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  1. This is going to be weird but some anon in 4ch said to overwrite the scripts in the update folder to the scripts folder. Weird yes, but it works for me.
  2. JAST was pretty careless not to hire someone to moderate little witch forum when the game was released. All those negative threads >_<;
  3. So great that this games gonna be released for PC. I was worried they'd shove it to VITA like all the recent anime-to-game adaptation. All hail Key!
  4. Waa..I can't choose multiple choices.. Otomege Charage Other: B/L
  5. Sakimichi

    Starter VN Reviews

    I plan to submit a review on Worlds End Economica Episode 1.
  6. Thank you so much for Majikoi~! :3

  7. Thanks Are the editors allowed to give feedback too when publishing?
  8. Hello! I've signed up for fuwareviews and contacted Tay beforehand because I was reading the About page before this. So when I signed up I got stucked in the Verification...but when I tried signing in, it was A-okay~ Please grant me permission to post, I look forward to submitting reviews here
  9. The original owner of the dress: http://swiked.tumblr.com/post/112164479015/can-we-have-more-pictures-of-the-dress-please-we To end this farce once and for all! Try looking at the picture again by squinting really hard.
  10. I buy on steam using debit card, and for hard copies I send my money to my overseas friend so it would be shipped to her home.I'll receive the soft copy (rip) and she owns the hard copy. I'm waiting for Grisaia, Ozmafia and Steins;Gate on steam.
  11. Thanks Rooke! Ooh I see, thanks for the info Clephas. I'm gonna try out your recs from Rooke's link.
  12. Get well soon. I wounded my heels for not wearing socks while jogging and now I'm limping as well.
  13. I grab her torrents, it has faster seeds plus I don't encounter any errors with them as well. ^0^/
  14. I recognize the top 10-20 and I'm glad some of the titles are picked up by T/L teams. But if you guys hate #1, what should be the best VN for 2014 then? List your top 5..I want to try them all :3 Bradyon Veda is Top 20 in the 2013 Best VN's. I've checked the video. ~ Also can anyone enlighten me how the JP fans rate their eroge VN's? In JP Otome ranking (in magazines) there's bias with Seiyuu, Art then sales. So even if the game is クソゲー, as long as they have this really popular seiyuu with an established fanbase, the ranking goes waay up.
  15. Planetarian is not eroge, plus the VN's on steam are all-ages >w</ That guy need to be informed about it. He needs a bit more research if he wants to recommend better titles as a primer introduction to VN's
  16. TaishoXAlice Blonde boy with blue eyes: "My name is ..probably Alice." Yurika: "Nice to meet you probably Alice-kun." Probably Alice-kun: "GOOD-BYE. TAKE CARE. LET'S NEVER MEET AGAIN!" ------- Yurika: "I'm sorry. Umm, but if I weren't poor, would you touch me?" Cinderella: "I still wont! What were was that all about? Do you really want me to lay a hand on you?!" Yurika: "Not really"
  17. B..but why?! An unpopular opinion from me I'm satisfied with All-ages version Steam releases.
  18. Thats an OELVN ....not even on-par with Otome JP games and yes thats not even a decent one compared to a full length VN. Bah~ I don't want to stray this topic any further..haha. I was thinking of a good otome game recommendation for you to try but then I remember Kratoscar's opinion about....invoking gayness and all. My point was simply not to scare or bully the female VN fans just because she asks for a recommendation or talks about an Otome game. Just because theres one bad Otome game, doesn't mean all Otome games are bad.
  19. Even if females work different than males that doesn't give them a reason to bully. Also, not all females are comfortable doing that stuff to their fellow females. I myself don't appreciate Yuri..at all. Plus there are straight males that are actually into B/L, they are known as Fudanshi and I personally met them at cons. (I was surprised they exist as well.) And we didn't ask Fate/Extra CCC not to get localize, (I'm a fan of that game and even bought a copy for myself) it just so happened that Aksys released PSP game in a dwindling PSP fanbase that was rotten with piracy so maybe they didn't reach the expected goals.To be fair there's only 1 otome game that Aksys localized over a multitude of guy-centric games so I think you should direct that hate elsewhere. It's like your saying "Girls doesn't deserve even 1 game from Aksys". And lastly Fate/Extra CCC is getting a fan translation..........you guys still win.
  20. I hope it's okay to say this. I've seen a number of people telling female VN players that Otome is shit, but I believe they haven't tried a decent one nor interested in changing their attitudes. Weird..., Little Busters is boring? You should try Cross Channel. I really tried..but ..ugh...
  21. Yes, Tohsaka Rin made me like it Next person is a NEET
  22. Update: Changed to custom width instead of Fixed width. Still responsive but you can customize the width depending on how far your two eyes can stretch ..HAHA xD Stylish: (compatible with Chrome and Firefox) FuwaFabulous Custom Width VERSION Chrome Stylish Add-on Firefox Stylish Add-on Preview 80% width:
  23. I really love the new theme but my monitor is too wide. It strains my eye to read wide posts. Is there no option to have a fixed width? edit: Nevermind I made one, feel free to change the width in the textbox. This will change the width to 80% or custom. Stylish: Fuwanovel : FuwaFabulous Custom Width VERSION
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