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  1. Same with Cheat Engine before it: Defender never treated Cheat Engine as a threat before but now it does all the time... Maybe Cheat Engine-like programs always get treated as such because the Windows Defender database gets updated regularly! The thing is the entire RAR folder of SpoilerAL gets treated as a freaking Trojan of all things. Try packing it and uploading it somewhere and sending it to Virustotal or something: You'll see what I'm talking about.
  2. Title says it all: I have no idea why Windows Defender treats this as a threat... Everytime I use it, I have to delete it after use then scan my entire PC... It's really haunting my nightmares now.
  3. Hello fellas: Did you know that there is a patch that lets you see WWX content on GOLD?! It's made by WinkelHime. This patch lets you view WWX events but there are two drawbacks: 1) No gameplay of WWX since WWX uses a different engine than GOLD (you can still play GOLD like normal) 2) Not everything is translated. Here is a VNDB link discussion of the patch! If you want the patch itself, search for it on your own: https://vndb.org/t12900
  4. Good choices but sadly I've tried all of them...
  5. Well might as well get this out of the way... Can anyone recommend me any Male Domination VNs, where the Male is the DOMINATOR, not the dominated! Whether it's via hypnosis, via manipulation, via mindbreak, via any ways of torture to make the female prostrate herself to the male's demands, I'm all in for that. Also, no Black Lilith, read all of them. And no Miel, they're all the same format! And no Venus Blood, I also played all the translated ones, will wait for the next ones!
  6. The Eiyuu Senki Trilogy (Yes, I am counting WWX since there is a patch for it): Not only this game is an easier Sengoku Rance-like game but it's also funny, fun and educational! The Utawarerumono Trilogy: A MUST PLAY if you want an amazing story. Even though it's not translated yet, Kuro Ai: The first Hentai I ever watched! It's a crime that this didn't get translated yet. The reason of my subscription here is to find someone interested in including an English Translation for this game, even if it is MTL. The Funbag Fantasy series: Many play this one for the boobage, I
  7. Hi, it's Heimeropen. Some probably know me from F95. I hope we have a good time together!
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