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  1. Pretty much this. I'm part of the Nagi no Asukara hype train though and absolutely loved the anime.
  2. I'm not looking at your screenshots because I haven't done that yet I stopped playing NepNep2 when the next thing I needed to do was complete that route (called Conquest). @Eclipsed can tell you all about his experience with it Edit: Basically the shit on this page:
  3. I think it falls under the same debate "what is the best tablet area", some say larger areas are better in the long run, some say smaller, some say whatever feels best for you and what you can get used to. As for a video I watched, it suggested heavily to remove cursor acceleration, but the pain of relearning muscle memory will be the initial problem. I tried relearning tablet areas before, not fun.
  4. Had some spoiler tag mess that I fixed up. Anyway Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  5. This week of Re:Zero reminded me for another week a huge thing I love about this series: THE CHARACTERS. I love Subaru's personality when dealing with other people, his nonchalantness, gaginess, and just everything. I love that Emilia isn't a tsundere, isn't deredere, she's just... human feeling. She's just a normal person with normal reactions, nothing overthetop, 100% entirely pleasant to have on screen. Both Ram and Rem were developed greatly this week, and previously Felt as well (just a note, MAL only saying "A petty theif" and nothing else, I feel is really selling her short). Seriously, the moments with the characters drive this show even when the plot doesn't seem to be progressing all that much, it's just a great feel all in all regardless of all the fluff. And those comedic moments Then the last bit of the episode I really love this anime as of 5 episodes in, easily my favorite this season, no competition.
  6. With the upcoming seal Sticker Shop, yeah, it takes 20 (or 30? I forget) Rs (idolized Rs give 2) to get the blue tickets.
  7. Did you copy these from pixiv? Because you can't embed Pixiv images on other sites, they won't show up for any one else.
  8. If you like diabetes levels of adorableness, then yes. If that's not your thing, then avoid it.
  9. You could always trade away 3 of those initials for a UR of your choice once the seal Sticker Shop comes out. I'm personally hoping, oh so hoping, to get 1 UR when I draw for August Rin UR, because even if I don't get her, if I get any UR, I'll trade my two Smiles and that new one for Maid Rin (one of my all time favorite URs). My teams are at the point where I can benefit in some songs for replacing my initial Honoka since she's only a PL, so trading her away for a stronger scorer isn't much of an issue. As for my song ranking... I got 908th place, that's just barely T1. I remember back in Kitty Rin, which was also a Smile event song, I got 200th in song score, and now I can barely get top 1000. I really need some new cards.
  10. I don't plan on quitting any time soon, I have yet to even miss getting an event SR yet, and went T1 this event. I plan on going relatively high ranking for the next event too, since it's a Hanayo event.
  11. Just watched Re:Zero Ep4, this anime is fantastic. While not entirely an eventful episode, this one portrayed the main character personalities so well and not your generic cookie cutter personalties either. Just your regular guy and your regular girl scene at the end of the episode. Definitely my favorite of this season so far. Other things I watched: High School Fleet: I can't tel where they are trying to go with this anime, but so far has been alright I guess. Mayoiga: Suspense and mystery are going good so far, while some parts remain lackluster. Much cliffhanger Sakatmoto: Fabulous like last week Anne Happy: hilarious, love the character interactions, this week especially. NetoGe: Love this one too, probably my second favorite this season.
  12. I understand exactly what you mean by it not feeling anything like the first arc after that arc ended, but I personally liked the direction the series went spiritually. I'm interested in the implications behind having virtual reality gaming and what it would do to general life. Between immoral things (Elfhiem Arc), gaming tournaments and everything that happened in GGO, as well as for Mother's Rosario I feel that was the Author's intent with the series, not to make "The adventures of a Virtual Reality gamer in the game" but instead the actual implementation of VR into "real" life (in the story). That's why we have Kirito going into development of this software, and I believe all the newest arc is based around more development stuff, isn't it? The author also shows a more developed feel with Accel World, which is a same universe story, just years in the future far into, instead of Virtual reality, the development of Augmented Reality. So to summarize/tl;dr. the series aims to tell a more technological based story instead of action/fantasy. Am I saying it's wrong to dislike it for that reason? Not at all, it's just something I find interesting about the series. If you don't want to see that shit, then yeah, you DO have the right to complain about the shift in focus the series took after the first arc.
  13. I knew the ending of Mother's Rosario going into the arc (internet's a bitch), and it didn't make it any less of an experience. I know SAO is hated by a lot of people, but I loved the Mother's Rosario arc just for Yuuki. As for Phantom Bullet, I only read the first of two novels to the LN, loved Sinon, then when I watched the anime, they made her less awesome compared to what was in my mind, and then disappointed me with the ending of the arc (not anime fault, just the general plot)
  14. I only have 136x768 monitor, so I've always used fullscreen for the time I played on my laptop. I did play windowed on my desktop just because the 19inch monitor was too large for how close I sit to my monitor normally, so it wasn't that hard of a transition from my desktop to my laptop since the game resolution matched my laptop's fullscreen res. Also, I play on tablet, so the areas matched rather well too. I use a medium sized tablet area I haven't changed it in over a year, so you'd think my reflexes would be used to it, but I'll have some days where it's completely natural, then most other days I just can't aim worth shit. No matter how many hours I put into playing song, I just can't get comfortable 100% of the time. Wow that tangent happened fast.
  15. Congrats I've been in another slump lately, aim is off, accuracy is meh, energy just isn't there. I love osu, but in all games I play, there's always just random periods of time where I just plainly suck at certain games I play Random fun piece: The profile announcement thing stops at 1000 lol, one of my typical 1miss runs though
  16. Good to hear a reader of the manga support the anime. I don't read manga in general, but the anime to Gakkou Gurashi was just fantastic (those last 3 episodes ) I'd so much love for there to be a second season, but I've heard so much that it didn't follow the manga, so I guess it couldn't happen.
  17. How sick and in what way? SIF is easy enough to play with most simple sicknesses
  18. Clearly the truest of tears is the tears of salt, they were just proving their point. Started AssClass, great as of 8 episodes in
  19. Did you make sure to watch the final 4 episode OVA set? It's another story arc. And yeah, I really enjoyed Kokoro Connect, mainly the first arc (I found that arc to just be really interesting) and the OVA set, the other two arcs were... kinda iffy), but the 4th one went back to its better drama roots.
  20. I'm thinking about reinstalling my JP game just for that event, though I haven't gotten a JP event SR in so long, because I don't care much about JP any more... But that Rin card
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