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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful quotes! All Most of them were enlightening and made me so proud to be a reader of visual novels and an anime fan. I'm done with this class, and high school in general; I'll be graduating in a few days! Once again, thank you all for helping me this year.
  2. Ouch! This isn't anime-related, but "Humans of New York" on Facebook has a ton of great images and quotable stories. Please keep contributing to this thread, though!
  3. That sounds pretty neat. Thanks! Wow, that's cool. Thanks! Lovely. Haha, thanks! These are really fascinating perspectives. Thanks! Both from Danganronpa. LOL. Thanks! Interesting. Thanks!
  4. LOL. Thanks! Mmm hmm. Thanks! Yeah. Really need to read Higurashi someday. Thanks! Talk about extreme, haha. Thanks (for the new vocabulary as well)! My sentiments exactly. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, it's the second semester, so please help me fill my quote book again! Oh, Komari. Your voice is insufferable, but you do say the nicest things sometimes. Feeling a bit pessimistic, are we? Haha. These lines are written beautifully. Makes me want to read Katawa Shoujo. Same as the above. Even the first one is just amazing in its brevity. Wow, so many Katawa Shoujo quotes! I live by these words, actually. Indeed. Thanks!
  6. Route-Based: A Certain Magical Index. As much as I love this series, Kamachi needs to develop his characters more. Bring on the character routes! Fruits Basket Ouran High School Host Club Linear (Higurashi/Umineko Style): Boogiepop Kagerou Days Pandora Hearts All three of these mess with time conventions and would benefit from extra narration and music.
  7. I started with Planetarian. It was boring and I dropped it after three hours. Then I tried Little Busters, since I was watching the anime. It was okay, but I wasn't interested in reading about the characters fooling around (read: common route = no plot, no story) for 16 hours, especially since I had already experienced some of it through the anime. After the first season, I finished it and twas amazing. My first official VN, then, would be Rewrite. That was amazing; there was a dynamic story and an awesome cast of characters. Tonokawa's routes blew, though. I didn't know how routes worked
  8. Yeah, I know. I just got too excited. Although the Ace Attorney one is sad for me because
  9. From the three VNs that I've read: Rewrite Kotori's route: Little Busters! Mio's route: Refrain: Umineko Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 8: Oh, and I guess Phoenix Wright counts as well. Trials and Tribulations:
  10. Yes! Thank you! Awesome. I love ZnT. No, this is great.
  11. I reference my posts when I come back to write down the quotes. Quotes in quote boxes do not show up, unfortunately. Thank you!
  12. So psyched! But I've resolved not to play it until I'm done with college apps. Sigh. Oh well, at least it'll be a nice award; it'll be like having already finished college and becoming a lawyer.
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