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  1. Ah, that's right. Lack of money and creative differences, if I recall correctly. Still, even if was because of all that, it's kinda fitting plot-wise.
  2. Nice to meet you all! I'm not too sure how to introduce myself, but I'll start by saying that mystery novels are one of my favorite genres (though I'm bad at solving them). One of the VN's that got me into this were Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Steins;Gate, I really loved them. Lately I've been playing Chaos;Head, Corpse Party Book of Shadows and the Infinity series (Ever17 and Remember11), which turned out to be really fun to play. Currently I'm trying Kara no Shoujo. I had it in my to-play list since a while ago, and now that I finished Chaos;Head Noah I can finally get into playing it.
  3. I first played Ever17 five years ago, and I remember I didn't understand anything at all, so I left it after finishing one of the Kid's endings. Just a month and a half ago I decided to replay it aaaand it became one of my favorites visual novels. The true ending was soo satisfying to get, and all of the mysteries around the game really hooked me up into trying to solve them myself. It really was amazing to play it. I got the same feeling with R11, and how well the pacing was, alongside with the enigmas and plot-twists, made it very enjoyable... Though I spent 40+ hours searching for the
  4. Hi everyone! So, um, I'm trying to translate Remember 11 to my language (spanish), but I'm having trouble with the script files. These are packed in an AFS file which I managed to extract with a tool. The problem is that they're in .BIP format and I can't find any way to edit them. I tried searching for several days by now, but the closest I've gotten ended up in me not knowing how to convert them into .BIP again (and I'm not even sure it would've worked, either way). So, if anyone knows a tool or some way to edit the script, I'd really really appreciate it!
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