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  1. Aye, sorry. Can you close/move this thread then?
  2. Yosuga no Sora was quite good, but only the last two episodes really mattered, since almost everyone watched it for the incest. As for the Grisaia anime; from what I've read (Seventhstyle, anime forums, etc.), the expectations are really low. Maybe because it's hard to produce an anime with just one storyline, that's adapted from a visual novel with more than one storyline, and each storyline being unique and adding up to other storylines aka. routes. I, myself, must say that my expectations aren't that high either. It probably will fail, but I really hope for a miracle to happen and it
  3. Thank you for your help, but that isn't what I'm looking for, sadly. I'm looking for a way to extract the scripts from it, not sound effects (you were right, by the way) or CG. I still appreciate it, though. :')
  4. Actually the only reason why I pirate anime.
  5. I read Japanese shit.

  6. I don't really know if it's in contradiction with the rules of this forum (I've read the thread of Down and this isn't asking for a translation or anything, so I guess I'm safe), but I would like some help with extracting the script from モテすぎて修羅場なオレ (http://vndb.org/v11568) Just finished this visual novel and I enjoyed it a lot (mainly because of the cute girls). Now, I'm not really the type who would translate stuff, because it's quite some work. But- I want to give it a try anyways. Trying new things is a good thing, right? It's about the se.arc file (I guess se stands for "scenario
  7. If I were to express your charm with points, it'd be the square root of three points... You're too difficult for elementary school kids, so we shouldn't show you to them.

  8. Oi, I totally forgot to show my gratitude to Kaguya for being the person who has actually got me into visual novels with this list. Thank you a lot, man.
  9. Should I upload the story on a site and link you to it or just simply copy and paste the text here?
  10. If that is considered art, then I will gladly make more lines.
  11. Time travel. I'm in. How long should a story be? because i cant even draw a straight line
  12. I'm not really into shounen anime, but I freaked out when I saw how badass Killua has become.
  13. Hahaha. I'm as straight as a circle, but yeah. You can love trap characters as a straight male without feeling guilty. That's probably the best thing about them.
  14. I'm currently reading Kuzu no Honkai and I really like it (because it gives NTR this feeling) I see that you still have to read Watashitashi no Shiawase na Jinkan. I recommend you to read it, because it's a beautiful story about a man and a woman who realize the value of time.
  15. Holy mother of fuck. Sorry, but Boku no Pico is off-limits for me, since it made me cry at the first two minutes of the first episode. I cannot deny the fact that traps are very cute. Hell, some are even cuter than girls.
  16. Welcome to Fuwa. I'm also a fellow time travel lover. ;P If you can gather some people who are willing to help you with it, you could actually bring out a patch. You've done quite a good job translating it.
  17. I never really liked traps, but when I was watching Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretaru, I fell in love at first sight when Megumu appeared. He's like the cutest trap I've ever seen in my life. probably because he wears thigh highs
  18. I partly agree with the Japanese government, but there are a few problems. I, myself, don't have any problems with this, because I do understand Japanese enough to watch anime without subtitles, so buying the original BD or watching them on Japanese TV isn't a problem. First of all, people who watch anime with mild to much nudity and such anime aren't allowed in some countries. Take Kiss x sis and To LOVE-Ru for example. I doubt they'll bring ecchi anime like that to the western countries. Second thing, do people have to watch their shit dubbed? Or with ugly, yellow hardsubs? In my opi
  19. Chitoge Kirisaki. She's so freaking annoying with her bitchy tsundere act that it ruined a part of the anime for me.
  20. http://vndb.org/v8435 - Monobeno if you're able to read Japanese (or machine translation which is even harder to understand than Japanese, lol).
  21. Konachan is a site that specializes (mostly) in erotic pictures; HQ CGs of most eroge included. You can always look at the official site itself and otherwise you simply take screenshots. I use my PrintScreen button and save it on Paint as a .png file.
  22. Everything related to anime, novels (and then I mean books without pictures), computers, games, basketball, and astrophysics. I've always been interested in the construction of time and space ever since I was little.
  23. Kirito became a Jedi. But leaving that aside, today's episode was quite good. Aniplex doesn't fail to amaze me with their beautiful animation. On another note, Aldnoah.Zero is pure ear porn. The new ending 「aLIEz」 is so good! The soundtracks are awesome. Can't wait for the CD/BD to release.
  24. Well, we live in the same country, so I guess that wishing you a happy birthday is the least I can do. Gefeliciteerd, Aniki!
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