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  1. It's completely readable as is though, and from what I could see only one image wasn't translated iirc and it wasn't that important, you can read both routes fine.
  2. Isn't this fully readable as is? What is there to do? I already finished it.
  3. How is something this good painful for you to read? It makes no sense, it's a fantastic visual novel imho.
  4. [REQUEST] Yukikoi Melt Walkthrough

    A walkthrough guide is really not needed for this title as it has very little choices and only one choice that will lead to a route (it will have 4 choices that have to do with the 4 girls), it also has a short common route. There are more choices after you get into a route but they are related to H-Scenes only. Make sure you apply the 18+ Patch or there will only be one route and you'll start right on a route skipping the prologue and common route entirely which is a dumb move imho, they should've just sold it outside of Steam instead, more people should stop buying visual novels off of Steam already, you're just supporting censorship.
  5. I hate to burst your bubble but they are nowhere near close to being done with the translation, the side stories aren't even done yet (only 27.66%) and even after they finish that there is still editing (which is only 88.73% done with side stories editing only at 26.86% done) and TLC they have to do (TLC is only 54.65% done and only up to Licia at 14.20%) and there already going at a really slow pace, I don't expect it to be done anytime soon, it'll probably take several more months to finish. Look here for Translation Progress: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=2AA0C152F3ABC311!169&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AMiZoMMtMwT6WaI
  6. You should know by now MoeNovel is an all-ages company and will never release 18+ visual novels.
  7. This is just another case that proves visual novels don't belong on Steam at all and the reason I will no longer buy any visual novel off of Steam. Also the cut content is the prologue, common route and 3 character routes, you jump straight into Himeguri Taruhi route. This is worse censorship then If My Heart Had Wings or any MoeNovel title.
  8. Calling it butchered is wrong, the translation is no where near as bad as If My Heart Had Wings (I agree there are some parts they could of did better but it's not unreadable at all), they didn't even censor sexual jokes or kissing scenes and there is even a hot spring scene that just has a lot of steam. If you want to call something butchered then the Steam version of this https://vndb.org/v15064 is worse then any MoeNovel title.
  9. Did you install Japanese Supplemental Fonts (Settings > Apps & Features > Optional Features)? Windows 10 doesn't come with these already installed and many visual novels won't work without them also make sure the Non-Unicode Language is set to Japanese. I don't have issues with visual novels on Windows 10 except the older ones that use DirectDraw since Windows 8 and 10 don't support it. I've never had to use compatibility mode on any visual novel and you should never have to use it.
  10. I do, I'm just not interested in the FD.
  11. I'm not surprised at all, If My Heart Had Wings got a restoration and retranslation patch only because the person who did it had twisted motives for even doing it thinking it would hurt MoeNovels sales when the opposite is what would happen with that since it actually made people buy the Steam version or non-Steam version just to apply the patch to it boosting MoeNovel sales for the title. I really think anyone who hasn't read it as it is should just do so as it is perfectly readable as is, it does have some parts that aren't translated very well but for the most part it is a good read imho, I also have no interest in machine translations and H-scenes are out of the question as machine translations are a terrible choice for H-scenes alone, I've seen what machine translation does to H-scenes, it makes them completely unreadable. I have no interest in reading the FD for either title.
  12. Sadly Eushully titles are only translated by fans since Eushully themselves refuse to bring their visual novels over to the west for whatever reason even though I'm pretty sure they'd do pretty good over here since they make really good hybrid visual novels. For the ones I've played the story and gameplay elements are great imho.
  13. Senren * Banka

    imho a walkthrough guide is completely unnecessary for this title with it's built-in flowchart which makes it also unnecessary to save on any choices.
  14. There are 4 endings and one bad end with story and one true ending though that counts toward one of the 4 endings. The bad ending is on the same route the true ending is on and is found on the final choice in the route, you can find that out yourselves. Bold: There is no such ending like that, it defaults to Hatunes route (the sister/cousin) if you don't end up on anyone if I recall. Note: Some of the VNDB tags on the characters have to do with the sequel and not this visual novel like the spoiler tags with Madoka (Attempted Homicide, Avoidable Death) are sequel only which is really confusing, VNDB really needs to come up with a new system that allows characters to be separated by title so they won't have confusing tags.
  15. I'm not waiting on it, the visual novel is readable as is, I am paying attention to this thread but I'm not expecting it to be done anytime soon, it could take years to finish, I would just read it and move on.
  16. Certificate expired?

    How can it expire again so soon? Nevermind, looks like it's something else causing the site to not be secure, the certificate hasn't expired.
  17. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    The bolded part is where you are completely wrong, he does get back into playing FC but you HAVE to read all 4 routes to see that which you already refused to do for stupid reasons (I don't care how rude that is, your reasons are just lame excuses, both Mashiro and Rika's routes are good), you only read two routes which means you have by no means completed the visual novel at all, there is no point in you even giving it a rating when you haven't even finished it.
  18. (Request) Senren Banka

    A Walkthrough guide for this visual novel is highly unnecessary due to the built-in flowchart.
  19. The Sequels are not unnecessary, you really shouldn't say that without having played them yourself. The sequels are really good as well, they may even be better than the first game. That VN you linked, it's not a good one at all, I doubt Valve would ever allow a VN of it's type on Steam, they already don't allow any VNs with Loli like content of either all-ages or ones with adult content. Supporting VNs on Steam is a bad idea anyways imho, VNs don't belong on Steam no matter what kind they are.
  20. Rewatching it won't change my opinion on it at all. Sure the visual novel is of course better that is always the case but I did fully enjoy the anime adaptation.
  21. The anime adaptation of Mask of Deception is actually pretty on point, there is nothing to butcher except for the adaptation to the first game now that got butchered, they left out key parts of the story. FYI I won't touch the remake to the first game at all.
  22. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Until you read all 4 routes (your reasoning for not reading Mashiro and Rika routes is beyond stupid) I'm not taking your opinion seriously at all and will consider it invalid, there is a special ending that only unlocks after you finish all 4 routes and will no doubt change your opinion on the visual novel as a whole.
  23. Certificate expired?

    It expired again.
  24. They just released a new patch which includes the missing files: https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/giniro-haruka-update-15-7-1-image-update/
  25. They released a patch for the first two routes today. Either I'm doing something wrong or the patch they released as issues because nothing is translated with it. Looks like they left the g00 folder in the patch empty thus the reason nothing is translated. A major mistake on their part. https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2020/01/02/giniro-haruka-update-15-7-hinata-route-patch/ Don't bother downloading the patch until they fix their mistake. I wonder how they screwed up the patch this bad when they've had no mistakes like this on their other projects at least as far as I know. So much for reading this now. I hope they're able to fix this mistake as soon as possible. You can grab the first patch for now if you haven't already: https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2019/10/30/giniro-haruka-update-10-5-bethly-route-patch/ The newest patch is missing about 10MB of data because the g00 folder in the patch is empty when it shouldn't be. Seems like it may take a while for them to realize their mistake (8 hours later after I originally made this reply), no updates about it and my replies aren't being seen because "Your comment is awaiting moderation." is what I'm getting when I reply at least I don't think they're being seen, it's probably because I've never really commented on wordpress before though I've had the account for years I believe. Does anyone know if they have a discord available so contacting them would be easier? @littleshogun