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  1. I could not pirate reflection blue so I will have to settle on normal summer pockets for now.So can you answer this answer?
  2. I want to translate a game for myself. With GARbro I was able to extract files that have lines to translate, but they are in .scw format. Maybe you know how I can convert from .scw to .txt to translate the lines and then back to .scw. Also, the already finished .scw files need to be packed into the .dat file I extracted them from. Sorry if this is complicated. So: 1) Using GARbro, I extracted the .scw files that are needed for translation from the .dat file. 2) Need to convert .scw to readable .txt for translation. 3) Convert the finished .txt to .scw. 4) Pack all .scw back into .dat. I can't find the engine this dev - Autobahn - uses. The .dat archives use some kind of DataPack5/GsPack4 encryption. I couldn't find any tools that are able to convert the .scw text files to a readable format. Game - https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ126977.html
  3. The other day, I was working with some visual novels to possibly start a FanTL and a question came to mind: Is it possible to make a Visual Novel that will only run if you have your region in Japanese, run in any region? I mean, yes, Locale Emulator exists, but that just makes the program you execute think the region is on Japan. So there must be a way to make it work without the use of those tools. But I needed a game to test on, in first place, so I started working with Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana. This is what I found out until now: First thing I did was open the game executable with Resource Hacker to find anything that could help me. I found the game reads "Shift_JIS" encoding, at first I thought it'd be helpful in the process to make the game run in any region, I've reached somewhere, but I soon hit a roadblock. You see, kirikiriZ executables have two encoding options: Shift_JIS and utf8. Changing the encoding in the .exe to "utf8" made it executable, at least, in any other region. But you'd get this error: Investigating a little bit into the error I saw that the engine working on utf8 reads the files as UTF16 LE BOM, and since most .ks and .tjs files were in Shift_JIS, I had to make myself a tool to change the encoding of all the files from cp932 (Shift_JIS) to UTF16 LE BOM to see if it worked. And would you look at that, ANOTHER ERROR. However, this one was confusing. The error was this one: "What?" "But the startup.tjs IS in the data.xp3 I created..." The next thing I did was to find out what was happening, and when I saw the data.xp3 of the game, THIS is what I found out: If one startup.tjs isn't there, the game will not work. I searched if someone talked about this before, and I found a fairly recent post on this topic with someone mentioning this when trying to extract the data.xp3 of the VN they've been working on. No one responded, sadly, so I had to keep investigating. I remember that in the official Kirikiri tools, there was a startup.tjs in a folder called "Encrypt", but I don't really think it has something to do with it since it's probably for another purpose, like encrypting the .xp3 files. But now, what can I do? I got stuck now since I can't find a way to get two files with the same name in a .xp3 file. And making two patch.xp3 files with one startup.tjs inside each is contraproducent, as patch.xp3 is made exactly to be able to replace files and those two need to "live in harmony" in order to make the game work. After analyzing executables from other visual novels, I realized I may have been wrong this whole time since they all had Shift_JIS as its encoding property. And yet, they ran in any region. The first two I analyzed were Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki and 9-Nine- Episode 2. The only difference I could find was that the .ks and .tjs files inside the .xp3 were all in UTF16 LE BOM. I appreciate if you read this hell of a text wall I made. Do you happen to know something I don't and want to add info to this thread? You're free to reply to this thread with your findings! This whole investigation was purely made because I wanted to know more about the engine, but it might be of help FanTL if I/we figure a solid way to make the region restriction go away, imo. Update: check at the end of this post. Might update this if I find something else Looks like I'm gonna have to give up on this investigation, at least for now, sadly. I'm lost asf, to be honest. This past week I've been endlessly searching for clues, a form to work with it, anything at all, but to no avail. I haven't found a way to make those two startup.tjs files just... be there, in the same compressed file or just make the game work without emulating region. Just that kind of blocked all of the investigation alone. And there's still things that I haven't covered here that I just couldn't find an explanation for. It was a total letdown for me. If anyone just happens to follow this or saw this obscene amount of text and knows something, you can just post it here. Or not, you do you. There must still be a reason as to why some visual novels run and some don't. A reason I could think of is engine version. For example, Kareseka's executable shows the version is and Sousaku Kanojo's one shows it's It may have something to do with that, but even I think that's kind of... stupid. But for FanTL, you can just kinda do what @Sisulizer suggested. Use the version.dll VNTextProxy by ArcusMaximus provides for Kirikiri, it has a built-in locale emulator and other useful stuff like rendering non-SJIS characters (you know, letters with acute like á, é or í and other characters that don't form part of the cp932 character table). You will have problems if you want to use another version.dll from another tool like Xp3Pack from KirikiriTools (that's also made by ArcusMaximus lol), though. Good luck, programming adventurer! Until next time.
  4. Hello me find this Visual Novel about incest! So I've been scowering the internet trying to find this visual novel have a memory of playing way back like...five to four years ago. Here's what I can remember: There was three romancable girls, one of which was as you can tell by the title the characters sister. remember them tackling this topic/route with a lot of seriousness and it felt quite harrowing and emotional. remember there being a scene where right at the end he and his sister go to this cliff and I think in this like weird dissociated state are going to kill themselves together but I swear the protagonist sees a butterfly or something and snaps out of it and they don't? Then there's a scene where it's years later and obviously their relationship ended and she is getting married to a none family member. A few other details recall is there being a scene where he and his sister are... getting intimate and swear he's like sleep deprived and starts hallucinating about what his friends would say if they knew? One of the other romancable girls may have had short pink hair and think the game opens up with a flashback of him in his hometown with a you g girl from his childhood who also believe was a possible romance. honestly can't find any sign of this game anywhere, thought l'd see if anyone else can help.
  5. I wanted to translate this vn, so to get things started I tried using Krkrextract, which works out for just about every kirkiri game, but this time, it didn't even identify the process as kirikiri. Then I used GarBro to decrypt and extract the contents of the scenario folder, and tried repacking it with the same encryption method, just to make sure it would work, but when I tried playing the vn, this error popped up: Then I used Translator++ to create an xp3 file, which resulted in this error: And now I'm completely lost as to how to pack the translated files after the translation is done Any help would be appreciated
  6. I am trying to translate a visual novel into English using Kirikiri engine. I also did all the steps on the web. First, I used Kirikiri Extract to extract my data.xp3. Then I searched for scenario in data folder. I used Translator++ to automatically translate all the script files (which are .ks files). After that, I injected all my English scenario files into my data folder. Finally, I repacked my data folder into patch.xp3. But it did not work. I tried to delete my original data.xp3 and replaced with new data.xp3 (which has a translated scenario inside), but it raised an error called script exception. I tried to encode all the files to Shift-JIS, but some still remained ANSI. I also tried not to repack the data folder and put it back into the game, but it did not work as well. Can anyone help me with this problem? P/s: The game I am translating is: Koakuma-chan no Yuuwaku!. The game uses Kirikiri Z core. :<<<<<<<<
  7. Help me find this eroge I played years ago. The plot of it is basically about the mc who was sent to his relatives house or something I think it was his aunt and he had to live there for the entire summer so I think theres a limit on the days you can stay there and if that limit is reach the game will end. The gameplay is very unique because or at least for me it was unique, from what I can remember it had like a 2d isometric style. Thats as far as I can remember it though, so if you do know the title please tell me I really wanna play it again and it's also been bugging me for quite some time now. Tnx in advance!!
  8. Hello im trying to Translate a Vn from 2002 i already extracted the data.xp3 file with garbro and translated the scenario files with translator++. Now i wanted to repack the extracted data.xp3 files with my translated scenario files in it. So i choose the path with all the extracted files (+ new translated files in scenario folder) in garbro i mark all the folders and create a new archive named data.xp3 in the game folder. but when i start it it always tells me that garbro could not found the files in the folders i marked. but when i for example go in the scenario folder and mark the files alone it works. I dont know whats the problem can someone help me?
  9. I've been reading a lot of visual novels for the past couple of years. However, I've still got a lot more left piled up in my Wishlist and it can be very time consuming to read all of them by myself. Is there an application of any kind that involves text-to-speech that automatically reads whatever text you copied in your clipboard without having to manually press a button that signals it to read? I'm already using an OCR to copy the text from the visual novel and directly paste it to the clipboard. All I need is something that will automatically read the text for me when it gets put into the clipboard. Any ideas?
  10. I was approached by a translator and asked if I could help find people to create uncensored versions for these VNs: Kami no Rhapsody Amayui Castle Meister Soukoku no Arterial Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ Translator partially uncensors with the help of neural network and further needs a person with knowledge of photoshop to complete the phase of uncensoring the images. As a last resort, he agrees to pay some amount of money for the job, but that's a last resort. He hopes that there will be fans who will help in such a difficult task. Hopefully someone will respond to the request and at least 4 more uncensored VNs will appear (the translator will also help port the uncensored version to all kinds of translations of these VNs).
  11. Does anyone know where I can download the game Kusa iro no hitomi? 腐色の瞳 sorry for the inconvenience Clephas Edit: NSFW
  12. Hello, I'm ziege. My actual name is of course not ziege, but my username, it means goat in German. I don't know if you wanted any of this info, but now to the actual issue: In short, VNR translates visual novels, that's why it's called Visual Novel Reader. It has a database with user submitted subtitles for visual novels. The machine translators are garbage and VNR is so old that I never except for one visual novel got it working as it should. Regardless is it the only text hooker that has user submitted subtitles. So I think it's worth preserving. Also, even after I close the application, the cursor stays blue, why is that? Now to a project idea for all developers out there: Take the user subtitles from VNR and make an application that's similar to VNR (and actually works) and runs them. I'm not yet there myself (as a dev), and therefore I allow you to steal my idea (, because I want to play Shinigami to Shoujo so bad). But if no one implements this idea, I will and that's my announcement. PS: I will call this off if you tell me how to start VNR without it crashing. The website where you can download VNR: vnr.aniclan.com You have you make an account. The language options are in russian for some reason. I used a machine translator to make an account. ...
  13. So I wanted to translate a vn which has its archives in the .fpk format, like "BT2N_Sys.fpk" And weirdly enough, the script is a .fbx file, and I've got no leads on where to even start editing the files Any help would be geatly appreciated
  14. I'm looking for tools to work with a vn called "A Maiden's Woven Canvas of Love". - https://vndb.org/v7794 I need tools that can decrypt and encrypt scripts in the .wsc format. I also need tools for working with .arc archives of the old WillPlus format.
  15. Yeah see im a big dumb dumb that wants to take on the massive project of trying to translate Schwarzesmarken. Yeah i know thats a big ol project and in order to do that i need practice so i thought why not finish the translation for the early 2005 to 7ish version of muv luv altered fable by completing someone else's patch https://alternativeprojects.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/muv-luv-altered-fable-patch-3-by-jutsuki-sen/ . I mean its already mostly done i just need to translate small bits and pieces mainly the good ol H scenes but im dam confused on getting the archives to open and etc to work with garbro and im trying to piece pieces on how to work with them from what others have done with it but to no avail but i did manage to get the soundtrack to be extracted out of it so thats nice and i got a semi working cheat engine script for the pain in the ass volley ball game. if anyone could give me a link or two or a blog page of someone translating any other muv luv games i'd love it as i have 4 months to do nothing and i wanna do something for fun like this i just need the tools and the rest is done. edit as of may the 3rd 2024 ive finished the Ayamine route now i need play testers to screen shot things tell me whats wrong with my horrible translation and anything i need to fix i might have missed (note i just did Ayamine route i still got other things to do) heres the patch just shove it in the game folder and it should work i also just made a dozen or so links to were i uploaded the file so theres options in case one of the links die update as of 2024 may the 7th these links are outdated but ile keep em here just in case click on the play test link instead for the up to date files. pic related im the big dunder head with blue hair
  16. Cross-posting this from Lemma Soft. I have a premise for my VN, as well as four endings planned. The problem is that I am unsure on how to flesh out the premise to have a proper plot the player can follow, other than a vague notion of what the plot is going to cover. In other words, I am unsure of how to construct scenes and events stringing together the plot. The VN has everything else, such as characters with backstories and even a planned points system for the choices. For context, the main plot is about two women in a small town who end up in a secret and troubled romantic relationship. The subplot that carries the structure of the story is that a family who runs a church is looking to expand their social reach at any costs necessary. The antagonist wants to achieve this by having the love interest to marry the son of any of the town’s economic head figures for bigger social reach. Meanwhile, the love interest wants to keep her role in her the church, instead being forced to quit her job and become a housewife. For the main plot, both the protagonist and the love interest want to have a relationship that works out, but they have some unresolved issues with key figures in their separate pasts that keep this from happening in a healthy manner. I know the general structure of plots, such as the Hero's Journey or the classic Three-Act Structure, but I am very unsure on how to create an actual plot. How would I go about forming key scenes that form this storyline?
  17. So i was playing Sakura no uta and this popped up in the middle of playing. Every 2 or so lines it pops up. Please help! I really want to keep playing, im invested. It says "The specified file [ke5011aa] does not exist Select "Yes" to force processing or "No" to abort." Please help! Thanks!!!
  18. Salute guys, we need some tips from experienced VN readers. In short, quite a lot of questions arose in my work when working with sex scenes. Of course, I won’t immediately load you with them, but something still bothers me and editors for a wile, even after we made inquiries and used personal experience. Therefore, I decided to contact you, to ask you directly, so to speak, about the morals of the people and What Do You Prefer. Here are a couple of options if it’s hard for you to decide, but I’ll be glad to have a detailed comment with yr opinion as well) - I prefer voiced hentai scenes with a lot of lines - For me, content is more important than lines and sounds - I like scenes where moans and screams are not so pronounced - I love any hentai scenes Also... just waned to put it here for some reason ^^ - I love hentai scenes IF they have some choices in them or before them
  19. I am trying to translate this game but every time I try the translation I get this error I only get that error when I want to start a new game or after choosing. The translation works fine when I view the scenes separately in the gallery. I attach the text of the error window since I don't know how to upload an image, from the error that I get and the number 00_00_.ks changes to another like 99_99_1.ks Information An error has occurred file: line: 137 Tag: jump (even if it indicates the tag before or after the error) first time I have) Cannot open storage 00_00.ks
  20. So i just extracted the audio files with GARbro, they are in an OGG format, i clicked on them and nothing... so i was wondering with theres a special audio player for stuff like this? because i have no idea how to play them
  21. I want to translate into my language. but i cant extract .npk file do you have any tool or extract .npk file to help me pls
  22. I've been trying to obtain the game lines for a rycanthropy game. As it is a Krkr2 game, with no external XP3, I've used krkr_sm.exe to detach the XP3 file. Anyway, I've succeded in extracting the file from the exe. Now, I've tried extracting the files with Crass KrkrExtract.lite Xp3viewer p3-extract arc_unpacker Garbr0 (partially, as I can view the file list but not access them, for I don't understand the encryption methods.) Translator++ (latest) All of them extract it, fine, I guess, I simple files correctly, and most of them shredded. The .ks files are all obfuscated. [jump storage='0d747156-fe71-454d-b780-f98193869f16.ks' target=*16c747af-a4ba-434e-b424-4628269688c7 ] *53af8287-45fc-47ee-9c64-a65734d3a2e9 [ slit storage=904777e4-4a7f-4ca5-a9cf-19f41dd611d5 ] [ slit storage=782f9f20-74e0-48f3-a709-6615e9fd1b88 ] [ slit storage=1ee9f859-2433-4d76-af59-29f8bd386ee5 ] [ slit storage=2c285624-9b3f-43fc-bf6f-219fc0feb357 ] I mean, images and CG are shredded, but I couldn't caree less, because I'm not thinking of translating those, really. The thing is: no text is contained in the .ks files. Or at least not in kanji, I as would've expected. Most of them are either obfuscated or have been parsed to be in numbers and Os. Has this kind of case been documented before? I mean, it seems to be Octal. But I didn't find any kind of string here, (maybe I did it wrong [can't really tell]). I investigated a bit. And it seems this game has integrated DLLs that encode? Maybe? 159O208O194O201O200O191O194O 166O219O201O213O213O202O227O214O220O211O223O232O205O218O213O226O219O162O168O214O 186O239O221O233O233O222O238O226O239O232O223O39773O20623O228O 200O253O235O247O247O236O244O240O243O246O237O240O 212O265O251O271O268O244O247O I tried also dumping it with SacanaWrapper... but maybe I also did that wrong? because dumping my ks files did nothing. lol. So, I need a little bit of help. I'm not an expert, but I can handle myself a bit in programming now. But I need more opinions as to what should I do next. Because, again, if I were to decode it and then translate it.... how would the repacking go, if it mean changing the original format.
  23. I am trying to edit some images in kirikiri file for translation, I just successfully convert the .tlg to any image like .bmp .png and .jpeg/.jpg, but after editing I don't know how to convert it back, I try to search on google but nothing shows, so If anything you can help just post in the comment, I'm trying to Translate the game PRETTY X CATION, tnx in advance
  24. As the title says, are there any known tools for extracting scripts from games made in Adobe Air? For reference, I'm trying to access the script of Trick or Alice (vndb: https://vndb.org/v8820) and it all seems to be packed into one huge "package.dat" that's over 2 million kbs. Most resources I've found about Adobe Air seem to not be applicable for patch making purposes and I haven't made much progress as of yet.
  25. (before i write anything, let me just say i have never translated a game!) I may have this problem because I barely know about translator++ (the program im using to translate a game) and extracting files using its file extractor,, but when i select an .exe file of the game I want to translate an error message pops up that says ''Expected Data folder is not found. Please extract all the xp3 archives first before working with Translator++.'' (even though when i open up the game by itself it runs it like usual...) (+I have tried using the built in extractor but it has been ''working'' before and as im writing this post (...as in a long time) and i have a suspicion its because im using the file i tried to select) so if anyone has any recommendations for easy-to-use programs to extract .xp3 files, i'd be really grateful!
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