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  1. Let me try to ask my question differently. Is there an option in catsystem2 (The one that converts files to .hg3) that allows you to pack multiple images into one .hg3 file?
  2. What is this program used for, if I may ask.
  3. Hello everyone! I have a question regarding Nekopara Vol3. I am the translator of this game into Polish. In GarBro I opened the graphics files which are with .hg3 extension, but I noticed that for example in the file sys_config.hg3 there are inside many files without extension which are images (For example "New Game" buttons etc). For the files without extension I gave .png extension so that I can open them. How can I again convert these files to those without extension and later be able to pack multiple .hg3 files into one .hg3 file, which is supposed to be sys_cofig .hg3?
  4. I have another problem. The .hg3 files all show up, but they are much smaller in size than those earlier ones. Also, all the hg3 images are upside down.
  5. Hi! I have a question about Nekopara Vol.3. I am the translator of this game into Polish. I would like to translate all graphics into Polish. I managed to extract them to .png format and here is my question. How can I change the file format back to .hg3? I am asking for help. I am waiting impatiently for an answer.
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