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  1. Not necessarily, but since the medium is invented by japan, it's kinda understandable that most of it mimics it's art style too not to mention the market is also dominated by japan
  2. Where would you rank it between senren banka and Riddle joker?
  3. patience is always the key my braddas, let's simply hope for the best
  4. Couldn't have agreed more! It would be unfortunate to me and many others if this projects happens to be cancelled, and I can't blame if some people gone on their way to be mad about it, (since they were given a false hope and all that), but like you said if that ever happens the OP's could only have themselves to blame, since they're the ones who sets up expectation, and maybe the reason why i'm being a bit too positive is because the project is 90% done, i personally don't mind that much if they ever cancel it because i can tolerate the 10% with mtl,, that is if the OP decides to release the rest of the patch when cancelling.... it's either that, or maybe i've been seeing too many big game company being greedy to the point where passion project like these really restore my faith in humanity. Also It's perfectly fine for people to be sussy wussy and even negative towards a passion projects, but I personally think it's better to be in the middle ground, maybe lean into the positive side a bit , because if we're being realistically positive here, we don't lose anything if a fan projects were cancelled (exept for feeling dissapointed) and the only people who's losing something is the TL team, i don't mean to sound mushy here, but they sacrifice their free times to put out their works (albeit unfinished) just to get possibly trashed because of it,, even tho they chose to do this to themselves and even if the project were cancelled halfway through, i think we should still be grateful with the effort that they put out... in short, beggars cant be choosers But i whole heartedly agree that communication is the key, transparency is good to get the hypes and hopes going, a simple spreadsheet could only do so much, the best example i could think of a fan TL with great communication is The GeofrontTeam, from what i seen, they fan localize falcom games, changing and translating the game texture, adding extra stuff like full hd support, chest messages, etc,, but most important of all is how transparent they are with their project, in their website they write blogs about the progress and future plans (To keep the audience in touch, and push themselves to be more organized), sometimes they even do qna, shows the ins and out of localizing the game (So the audience could relate on how much of a giant task localizing is, and then hopefully turn that relatability, into patience and understanding), they also make injoke memes to simply chill and enjoying the process, etc. hope im making sense lol, tho again, we all want the best for this project, so why don't we give it one.
  5. That kinda explains why the progress is slow, I know nothing of translation process, but i imagine that tlc couldn't take this long to finish, but as it turns out the spreadsheet was inaccurate, best of luck for you guys
  6. Hey man, glad someone's being transparent here, but correct me if i'm wrong, i think what shaun trying to imply here is acting negatively towards a passion project like that could have an effect on the project it self, remember that people work on this with no money in mind, that means they're driven solely by passion and to put pressure and being negative like that could turn that passion into stress, making them question themselves "Why are we still here?.. Just to suffer" and starts asking for cash like you said (because their passion is gone and need to be replaced by money) But this is all just a speculation of mine, since i've experience the same thing albeit not in translating a vn, I mean I could clearly see myself also acting negatively if they're getting paid for this or if this is a product they're trying to sell, but it's not. Again it's always refreshing to see a new take on the projects, but i just want to let you know that something as simple as a word could carry some weight and consequences tbh im very new to this vn community and this is my first and only fan tl project i followed, so feel free for anyone to berate me for my ignorant take on this matter lol
  7. My experience with premiere pro was weird one, somtimes it works wonders, sometimes it's buggy as hell and crashes, Somehow everytime it crash, it always at the most vital moment, luckily auto save exist (But it's not really reliable since sometimes the save point throws you way back in the project, reseting a huge chunk of your work. Never tried vegas but heard it's good, so my answer is pick whichever you want, both software do their job excellently, and remember that good result it's up to your talent in editing, not the tools you're using.
  8. Yeah people should realize that these kind of fan translation is made out of nothing but passion, Translating and editing thousands of lines is quite difficult and time consuming, so for some people to dedicate their free time into doing something this productive is really something to be admired. Plus they aren't getting paid for their work hence why the only thing that drives them is their love for the game and the desire for illiterate ppl like us to experience it. We just simply have to learn to be grateful in life for things that are able to exist...... like this project lel
  9. Damn i dunno why but these kind of dolls are giving me nightmares, it reminds me of those mannequins that moves when no ones looking, but good for you tho, i envy your ability to make a hobby out of my nightmare lol
  10. No clue here mate, you better off asking on reddit since the community there are bigger and the chances of you getting an answer are more likely
  11. Big Oofers it's a bit of a shame tho, since eustia's settings felt so original and fresh, seeing the writers revert back into your generic high school settings is a bit of a letdown, I just hope that the fan service isn't as excessive as your typical romance anime, because I'm not really tolerant on that kind of stuff Even so, i think the story will still be good since it's written by the same writers as eustia But you know what quality that the devs still retain consistently? THE MUSIC, Even though I haven't played this game yet, I've listened to the songs and ost, and god damn is it good, the music in both games really captures the aesthetics of the settings perfectly, like screw the sex scenes, the music gave me an orgasm that can be heard across the neighborhood. But most importantly tho, good luck on this project, someone who do work out of nothing but pure passion that drive them is always inspiring, it made me want to contribute to that act of generosity one day. anyway imma just wait here like a good little boi now
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