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  1. Just a quick note for those who said not another loli thread The note: u don't like it get out no one asked your opinion in lolis let the loli fans talk
  2. Lol will do it was just a quick change of subject to lighten up the mood
  3. Shinku: Consult me for more information :PAlso it is possible with enough love to make them not only your Waifus but also your real Wives - I did that Give me info about mare And is it possible to have more than one wifu?
  4. I prefer a gel-banana over that any day True enough although I don't have. A waifu yet due to the many choices but I'd join that revolution
  5. May that never happens amen miss Kurisu-tiiiiina
  6. As a loli fan myself I ain't gonna argue with you. In that point I'm just worried about the loli future today they ban children porn what if tomorrow they start banning hentai?
  7. but can you deny that there's some ppl do what they see in anime/hentai..etc like child rape for example?
  8. Let me Answer you with a question : What's the difference between having porn full of kids and hentai full of kids in the eyes of ppl?
  9. I'm a loli fan so I can't complain but don't u think that it's the same? Ban a child porn and hentai with children in it? Isn't both consider child abuse or hentai with children might lead to someone getting funny ideas that having sex with real children is ok?
  10. So it bans porn with real kids but not hentai with kids? Can't say I'm not relived but don't u think that's strange?
  11. Plz someone say this is a joke http://time.com/2892728/japan-finally-bans-child-pornography/ Is that the end of lolis?
  12. which is easier translation or editing? I know I have a good English for an Arabian cuz I always get A or A+ at college
  13. As the title says I'm looking for ppl who have Playstation 4 to add them my psn is: sad-moon1499
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