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  1. That second map and song is great. I remember getting a 6x100 Hidden on that a while ago and not being able to repeat it I went to 42k. No more worrying about dipping back over 50k again.
  2. Love Live is all you need in life.
  3. How did you not watch it when it aired? Konosuba is fantastic, can't wait for s2 and more Megumin!
  4. Yeah, funding is the problem. The DVD and BDs didn't sell very well for it, and it wouldn't be the first time this studio just dropped an anime like this, other example being Mondaiji-tachi, which also didn't sell well and hasn't been heard about anime wise in nearly 3 years.
  5. God I loved that anime, it was freaking hilarious. Pretty positive that's a one and done anime unfortunately.
  6. Forgot to reply to this after doing the math. This event is about 45% higher than usual for cutoffs. Not as bad as the worst event though, which was about 52% above the average cutoff (The Snow Umi event)
  7. Haven't SS'd anything in forever (Last time was October 29th on this Also, this felt so fucking satisfying, 5.72* song clear Everything goes rip at the end because I was afraid of failing.
  8. Pretty much every reason I dropped the anime. It was just boring.
  9. You didn't know Kirino? I guess the hype behind her series ended a couple years ago, but I saw Kirino everywhere before. Kaguya used a Miyuki avatar here at one point, I'm assuming you at least know of Durarara. Lastly, Loli Basketball is alright, if you're into lolis It's a blast if you are. Out of that list, I've watched all of SAO, OreImo, Accel World, Railgun, Black Bullet, Shana, Toradora. Saw S1 of Durarara and Ro-Kyu-Bu, first half of Mahouka, and only the first arc of Strike The Blood. The best out of the ones you bolded is definitely Durarara, though, I really loved OreImo (until the ending ONAs... why... why... just why.....)
  10. Thought what I copied said so, but it didn't. JP only.
  11. JP Only: A massive update is planned for July 5, 2016! Aqours is being formally added to SIF! The members will be added to premium recruitment There will also be a new main story for the Aqours cast, which is unlocked through assignments instead of rank The story and cards will all be full-voiced! µ's and Aqours switching function On the live, story, and recruitment menus, a button will be added to switch between µ's and Aqours Not only will this affect what's shown on those menus, but it will also change the characters that show up on the login bonus and download screens A new SSR rarity This new rarity will be in between SR and UR The card designs are also being revamped! Expert songs are being added to the normal songs, and a new Master difficulty is being added The trophies you've obtained for the Expert songs will be carried over A difficulty above Expert, Master, is being added, and will be released as special songs, 4 per month Currently, only µ's songs are planned A new "School Idol Skill" feature School Idol Skills can be set to increase the stats and strengthen the skills of cards The higher rarity the card, the more skills can be set The number of skills that can be set can be increased through special lessons Seals will be able to be used to awaken cards Even if you only have R seals, you can use them to awaken URs and SRs if you have enough of them The update schedule for each month will be changed as follows: New cards will be added 4 times a month: 2 times for µ's, 2 times for Aqours Events will alternate between µ's and Aqours Each event will have 2 SRs instead as rewards Songs will be added twice a month: mid-month for µs, end of month for Aqours
  12. I just search "star>5.0", hit random, and play whatever I feel like, Not caring about the difficulty (unless it goes above 5.6, then it's just too hard.) I end up clearing a lot of 5.3-5.4 songs easily but I'll never ever FC anything because my consistency is just too trash. I'll miss some easier stuff but hit the cross screen jumps Speaking of hands, my left hand has been cramping up for some reason while playing, don't really know why. Doesn't even have to be hard stuff, it will cramp for what feels like no reason.
  13. I feel like that every day. I generally have 2-3x more plays than any of my friends that are higher rank than me. It just feels like no matter how much I play, my progress is just a snails pace if at all.
  14. Is it because, since you love them, you don't want to see Neptunia make a bad one? I need to finish the anime still, only made it through epinside 7 so far. I believe that episode was taken directly from Re;Birth 3, so maybe I should compete that game before continuing... Still in Chapter 5 of that one.
  15. Noire game is a strategy RPG. Don't know anything else beyond that though. Don't care all that much about Noire other than Neptune's constant loner jabs at her, so never bothered looking into it.
  16. Fans voted for that style of subunit and they delivered. Blame the fans who voted.
  17. I blew 60 seals on both Rin and both Hanayo promo Rs. Stopped playing for a bit though because of the constant transmission errors due to everyone playing for 3.0.
  18. Uhh.. humans... **googles** My favorite party member was Falcom, just purely off looks, didn't really care for the human characters much. I remember liking Financier in Rebirth 1 but don't remember much about it. Also, I should really get to doing Conquest some day. I've been saved at the beginning of it forever now while I slowly slowly slowly work on the final achievement of NepNep1. Currently at 20/100mil Credits
  19. That's a complete understatement from the people I've talked to. I believe it was @Nosebleed who hated it with a passion, along with some of my friends not on this site. Apparently it's on an abomination level of horribleness.
  20. A LOT. Look at August 4th here http://decaf.kouhi.me/lovelive/index.php?title=Updates/2015#August_2015
  21. I still have 1.3k EXP to get before I get my bonus EXP, guess my work still isn't done. also this
  22. Nosebleed is just too over the ending to like the series
  23. That second screenshot, that scene made it into the anime, was episode 7 iirc. The last episode I watched so far I need to get back to the anime as well as NepNep3. I'm in Chapter 5 still, I believe were splitting up helping the other nations.
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