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  1. Description In the midst of spring, the season of first encounters and love, Yuuma was content to waste his time away. However, these dog days began to change with his chance meeting with the mysterious Inori, the Yuki-onna of Suzugaoka Gakuen. Soon after, he was invited by Ayano to the ‘ghost club’, which is actually not related to the occult, but rather a gathering place for people with regrets. He was made the new leader of the club despite his reluctance. Before long, he was surrounded by peculiar girls left and right: cool lone wolf Inori, carefree repeater Ayano, smitten kouhai Hikari, and pushy ‘bro’ Wakaba. Who will he end up in this irreplaceable youth story? *We’ll make a new description to replace this crappy one in time. Opening Staff (This team is not final and is subjected to change): Aizen-Sama (Leader) Frc_(Translator) Ghost (Translator) Tamaki Sakura (Editor and Coordinator) Waterflame and the Fuwachat (Image Editing) TLC (Will be filled) QC (Will be filled) Proofreading (Will be filled) If you want to check the current progress, do so here or in our website (project page still under construction) https://lunatranslationstestsite.wordpress.com/
  2. Description Shuuya has been able to see ghosts ever since he was a child, but he kept it a secret from everyone. One day, he noticed a girl wearing winter clothes even though it was warm outside. She noticed his gaze and happily said ‘I found you!’. The girl Matsuri was a ghost who was scouting people who could see spirits for a new private school Suou Academy. Since he wanted to find out why he had this special ability, he decided to join the school where ghosts and those who can see them both attend. Recruiting: -Translator- -Hacker- -Editor- -Quality Checker-
  3. Information Name: Venus Blood -Empire- English Interface Patch Version: 1.0 Date: 7/21/2016 Author: MandatoryUsername Requirements: Venus Blood -Empire- v1.20 by Dual Tail & Ninetail Official - http://ninetail.tk/td08/VenusBlood-EMPIRE-.html VNDB - https://vndb.org/v5445 Getchu - http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=690065&gc=gc Random Patch 1.20 mirror - http://holyseal.net/cgi-bin/mlistview.cgi?prdcode=9765 Japanese wiki - http://wikiwiki.2-d.jp/venusblood-empire-/ Game Description Patch Description A mostly functional patch for the interface of Venus Blood -Empire-. This patch does not translate the story, only most everything else. After being delayed nearly a month due to a series of computer failures, the patch is finally out. A similar warning to before, I am not at all proficient in Japanese and accuracy of translation is not guaranteed. That being said, far more effort went into the translation than just blindly copying and pasting the output of google translate. In particular, I'm rather confident that I got most of the mythological references right. The general breakdown of mythological references in the game seemed to be about 80% Irish, 10% Norse, and %10 other. Much more effort was made this time to format the text, though there are a few places where some overlap was unavoidable without a serious redesign, such as with skill names. Like in Venus Blood Desire, I have included the translations of the story choices in separate patch(patch4.xp3). These translations are likely less accurate. And if you are having trouble through some combination of opaque choices, a lack of context, or inaccurate translation, I have included an alternate version that also displays the results of the choices right next to the choice to remove any guesswork. Also, a heads up if want to play Venus Blood Desire after playing this game. I'll probably be working on bringing my Desire patch up to the same quality as this one over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that. If you have any corrections, suggestions, bug reports, or whatever, feel free to post them. Progress The interface patch is complete at version 1.0, barring any updates. If anyone wants to make a full translation patch, I'd be happy to help them. Changelog 1.0, 7/21/2016 - Initial release. Download Links Edit: fixed links.
  4. Biz Kimiz? Biz BakaYume Çeviri Ekibi'yiz. Biz BakaYume Çeviri Ekibi'yiz. Grubumuzun başlıca amaçları/vizyonu: -Görsel roman kültürünü ülkemizde yaygınlaştırmak -Görsel romanları Türkçeye çevirmek -Kaliteli bir çeviri sunmak ve bu yolda tecrübeden başka bir kâr gütmemektir. Anime çevirdiğimiz zamanlar da olacak, ancak popüler animeleri çevirmektense, bu animelerin gölgesinde kalmış; adı duyulmayan ama izlemesi zevkli olan veya çevirisi durdurulmuş/yarım bırakılmış serileri sizlerle buluşturacağız. Üyeler -Ecciel -Gintoki'nin Balgamı -SlappingBonyGuy -rampaa -Hades -Bipa Planetarian: Küçük Bir Gezegenin Hülyası “Gökevine neden gelmiyorsunuz? Ne olursa olsun her daim devam edecek olan sonsuzluğun göz alıcı parıltısına. Gökyüzündeki bütün yıldızlar sizleri bekliyor.” Uzay Kolonizasyon Projesi'nin başarısızlığından bu yana 30 sene geçti. İnsanoğlunun soyu neredeyse tükendi. Dünya’da sonu gelmeyen, ölümcül bir Yağmur yağıyor. “Hurdacı” adlı insanlar medeniyetin enkazlarını yağmalayarak geçinmeye çalışıyorlar. O Hurdacılardan biri enkazların en tehlikeli olanlarından birine — bir Lahit Şehri'ne yalnız girer. Bu ölü şehrin ortasında savaş öncesi bir gökevini keşfeder. Ve gökevine girişinde Hoşino Yumemi adlı arkadaş canlısı bir robot tarafından karşılanır. Hiç kuşkulanmadan Hurdacı’nın 30 seneden sonra gelen ilk müşterisi olduğunu düşünür. Ona hemen yıldızları göstermeye kalkar fakat gökevinin projektörü arızalıdır. Robotun konuşmalarından akıl sır erdiremeyen Hurdacı projektörü tamir etmeyi kabul eder… [Steam’den alıntı] Deneme sürümü ve tam sürümün çevirisi tamamlanmıştır. Yamamız şimdilik Planetarian'ın sadece 2004 sürümüyle uyumludur. İlerleyen tarihlerde Memorial Edition için bir yama çıkarılacaktır. Steam sürümü desteklenmemektedir. Okuduğunuz için teşekkürler! Deneme Sürümünü İndirmek İçin Tıklayınız Tam Sürüm Yamasını İndirmek İçin Tıklayınız
  5. First time TLing a VN (also solo atm) so please forgive me not knowing too many things about this. Project Introduction Originally started off TLing the regular edition, found out there is a trial edition, figured why not TL the trial first? Baldr Bullet Trial Edition ~Survival Version~ https://vndb.org/v306 which is the official Taiwan traditional Chinese trial edition. For more info, check this review written in 2004. http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/917206-baldr-bullet/reviews/68908 Images and videos at bottom. Progress Since it is just the trial edition, there are only 5 tutorials (only 127 lines in total), the exe and the UI images to be TLed (though unfortunately I don't know how to do the last one). The tutorial scripts files are done. Basically need editing and should be good to go (ignoring the UI images). The regular edition though, is a tough one. For some reasons, random errors/crashes are generated if the byte length of the script file exceeds certain byte (for instance, 36 byte for the intro.scr). This made TLing much more difficult as it usually takes more words and bytes to convey the same meaning in English than in Chinese (the release I TL). As you can image, I have to shrink the lines (which is painful for me to do as I tend to keep every meaning) also making the writing less appealing. After a mouth of trying though, I found that I can edit the game exe to shorten the names like 蕾貝卡:「 to a single fullwidth R, effectively saving 8 bytes each time a character speaks, hopefully will relieve the stress to shrink the text. Recruitment Editor for the trial edition (only 127 lines). Comment on the sheet and/or reply here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t7NiTWLtAOiRNPKDgGhc_FiRfeR2Gm14k6H8NCLt_kY/edit?usp=sharing Anyone who knows how to edit .grp files (the UI images). In hex mode, the file signature reads gr2. CRASS can extract the images to bmp but I have no idea how to compile them back to grp (gr2) files. English Windows users. I use traditional Chinese Windows so need help to test how the text will be shown in a English Windows. <-Maybe a closed beta? Extra relevant information Again, first time doing TLing so not sure if this Google Sheets distributed approach is a way to go OR should just stick with the good old dedicated members approach. Previous (kind of outdated) thread Editing Giga Baldr Bullet .grp files (standing picture) and .scr files (script) Images and videos
  6. Introduction Hello, Fuwanovel. I am Nandemonai. Yes, the same Nandemonai from the PP/Jast forums, and the Mangagamer forums (back when they had forums). A few years ago, I found out that the NI Renewal version is a thing, with improved gfx and voice acting. Since Nocturnal Illusion is still my favorite game translated in the early years, I was interested. I have some Japanese skills, so I thought I'd try my hand at translating the updated scenes. This wasn't possible for two reasons. 1) The remake breaks the scenes up into completely different file structure than the original; and 2) The original translation is just terrible. Mostly unusable, and basically unsalvagable. I'd known it wasn't very good, but was still surprised at just how "not good" it really was. Long story short, I decided to re-translate the entire game from scratch. That was in 2011. I finished up the translation some time ago. Unfortunately, the coders I was relying on to reinsert the translation seem to have dropped off the face of the earth. The Team 6/26/2016 Thanks to Ryechu for agreeing to be an editor! 7/10/2016 A (belated) thanks to Mad Pierre mnakamura for agreeing to do the port. Well, to be honest? Right now (6/19/2016) there is no "team", there's just me. However, I did not reach this point all by myself. I would like to thank Kagami-sensei for generously assisting me in translating various lines that were giving me trouble. Kagami has touched < 1% of the lines of the game, but they're all the hard lines. Thank you very much. I would like to thank the folks over at vilevn.org - BaSF, Fenris, and kile. Without their assistance, this effort would have gone nowhere. They showed me how to extract the text from the original Nocturnal Illusion. They extracted the text from the remake (which involved finding existing tools, and then fixing bugs in them when they didn't work right). They sadly seem to have vanished. The last communication I had from them was in 2014, where they hoped to have a new version of vile ready "in a few months". Thank you guys very much for all the hard work. Progress Translation: 100% Editing: 50% Let's break this out. Initial editing pass: (by me) 100% Second pass (by Ryechu Darklord Rooke): 24.9% 71.0% Last updated: 07/04/2018 Coding: Need Humanity (0%) This project is now recruiting. I need coders capable of getting the remade script inserted into something that runs on modern Windows. Also, while I did a second pass of the translation and edited on the way, it probably needs real editors. Update: In the rollback, an edit to this post got lost. Ryechu and Darklord Rooke have agreed to edit this, and Mad Pierre mnakamura has agreed to port the game to an engine he is working on. Misc Q. Didn't you say the translation is at 100%? Why 99%? A. Yes, but there are a few minor nits that - since I'm creating this page anyway - I might as well try to crowdsource some picks for. More details to follow when I have time to post them. As it turns out, I was able to figure these out myself. Q. What about licensing? Doesn't Peter Payne have Nocturnal lllusion? A. Indeed he does, and I approached him about an official release. He informed me he hasn't got rights to the remake. (I presume the original contract is somehow still good, but the remake needs rights that can't be gotten because the company hasn't existed in 15 years. But Peter didn't say.) Peter did say a fan patch was okay with him.
  7. Orcsoft Translation Project Official Site: http://www.orcsoft.jp/ VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/p1873 Introduction The orcsoft translation project is, as the name might suggest, a project I am launching to translate some of orcsoft's titles. All of these titles are nukige of relatively short length featuring a number of different fetishes. These include but are not limited to: netorare, dark skin, gyaru, hypnotism and prostitution. Recruitment The long and short of it is we need more members, primarily translators. Given the short length of the titles they require less commitment in terms of time and are therefore excellent for translators just dipping their toes into the visual novel translation scene to get some much needed practice or more established translators with a little free time or looking for a brief break from their current projects and want to polish their h scene translation abilities. The team currently only consists of myself and binaryfail when he isn't too busy. If your interested in helping out contact me via PM or my email xx195x@gmail.com Titles currently being considered Kagachi-sama Onagusame Tatematsurimasu ~Netorare Mura Inya Hanashi~ Netorare (obviously), light bondage, corruption https://vndb.org/v10726 Teisoukannen ZERO ~Yariman Kazoku to Hame Kurui Natsuyasumi~ Art by famous doujinshi author Alice no Takarabako/Mizuryuu Kei featuring characters from one of his commercial manga series. https://vndb.org/v18279 Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki Prostitution, Gyaru https://vndb.org/v8456 The Team Team name: Orcs and Goblins and Dwarfs! Oh my! Project Coordinator: xx195x Hacker: binaryfail Translator: Editor: xx195x Status This will be updated when things get going.
  8. Project Introduction This is a project to translate a long VN into English. Visual Novel information Staff or Team Members Progress Recruitment Extra relevant information Extra notes: That's all, hope I didn't forget anything from this post or break and forum rules.
  9. We have gone live! be sure to check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1296614914/kisaragi-no-hougyoku-and-candy-box-two-school-visu
  10. Information Name: Venus Blood -Chimera- English Interface Patch Version: 1.0 Author: MandatoryUsername Requirements: Venus Blood -Chimera- v1.0 by Dual Tail & Ninetail Official - http://ninetail.tk/td04/ VNDB - https://vndb.org/v1145 Getchu - http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=498865 Game Description Patch Description A mostly functional patch for the interface of Venus Blood -Chimera-. This patch does not translate the story, only most everything else. In what seems to be a trend, I had finished 95% of this patch around the time I released the Venus Blood -Desire- patch, and kinda lost interest in it until I decided to finish it up a few days ago. As noted in my other patch, I do not actually speak Japanese and this patch represents a lot of tedious work using multiple translation programs, dictionaries, and wikis. The same caveats about accuracy apply. Unlike Desire and later entries in the series, Chimera and its predecessor the original Venus Blood do not contain the strategy game elements and are much simpler training slgs. And somehow despite of being a simpler game, it managed to be 10x more annoying to format the text, as the interface is uniquely designed to be unaccommodating to the longer English text. Also, every single item and every character combination had its own image, each with 3 or more colour variants, leading to an absurd amount of image editing. I had been intending to do a Venus Blood patch, but after looking through the files, it appears that almost the entire interface is baked in images in a really annoying font, so I'll probably skip it and go straight to Venus Blood -Empire-. A note on names: Nothing all that interesting other than most of the names in this game appear to come from Irish mythology. If you have any corrections, suggestions, bug reports, or whatever, feel free to post them. Progress The Interface Patch is complete at version 1.0. Only any editing and bug fixing I didn't catch remains. No translation of the story is planned, though if anyone would like to give it a shot, I'll lend whatever aid I can. Download Links Changelog 1.0, 5/26/2016 - Initial release.
  11. Project Info This is a translation project by Dekiru Translations (me) for the visual novel Kimomen demo Harem Guild: https://vndb.org/v12589 (Not safe for work, it's porn bros) https://dekirutranslations.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/kimomen-demo-harem-guild-story-partial-patch-release/ Game Info Kimomen demo Harem Guild is a nukige about a dude with a huge dick fucking busty women who scorned him prior to knowing of his sexual prowess. It's pretty hot. Staff Translation: Me Editing: Me and ABC-san from email. He read through and edited the whole game, all out of good will. I'm very grateful. Progress Translation: FINISHED Editing: FINISHED https://mega.nz/#!W0Y1wLSR!iv5k20JZg1tZfflhXNqPgQ0JN0KcBuiTm8OJh5BosFQ https://dekirutranslations.wordpress.com/2016/06/17/kimomen-demo-harem-guild-full-translation-patch-release/ Other information My website is as linked above, my email is there if you want to ask or notify me of anything.
  12. Relaunching Kisaragi no hougyoku with added content (side stories and stuff), translation is going smoothly! check out the demo on the prefundia page! http://prefundia.com/projects/view/kisaragi-no-hougyoku-a-martial-arts-visual-novel/9373/
  13. Mahou Shoujo (Mahosho) Translation Project Progress TL: 11/40 Chapters (updated 2/28/2016) Editing: ~3/40 Chapters QC: 1/40 You can always check the Live Progress Report on google docs. That page will always be up to date. Project Introduction Description Game info (and screenshots) Staff Timeline Looking for: None at the moment Contact
  14. Desert Kingdom Link: https://desertkingdomtranslation.wordpress.com/ Somebody it's trying to translate Desert Kingdom a otome game for PSP and need help translate it. You can click on the link and read what he need help with. I hope somebody can help him translate Desert Kingdom since we need more otome game for PSP. Desert Kingdom look very amazing out.
  15. Kisaragi no Hougyoku

    My team (infinitemangastudios) is working alongside doshi-wo-matsu (waitingforyouguys) to bring back kisaragi no hougyoku to the pc, and to do that we are raising the funds through kickstarter. Please check it out and try the demo! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1296614914/kisaragi-no-hougyoku
  16. Figured I'd post this in case another team decides to do this vn. I've been wanting to start this project for a while but have had troubles with extracting and putting the scripts back. Thanks to the help of @binaryfail I now have a solution to that problem and all that's left is to put in effort. Once again thank you binaryfail for all your help. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Anywho, this is just an announcement that I'm starting the project, not a recruitment. While I am certain that I wont drop it I still want to do this by myself for now. Maybe later down the road I'll need some translators and editors but for now, I'm going solo. Plus I don't have 24hr internet atm. But fear not, there are intervals where it'll be up, so if the prologue patch is finished or the 100% patch I will post it. And there is a sort of dlc patch that's for the imouto character that wont be a priority but I will tl that as well. Now for info on the vn. Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to is from the perspective of Haruto who saved Ayano when he jumped out in front of an errant vehicle that was heading for her, but he got hurt in the process. She came to visit him every day while he was in the hospital and they gradually got closer. This vn takes place in the same universe as Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort. As for the name of my "team" I think I'll go with Serenity Translations™ Finally I don't know when I'll be able to make updates but if there are long periods between updates, do not think the tl is dead. Right now I'm having internet troubles so I wont be on here that frequently so don't think the tl is dead. or me. Mostly don't think I'm dead please. The website to keep up to date on the projects status. https://lunatranslationstestsite.wordpress.com/
  17. Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project (Last Update: 05/03/2016) https://vndb.org/v14062 Description (Quoted from VNDB) Opening Video (YouTube) English Translation Demo Team Team Name: Luna Translations Translator: Hasa Editor: Aizen-Sama Hacker: Aizen-Sama, Porygon2 Image Editor: Aleister Progress 05/03/2016 Scenario texts have been extracted. 04/23/2016 An English translation demo (linked above) has been posted on YouTube. The scripts will be extracted once our hacker's finished with his school stuff. Preparing our team blog to share project progress and all that. ETC Before we've decided to translate this game, we threw a poll here to find out which game people preferred to see translated: this one vs Sakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-. Some time later, we learned that some people might dislike to see the latter title translated for reasons, which was why we cancelled the poll shortly after. We didn't mean to make anyone upset by picking up the latter game, and if any of you had any bad feelings about it, we apologize.
  18. So, a long time ago I don't do a post hahah. This time it's about tokyo babel, a project that my group of spanish translations wants to take (Translation eng-spn), we have the team all armed and ready, but the biggest problem we face is that we haven't a hacker that it can extract the script and others to begin our project. So this time I came to ask for help to the community, if there is anyone among you that can lend a hand we'd really appreciate it. Then the team is: Project Leader: Aleister Translator: Lestat Lamperogue Editor: Aleister Image editor: MacroHEX Contact me: Private message or here aleisster@outlook.com PD: I'm really good not at this and I'm noob, so sorry if I haven't expressed correctly Sin darme cuenta puse todo el post en ingles jaja, si alguno sabe español o portugués siéntanse libre de comentar así, es un poco mas cómodo para mi
  19. need the tools to extract the dialogues of the game and to insert them into Spanish , obviously not for me to translate it if not one who can speak and write English , please help
  20. Well, I can finally talk about it! While many of you probably already saw it on Twitter, Tsui Yuri, or rather, Sisterly Bliss, is being localized by Mangagamer! For more info, check out Mangagamer's website!
  21. Information Name: Venus Blood -Desire- English Interface Patch Version: 1.06 Author: MandatoryUsername Requirements: Venus Blood -Desire- v1.10 by Dual Tail & Ninetail Official - http://ninetail.tk/td07/ VNDB - https://vndb.org/v2869 Getchu - http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=662162 Random Patch 1.10 mirror - http://mirror.tsundere.ne.jp/mirrorinfo/commerce/adult/dualmage/VenusBloodDesire-patch110.html Game Description Patch Description A mostly functional patch for the interface of Venus Blood -Desire-. This patch does not translate the story, only most everything else. I started this project mostly for my own personal use and then finally decided to finish the last 10% and release after it's been sitting on my hard drive for over a year. Warning, I can not speak, read, or write Japanese. The patch is what I will refer to as a human interpreted machine translation. Meaning I plugged the Japanese text into google and other translators/dictionaries, and then tried to translate the output in mostly comprehendable English. While the patch may be mostly functional English, their is no guarantee that any of it is remotely accurate. That being said, much more effort was spent to ensure accuracy than taking taking machine translations at face value. As of v1.05, word alignment has been much improved due to a better understanding of the engine. If you have any corrections, suggestions, bug reports, or whatever, feel free to post them. Progress The Interface Patch is complete at version 1.0. Only any editing and bug fixing I didn't catch remains. No translation of the story is planned, though if anyone would like to give it a shot, I'll lend whatever aid I can. Download Links Changelog 1.0, 4/03/2016 - Initial release. 1.01 5/26/2016 - Some typos fixed, a handful of untranslated images translated. 1.05 7/27/2016 - Significant update. Should bring it close to the quality of my Venus Blood Empire patch. A lot of editing and quite a bit retranslation. Large amounts of text has improved formatting. Several bugs were fixed. Almost all of the images were edited to make the text's style closer to the original, and to reduce jitter of text when you mouse over buttons. 1.06 11/30/2019 - Fixes a single error in the story choices (patch4.xp3) display choice results version. No other changes. Note: Seeing as Ninetail is doing an official translation of Venus Blood Frontier, which you should definitely go buy, I will not be making any more patches of the Venus Blood games.
  22. Dracu-Riot! Completion Project Project Info: As i said in a previous post, if the Dracu-Riot scripts were released, I will translate Miu's route, and that's exactly what I'm announcing in this thread. But I'm not alone in this crusade, I've partnered with the wonderful people at The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs so we can deliver the best possible final product and lay the Dracu-Riot memes to rest. We also got several people from the Fuwanovel community to help speed up things even more. How is the project going to go down, you ask. Well you can read this post if you want detailed info, but the tl;dr version is that we are aiming to release multiple patches. The first patch aims to translate the remainder of Miu's route as well as any remaining untranslated content (images, menus, etc.) with complete editing to polish the current patch. We are going to try and release this in about 2 months, if everything goes according to plan. The second patch is meant to be more heavily translation checked as that's when Fiddle has enough free time to go over the whole game. There is no ETA for this second patch. This doesn't mean the first patch will be terrible, we will of course strive for a good product, but we would still like to inform you of our schedule. If we waited for Fiddle to be completely free, it would take much more time to release Miu's route, and so we've decided to do it this way. I hope you look forward to future updates. FAQ: Why not just make a Miu partial patch, why do you want to go over the whole game? There are actually 3 main reasons for this: The first and biggest one is that Insem's patch only works with the physical version of Dracu-Riot! which is very hard to get in the West and we want to make a new patch that works on both the physical and digital versions of the game, this way people can purchase the digital version and patch it, thus supporting Yuzusoft. The second one is that we want to americanize the writing style as well as make sure everything is edited properly, because Insem didn't have time to finish the whole thing. The last one is translation checking. Although we don't doubt Insem's abilities, we really want to try and make sure the translation is accurate. We also want to include translation notes in the game. Only 2 months? That seems way too fast. 2 months is indeed fast, if we were translating the entire game, but we're actually only translating about 4,000 lines and we're splitting those lines between two main translators, this will hopefully make that 2 month deadline possible. Please do note we will not jeopardize translation quality for the sake of reaching the deadline. If we can not make it in time, we will delay the release until we're satisfied with the end result. Will the translation have memes? Yes, but only the dankest ones. Why aren't The Oxford Comma people making the announcement here? So I can get those sweet, sweet internet points. I want to help! Contact @Fiddle and beat him in a pipe bag showdown (plaid skirt is mandatory).
  23. Hi I don't often sing up to forums but FuwalNovel helped me a lot So, we're a french team and we're tanslating some BL games : Togainu no Chi, DMMD, Sleepover, Bacchikoi, Omerta, ... some of them are already done. But if i come here today it's because we're losing too much time with big projects like Togainu no Chi, DMMD, ... The engine of those game doesn't accept our french specials chars (é, è, à, ç, ù, « », ...) due the SHIFT-JIS. We tried to encode the scripts in UTF-8 but it doesn't run after. And we don't even know how to compile the scripts. I can extract but that's all i can do with those engine... So, to make those games in French, we wanted to make them with Ren'py, it means to re-make the whole game in Ren'py... It takes so much time... If i'm here it's to try to find someone who knows how we can do to use those chars. I know it's possible to replace those chars in the font (ie : ☆ = é) but i don't like this solution because our scripts will look like : "J'ai aim☆" it too weird x) A french guy has done Saya no Uta (it's quite the same engine for Togainu no Chi and DMMD) in 2010 but his website is down and i found an email address but i'm always waiting for an answer since 2012 Yes... I'm trying to find a solution since 2012... Thank you in advance !
  24. Tokyo Necro Translation Project Game Information: Description: Staff: Progress: Recruitment: Contact:
  25. I'm no translator but I'm looking to expand this project and break its chains out of Hongfire because things are going slow and Full translation with the current team seems impossible so since no one will make this project known i figured Id spread the word. Credits to SakurKoi Hongfire Translation Project page http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/444734-CM3D2-Text-Translations