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  1. I got a Kotori rare, putting my rare count up to 6 with 4 from normal scouts, 1 from free Honor Student scout. Dunno how many times I've done normal scout so far though. And I also FC'd my first song on Hard, being one of my favorite Love Live songs, Mogyutto Love de Sekkinchu, which I did first try, then proceeded to fail the event song yet again, this time on the last 3 notes 3 stamina restorers on the team and I didn't get a single point restored at the end when I needed it... So much frustration
  2. The short sliders kill you? I fail on the multiple double note changes. I must have failed the song 4 times on Hard so far, so much event points wasted
  3. I must suck at the game because I can't seem to even pass the event song on Hard. Those double notes don't work well with my mind Although, my Pure team is my strongest, so if I do pass it, I should get a good score.
  4. I'm taking this as "likeable" as opposed to "loveable". I'm a VN noob but as said above, what some people find "likeable" isn't going to match your tastes nor standards. Out of the few VNs I've read, I found all 5 Rewrite, all but 1 heroine of Little Busters, and 7 of the 8 female characters in Flyable Heart likeable, my opinion being based of personalities. And I'm sure there's people who dislike several of the characters from the VNs I mentioned, but that's how it works.
  5. I want that Kotori card too, but its too far out of reach. I haven't even passed 1000 event points, let alone 11000 for Kotori >.<
  6. Thanks for all the tips! Even the game knows these matches! And thanks for this, definitely saving all for the 50 gem draw as opposed to spending on the 5 gem draw. And seems I am going to have to do research later on to maximize score. So the auto-formation just places them greatest to least form center out, even though that's not the "best" formation for ever song? Played for a while and am currently Rank 15 but ran out of LP before I could level so I'm waiting for that to recharge. I maxed my Rin rare (unidolized), and after completing songs, got enough Friend Points to do several large scouts, and ended up getting a Pure attribute Umi and a Cool attribute Nico, then got a free Honor Student Scouting Pass, and ended up with a Pure attribute Nico. I got these pretty recently so I haven't had enough "sacrifices" to raise their levels so Umi's 27, Cool Nico is 15, and haven't touched Pure Nico yet. Oh, and I have 14 idolized normals so far.
  7. I've just downloaded and started with Rin, my favorite Love Live girl, but am confused by a post above. Should I bother leveling up the girls I started with? And I didnt really get what leveling up even did..
  8. Well, if viewed from another perspective, it's a final goodbye. That's how I personally saw it. It's a mixture of different feels so masterfully put together. Another anime scene I found sad was from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:
  9. However I have yet to cry to an anime. :| Glad to see someone post this more obscure anime. That whole 2nd half I would put up there as some of the saddest things I've seen in anime. I'm surprised no one mentioned Anohana.
  10. I guess no one could take the "U MAD!?" lines here But yes, that download includes this horrid English translation that is practically a direct translation that doesn't use pronouns correctly. It's pretty much what you would get if you google translated everything.
  11. I actually started using the keyboard for clicking in osu! around when I started playing normals because I figured it would be tons easier, so I never had an issue transitioning between those. But switching from mouse to tablet was a monsterous task for me after playing constantly for 6 months and was used to a mouse.
  12. Might as well post mine. I haven't played much recently though. https://osu.ppy.sh/u/2912314 I'm too inconsitant to ever get FCs so my rank is lower than it could be
  13. The way the story progresses and has heavy emphasis on romance would make a Rewrite anime adaption pretty diffuclt to release compared to Little Busters. With all those crazy character route endings, I'd actually like to see an aniimation studio try.
  14. 1. Momo - After reading her character profile, I started the To Love Ru anime for the sole purpose of reaching To Love-ru Darkness where she was the lead girl. Definitely didn't disappoint. 2. Yui - I didn't care for her as much the first season, but somewhere along she started to grow on me. I'm a fan of tsunderes, especially if they can admit to themselves they like the person they're tsundere for. 3. Nana - Again, a fan of tsundere. Not much to say, just like these type of characters. Aww, I love Momo's VA, along with other roles she's done. I also like how the roles are reversed between Momo's and Nana's VAs, since in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, Nana's VA voices Saten and Momo's VA voices Uiharu, where Nana's VA's character messes with Momo's VA's character instead of the other way around like in To Love Ru.
  15. That is like the ultimate insult. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ My mistake, I failed to mention I was comparing the LB visual novel to the anime adaption. Sometimes everything I'm thinking doesn't make it onto the screen
  16. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I'm definitely going to start Grisaia soon after everything said in this thread. I had only heard of G-Senjou but didn't know anything, but I will check into it. And I already planned on playing Cross Channel and Hoshizora no Memoria I see you haven't played G-senjou no Maou, that's what I recommend. Hope to see you around more. Chalk? And Chino is awesome, along with the anime she's from. Although, my favorite character is Cocoa. I am an firm believer in "nothing is for everyone". I felt Rewrite happened to be the perfect formula for me, which had comedy that really clicked with me, characters I completely loved, and stories I highly enjoyed. Everything just came close to my ideal. As for that link, I already had it bookmarked before making this thread, but thanks anyway. Azusa happens to be my favorite character from K-On I had kinda stopped reading Clannad as I had already seen the anime and I was aiming for VNs without anime adaptions. I did read all the way up to Refrain in Little Busters because I liked the characters more and a friend of mine talked it up so much. Glad I did since some routes were much better (Haruka!)
  17. Greetings to anyone who reads this~ I'm horrible at introductions, so this is just going to seem like a random mess, bear with me please My username is Ceris (obviously) and am a newer anime fan and even newer to the VN world. I don't have a certain genre I stick to, but tend to like slice of life-ish anime that mix comedy and drama well (like nakige) and since I come to tears easy, the sadder the better. I'm also a fan of moe and romances (my taste in romance isn't concrete and can vary greatly). I'm a pretty laid back person who doesn't try to criticize things and just tries to enjoy whatever he's doing. I don't know any Japanese beyond a few random words, so I'm at the mercy of the translators. I started watching anime back in August of 2012 and got immediately hooked on it and have seen over 100 different series. Because of my huge interest in anime, I asked a friend to recommend me a visual novel that doesn't have an anime adaption, so he mentioned Rewrite because of my love for Key anime. Rewrite is now my all time favorite form of (dunno what word to use here to include books, anime, cartoons, etc, anything entertainment along these lines? ). <-Long winded, but I loved Rewrite completely. Since then, I haven't branched out too well and want to change that. I tend to get interested in the *shallow* way of judging character designs, then with a little research, check to see if they're nukige (avoid these), or if an anime, just general plot synopsis, and for both, character bios. To mention the visual novels I've played (read?): Rewrite - Mentioned above. The only VN I've completed to this date. Symphonic Rain - Through the heroine routes, need to finish the Al Fine route, absolutely love this. Little Busters - Saves stopped working (dunno what happened) as I reached Refrain, but I've seen the anime. Will complete when Ex is finished being translated. Clannad - Seen anime, only cleared two routes so far. Toradora Portable - Another anime I've seen, just cleared Taiga stuff. Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru - Saves stopped working on this as well, cleared Tsumugu and Eika routes, will finish one day, not a fan of the game, only downloaded as a new release from Fuwanovel. Flyable Heart - Cleared Mayuri and half way through Sakurako but lost saves. Started it due to hearing a lot about it. VNs I've downloaded but have yet to play Planetarian - Will do very soon since it's Key and really short. Grisaia no Kajutsu - Fuwanovel banner made me download it. If My Heart Had Wings - Cool name, heard positive things Hoshizora no Memoria - Heard it was moe (?) and loved character designs Cross Channel - Heard positive things Ones that interest me that don't have an English translation. Clover Day's - Character design + character bios Your Diary - Character design Hatsuyuki Sakura - Character Design Thanks for reading this. Any recommendations are welcome. I may or may not stay active around here, since I really just chime in here and there instead of being full blown active on forums anyway. Wanted to make a (rather messy) introduction thread either way. Hope this wasn't too bad.
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