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  1. That's about all what I expected, but it's good to get confirmation. Life's so unfair.~ Thanks for the input, everyone.
  2. Yeah, that's about what I was afraid of - meaning an English translation is even less likely, right? Ah well.. I'll just have to satisfy my IMHHW withdrawal some other way. Mildly related note - are those disks compatible with a standard optical drive, or do they require a special reader?
  3. I stumbled across this while trying to familiarize myself with the Visual Novel Database - I always found the format it uses a bit confusing at a glance, and since it doesn't provide actual links, I never spent the time to really familiarize myself with it until recently - but it seems Pulltop (makers of If My Heart Had Wings, among other VNs) is releasing a 'Pulltop 15th x 15 Titles Premium Anniversary Pack', that seems to, if I understand correctly, be an out and out collection of 15 of Pulltops most successful works, and would even include the Fandisc content for IMHHW, which a lot of people are hurting for. Obviously this wouldn't be in english, much to my chagrin, but I'm still somewhat interested; does anyone have any experience with 'packs' like this? Would it just be a bulk purchase of 15 of their games, or would all of them be combined into one program? And what costs are we talking about here for a digital download? And hey, on the extremely off chance anyone wants to do a bulk English translation on anything without a TL already... - Link to the VNDB page, if anyone wants a shortcut: https://vndb.org/r54343
  4. Where will the release be posted once it's finished?
  5. Been sitting on this VN for years, and finally got the restoration and sweetlove patches working. Was really happy with everything... until I got to Ageha's route. The quality just... crashed, for reasons mentioned way back at the start of this thread - poor translations and disjointed dialog - and it just soured my entire view of the scenes I noticed it in. Constantly wondering if what was being written was accurate, or even close to correct. Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to the updated patch you all are working on. I really hope it'll be compatible with the steam version. Thanks for your hard work.