use this thread for Haruka's question and answer to Fuwanovel's user here. For the cast, we got our MC, the girls (Haruka, Narika, Subaru (Will be joined later)), and the villains. I'll talk about the villain first since I think the setting for the villain was quite usual for Japan. I mean what's with 4 Gods setting thing? Anyway, we got Orochimaru who represent East and Seiryu (The voice according to JP Wiki was Kentarou Itou who voiced Kurou back in Demonbane), Kikyodayou who represent South and Suzaku (Her voice was Iida Kuu who voiced Kouchuu back in Koihime Musou), Ittou Hagane who represent West and Byakko (His voice was Uozomi in Kara no Shoujo), and from the look I think he was the most handsome from all of the villain and quite honorable lol (I knew I'm bad at judging someone), and finally the boss of the villain who represent North and Genbu Ensai Mukroi, a blind monk. Oh for the heroine, Haruka was voiced by Sakurai Harumi (Lily from Himegari, Akari from Noble Works, Saya from Little Busters EX), Narika by Aoba Ringo aka Ringorin (Maya from Noble Work, Sayane from Soukoku no Arterial, Nemu from euphoria), and Subaru by Kawashima Rino (Haru from G-Senjou, Nagisa from Koi Resort, Serawi from Kamidori, and many more). We also had name like Hokuto Minami (Primula from Shuffle, Miki from Muv Luv franchise, Sakura from Da Capo franchise) and Oukawa Mio (Colette from Himegari, Bachou from Koihime Musou, Eris from Sono Hanabira franchise), who according to lousy translation of Google Translate was voiced the brainwashing victim, although I didn't certain 100% though. In any case, Minami voiced Minazuki and Oukawa voiced Almail. Oh although we had good seiyuu for this game, this game only partially voiced though, although Mangagamer promised us to hear heroine's voice in H-Scene. I think that's all for the info. Use this thread as discussion for Haruka in near future. And let's have video for awesome Haruka OP from Mangagamer here. Once again thanks to arunaru for translating this game. PS By the way could I ask how to embed video here? Sorry. PPS Thank mod Zenophilius. Turn out it was just as easy as copy and paste the link from Youtube, because in the past it was quite complicated to embed the video from Youtube. Edit (February 23rd) - Because unfortunate incident from Mangagamer side, the released was delayed until February 29th.
  20. The title once again says it all. The first VN that I'll open the thread for discussion this year was this VN. In Mangagamer Staff Blog, they announced it'll be released on February 12th, so guess I'd open the thread 28 days too early lol. Anyway, the premise was like one loner girl names Yuna who always timid and alone was approaching by 2 ghosts. One of them was the student from before World War 2 and another was from around the same year as Higurashi - 1980's. Both ghosts was girl by the way, and they asked Yuna for create more yuri couple at the school, which was all girl school by the way. For the game format, since it was Liarsoft I think it'll something like Yuri Couple of the Week although I couldn't say much about this yet. The graphic to be honest not very good compared to Gakthun, but maybe this kind of graphic will be acceptable for this kind of VN. As for the review, I couldn't find any review that review this game fully, although from VNDB, it'll be around 7 I think. For the seiyuu, according to VNDB, they will be each voiced 2 character in this VN, except for MC seiyuu. The recognizeable name are Kusayanagi Junko, Oukawa Mio, Rita (Also the OP singer), and Kaneda Mahiru. While the rest was got less recognizeable role in VNs. And for the MC (Yuna), the voice was Kawashima Rino, who as I commented she was almost anywhere in any VN. As for Kawashima role, she was Haru in G-Senjou, Characters in translated Steampunk (Kia in Inganock, Mary in Sharnoth, and Emilie in Gakthun), Serawi in Kamidori, Nagisa in Koi Suru Natsu no Last Resort, and Yukari in Kara no Shoujo. For untranslated one she was Subaru in Beat Blade Haruka, Yuki in Subahibi, Narumi in Soukoku no Arterial, Alphimia in Madou Koukaku, and many more. Oh she also voiced Katahane MC (Male one), Cero. I think this VN for now was lack of review, although that didn't mean you should ignore this VN. I think this VN will be good for yuri fan. Oh about Steam release, I think since Liarsoft title almost always managed to not show explicit sexual content (Maybe) so far, I think this game is able to slip into Steam reasonable. Use this thread as discussion for this game, although it was 28 days too early lol.
  21. https://vndb.org/v18797 I want to talk about Blood Code a VN with Datng Sim element so you can buy throught Steam, since I have just buy the game myself. I just want to say it's very amazing game with unigue story and characther. Gameplay in the game are very amazing and I like how we can train the magic power. And I like mystery in the game to. So i have couple of question for there. 1. have you buy Blood Code? 2. What do you like about Blood Code? 3. What do you dislike about Blood Code? 4. Who it's your favorite characther? 5. Which characther do you dislike? 6. Do you have any feedback and critigue about Blood Code? That was all for now and I hope we can have fun chat about Blood Code. Novel21
  22. http://mangagamer.org/gahkthun/ Woot! I thought for sure that this would slip into 2016, but MangaGamer is managing to squeeze it in just before the year's end, getting it out there December 23rd! For those who don't know, this is the latest entry in Liarsoft's acclaimed Steampunk franchise, which also contains the popular fan translated titles Sekien no Inganock and Shikkoku no Sharnoth. They're a unique setting in VNs. Some of the games are set in fictional locations within the world, but some like Gahkthun, are set in early 20th century Europe, fusing together steampunk, fantasy, and science fiction themes with a hint of lovecraftian horror. The sky overhead is under a permanent blanket of smog, while the seas have been dyed black by pollution. Gahkthun takes place in Marseille, France in 1908, starring one Nikola Tesla. This shit couldn't possibly be more nerdy and I love it. Each game in the series is written by Sakurai Hikaru, notable for her poetic prose. This prose is something that was pretty much lost entirely in the Amaterasu translations of Inganock and Sharnoth, but Gahkthun's translation is being handled by Koestl instead. Koestl, known for his absolutely excellent Grisaia translation, is trying to preserve as much of the feel of the original work as possible. In case you can't tell, I'm super excited for this. I was a fan of the previous games and this one looks awesome. I really want it to do well so MangaGamer and Liar-soft wants to release the rest of the series and possibly other Liar-soft VNs as well. Anyone else excited for this?
  23. UPDATE: SP will ask AKB2 about possibility of 4:3 support): http://steamcommunity.com/app/377670/discussions/0/490124466479176329/ ~~ I wanted to inform everyone that in order to achieve "HD widescreen assets" Sekai Project severely cropped all existing CGs in the laziest manner I've seen. Check this out: You can't even see his arm, the plate, a chunk of his head, the sake bottle and glass. The dead guy's arm which used to be in full view is now barely visible. When I posted these examples on steam they permanently banned me and claimed I was promoting piracy. My post was completely deleted without a trace. Not only that but someone else decided to take up the task to post a more neutral thread on steam and the thread was instantly locked. http://steamcommunity.com/app/377670/discussions/0/490124466477714445/ [Edit: as of this moment the thread that used to be locked is now also entirely deleted.] Deleting and locking anything that might criticize their shortcomings is rather petty even for Sekai Project. They're splitting releases into voiced and un-voiced versions now which is just ridiculous, what's next microtransactions? Split each route into paid dlc? They've made it clear that they treat adult content as if it were cancerous, yet they continue to pick up titles with +18 content. Personally speaking, I've been supporting visual novels for a long time now and I've bought just about every release because I used to believe in western localization and that things would improve if we showed our support. But things are just getting worse at this rate and that was more or less my wake up call to stop investing money in companies like Sekai Project. It's really tiring having to ask every time a title is announced "Will we even get the full +18 release?", "what's getting censored?", "How will it be handled?", "Do we have to buy the goddamn game twice if we also want it on steam?". Like you can't even be excited because there's so many questions left unanswered we can only expect the worst and they completely ignore us hoping we'll buy the steam version, and then announce the +18 at the last minute expecting us to double dip, rather than just offering steam keys like MangaGamer does. Not to mention they suck funds out of us through kickstarter for practically every release. They're just abusing it now, taking already translated games that fans did on their own free time, and charging us money for it while making us pay for the licensing fees. That's just fucked up. Welcome to the new EA games of Visual Novels everyone. [Edit: Looks like reddit caught wind and has been following the whole thing as well. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/3rds22/gsenjou_no_maou_steam_version_169_cgs_are_cropped/ ]
  24. 3 years ago I watched the anime series but had no idea it was a visual novel, or even what was a visual novel, now I wanted to know if there is already some pach in English or even a place to download in Japanese even,It should be very good game. https://vndb.org/v1552
  25. i know its been announced by mangagamer, but i wonder if there's official release date for it. i've checked their official webpage but i dont see any release date. i like the original game but a bit dissapointed because we get ritsuko instead of ruriko.
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