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  1. Hmmm, whilst I understand your POV regarding re-editing Chrono Clock; I'd have to say I find it pretty pointless IMO. Not trying to rain on your parade, but personally I thought the translation was handled surprisingly well. At first like you I didn't appreciate the translator's choice to change DD's usage of english in japanese sentences to japanese in english sentences, as I felt it disrupted the flow as a reader. But as people have pointed out that was a personality quirk of the character and on reflection it makes sense to invert the translations, as this retains the feel of a character who is mixing languages somewhat haphazardly. I can think of at least half a dozen translations off the top of my head that could've used more editing, but Chrono Cross ain't one IMO. Edelweiss (Mangagamer) - admittedly they later came and re-translated/edited this, but most had already played it. Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete (Moenovel) - Ageha's route made little sense and over-censoring butchered parts of the game. Thankfully the restoration group are putting forward a great effort to fix Moenovel's translation. ChuShingura46+1 - Again over-censorship, I mean removing nudity I understand (for steam), but surely people can deal with innuendo. Draco-riot! - A bit rough around the edges. Getting some editing and polishing by Fuwanovel's Decay and co. Gin'iro - Very sad, apparently an interesting story, but unplayable IMO with the in-house translation provided by NekoNeko Soft. Flyable Heart - Editing would not be enough to help this effort by Retransinternational. Sad mostly because it stopped others from thinking of picking up this game for translation, a good example of nothing being better than anything at all and the pitfalls of machine translation. For me the issue with Chrono Clock is more of a translator's stylisation choice than a lack of editing, that said there is definitely some people who would appreciate your efforts, judging by the chatter and reviews. Regardless, I wish you luck with your endeavor.
  2. Basically VNR is no longer being updated/supported and therefore new games using new or updated engines will not work with VNR or be part of the existing database. There is a thread discussing this already under the Visual Novel Talk sub forum called "Is Visual Novel Reader Dead?", if your interested.
  3. Well I can honestly say that I've learned from some VN's, even though that wasn't my original goal. I approach VN's like most people I suppose, as a form of escapism. That said I've found myself at one time or another admiring character traits such as determination, integrity, courage, etc and I believe in some way shape or form I sometimes bring a little of this into my own life/thoughts/way of being. I suppose as they say, emulation is the highest form of flattery. Now I'm not suggesting I act like people in VN's act. Merely that subconsciously I try to act in a way closer to the characters who have for whatever reason moved me, or I have admired for some reason. For example, I am by nature a tentative person and in the past rarely trusted myself to speak my mind openly. Now I see a character who is confident, courageous and takes leaps of faith based on self belief. I then act in a way which is still myself, but partially emulates the traits I have admired. I have felt this way about many forms of media over my lifetime, be they movies, fantasy/science fiction books, animations, VN's, games, literary works, autobiographies or news articles; and many people have likewise inspired me with their words, actions or deeds. That moment where for whatever reason, something gets you to consider things from another point of view you never considered, inspires you, or causes you to reexamine yourself. Things that influence us, change or reinforce our thinking process and at some level that leads to different possibilities. At least that's what I think, so I guess you'd call that belief.
  4. "I'm sure you'll give the game a fair and balanced review. We do hope our relationship will continue to be mutually beneficial". Just kidding around, but I do feel that fan reviewers/non-professionals can often be more objective. I mean they have no need to step quietly around game studios, worrying about advertising contracts and getting exclusive game previews and interviews with the developers.
  5. The atled translation was discontinued many years ago. This old post referencing the project on the encubed website and the patch I posted is all that's left. The Concerto Note patch may very well not be the last one released as I download it in 2010. The Sumaga patch is 100% legit, but was later pulled off the tlwiki with the announcement that JAST was licensing Nitro+ games. So they had it posted and later removed it. Which means people around at the time following the project got the partial while people who came along later did not. So basically it's a tlwiki release that’s no longer supported. Also here's a link for the Da Capo Plus Communication partial patch. Edit: Two more projects that might be worth adding to the list. In-progress translations Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (patch link) - Common route & Chisato's route Abandoned/Dropped/Stalled translations Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -Brighter than Dawning Blue- (patch link) - Common route, as well as Feena, Mia, Mai, Natsuki & Sayaka's routes
  6. Great work on your list Decay, seems like you've found lots of them already! Here's some partials I had archieved on hard disc for a rainy day. I uploaded them so feel free to add the links to your list if you want. Three more for your list under Abandoned/Dropped/Stalled translations: 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- (patch link) -atled- (patch link) - Preview patch Sumaga - Translates Spica route & Garnet 50% and heres a copy of the Concerto Note Prologue Patch [AnimeNovel Translations]
  7. Hmm interesting topic. Depends on how young were talking. I liked Duck Tales, Mario Brothers 3, Battletoads, Zelda, Megaman 2 and Double Dragon 2 as a young child and then got into adventure games on the PC like Sam & Max and Full Throttle as a kid. I also loved playing HOMM2 hot seat with a group of friends.
  8. Silly me I should have made the connection. I used to check on your project every now and then at the gemot and was totally bummed when the site went down, I thought maybe your project was stopped as well. I'm glad you kept going with it. By the way whatever happened to the gemot? I mean I knew the news site part of it was stopping, but I figured they'd keep the forums open as they had a few regulars there.
  9. Utawarerumono - An injured man wakes up in a village with no memory of who he is and an irremovable iron mask, tended by a cute girl. Regaining his strength he helps out around the village making the villagers lives better with technologically know how, such as crop rotation. The local baron of the province comes by insults mc's new family and as a result mc rises up with villagers and overthrows the baron with superior strategy. The mc's kingdom expands throughout the game and being a nice guy and the protagonist of the story he gets all the girls. Utawarerumono has a good storyline, the rpg gaming elements are pretty cool and there are lots of beautiful heroines.
  10. Best of luck with the translation, thanks for sharing your efforts with us and well done on keeping it secret for so long!
  11. Yeah I'm a 100% in agreement with you. I really enjoyed Kamidori Alchemy Meister and have been looking for a visual novel/rpg hybrid (in english) to play since. It'd be great to see more of Eushully's games get translated.
  12. Sorry to hear about that. I can understand why you'd be upset. The links I posted are all clean (no cashlinks), but I'll remove the post if its bothering you? From what I understand the prologue and chapters 1-7 portion by ushoran is supposed to be properly translated, as in not machine translated. But as I don't know Japanese it could be a rewrite for all I know.
  13. ushoran from Nekohen is translating Ikusa Megami Zero. At the moment a partial patch is available which translates the prologue and chapters 1-7. The translation isn’t perfect and needs proofing but I’m enjoying it so far. Here are some links in case anyone's interested: Nekohen - Ikusa Megami Zero: english and interface patch Hongfire release thread "Patches: Dialogue (prologue and chapters 1-7) translated by ushoran bg0-dia-v132.zip 2.7 MB English interface by er0gamr bg0-int-v118.zip 5.8 MB All items, names, locations and other text by zoltanar bg0-text-v120.zip 1.9 MB Installation: 1. Install Ikusa Megami Zero (戦女神ZERO) 2. Install the Ikusa Megami Zero Append disc (戦女神Zero アペンドディスク) 3. Install the 2.01 update 4. Backup AGERC.DLL and the BIN and AGF files in the games folder 5. Unrar the 3 downloaded zip archieves and paste the combined contents into your game folder Credits: ushoran : scripts Translator zoltanar : text Translator er0gamr : Interface Translation Asmodean & SaintLouisX: Tools"
  14. Just a heads up for anyone interested. A group of anons at /jp (4chan) created a voice patch for Higurashi - Chapter 1 Onikakushi (steam version) which places the PS3 voices assets into the game and combines this with a graphics patch. Current thread link (as of this post): http://boards.4chan.org/jp/thread/13524077/higurashi-thread-2 A youtube of the patch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJjpLv1fg2M The github for the patch releases: https://github.com/higurashi-mod/scripts “This patch aims to combine the efforts of the ps3 voice patch and the ps3 sprites/background patch, and fill in missing voice files not covered by the original voice patch. Credits: • TheGuraGuraMan - For making the Sprite/BGM Patch. • Anon - For providing the PS3 voices and patch. • Another Anon - For providing the watermark-less window.” I'm really enjoying playing Umineko with voices atm, so I'm pretty excited to try this out at some stage.
  15. I think people are misunderstanding me at this point. I was'nt meaning to say I agreed with censorship, I was just saying there is no way I could "personally" ever play the game without censorship as it's a bit extreme for me thats all. Was'nt trying to start a firefight, also for the people swearing at me come on calm down. I think it's great that Jast is able to supply titles to suit everbodies tastes.
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