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    I mostly love reading novels or manga,
    I also like writing, I like playing video games wen I have the time, and I love watching anime too, wen I actually have nothing to do I go and play football or do some parkour with my younger brother
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    It too long and I don't feel like typing so much right now.
  1. Remember the first... the anime that made you a fan of this wonderful entertainment called ANIME. Do you remeber wen you got your first manga and read it non stop? What anime was it? Or What manga was it? Can you remember what made you in to an Anime Otaku? Why did you decide to read manga? Mine was Full Metal Alchemist My brother was in to anime before I was and one they he introduce me to FMA and soon I got sucked in to anime and ever since then I became an Otaku.
  2. What manga are you currently reading?

    Right now Im reading, Full Metal Alchemist, The World God Only Knows, Cage of Eden, Sankarea, Rosario + Vampire, and just started with Akame ga Kiru... I have a lot of free time
  3. Your Top 3 Romance Anime

    Oh no I completely forgot toradora and lovely complex... I like more Toradora than Lovely Complex though, I think its funnier, and its also being a really long time since I saw those two thanks for bringing back some memories to me. The only one I think I haven't seen is Bokura ga Ita, but im going to look for it and watch it.
  4. Your Top 3 Romance Anime

    This my top 3 3-Sankarea 2-Kanon 1-Clannad (this goes also too after story) BTW this my first post so Im not sure if I did it right....
  5. What is your most hated anime character?

    There are two characters in anime that I REALLY hate 1-Sugou Nobuyuki (Sword Art Online) 2-Kuradeel (also from SAO)
  6. I'm not good with introductions.

    I just started with this, But... I just cant stop reading, I am an addict now...
  7. I'm not good with introductions.

    I have only read Katawa Shoujo and Men at Work 2