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  1. Wasn't that Dragonforce map as a tie breaker controversial anyway? Because it's something only a smaller number of players actually practice because again, AR8 isn't something that's commonly used. But what do I know, I'm trash at the game anyway and can't read AR under 9 or above 9.6 myself
  2. I've never even bothered playing multi public. As for the AR comment, it's not like being able to read AR8 makes you a better player, it's just something that needs practice, and you can be a good player without being able to read <AR9 since 99% of difficult maps that come out today are AR9 or higher. Sure, learning lower AR can make you a more versatile player, but it isn't required.
  3. I use speed 8 for E-H and 9 for EX and Master. 9 on EX just makes some maps more readable rhythm wise and made the game so much easier.
  4. I used 8 tickets and got 3 SRs, that's a new record. 2 of those SRs were the new Riko. Did a 10+1 and it was guaranteed SR and a dupe. Did 5 solos to fill my BT meter, got 1 more SR that was a dupe. Used 5BTs in a scout, was a dupe SR. Great fucking day
  5. Was lazy in the end. Had planned on using all of my gems this event (ended with 71 lol)
  6. They are on JP, it should be an upcoming song in EN as well as corresponding with the release of year fan titles
  7. I'm working on overall bond and getting Ruby to eventually 2nd place, but right now the goal is just 3rd
  8. I'll never touch shocking party after getting to 666 plays on that song, never again.
  9. Well, if you're "less than casual", then it shouldn't matter too much how strong your teams are, what cards you have, at that point, you just play songs for fun. Current event, I was supposed to be trying a little, but I've already wasted like a day of LP. Only at about 1.7k tokens, which is small for 4x times
  10. Meanwhile my wimpy list after 3 years I got Mari last night though
  11. The fuck That's twice the number of my total URs
  12. You get the second copy of Hanayo in T3
  13. No 13* though Nico Puri master might as well be
  14. This is like, a mega late reply, but my Aqours order is Ruby > Hanamaru > You >= Chika >> Dia >= Yohane >= Mari >>> Riko > Kanan I don't hate anyone (I actually like Kanan), which is a great thing that I like everyone. As for the current event, I'm behind on it as per usual (I've been slacking for a couple months now, this month especially due to being in Japan), but I plan on nabbing a T1, all rewards if I can stop being lazy. I'll try to grind a lot tonight, but I plan on hitting the arcade for a few SIFAC plays and a bite out as well.
  15. I love Aqours. On average, I actually like Aqours song more than muse, and member wise too. My favorite Aqours is easily Ruby, followed by Maru, You, and Chika. There's just so many good songs from the group too.
  16. Eclipsed hasn't played in 2 years but still has twice the URs I do Oh wait, that's just one of each member, then that's way more than twice my count
  17. get rekt I've barely played this event, least I've played in years, i'll still get the SR though eventually
  18. >6 ranks off KLab please, the account hasn't been logged in to for 2 years.
  19. Good luck on the account transfer back to you.
  20. I see so much hate over the new MMR, but I don't get it. Last SM I got an absurd number of 3rd and 4th places and lost thousands and thousands of MMR. This event, I've only lost a handful of times, getting 1st place a majority of my SM due to how unbalanced things are Generally if you're relatively strong and can consistently FC, you'll end up on top a lot. My highest placement was 19th, but I only have this screenshot So far this SM has actually been fun unlike the last SM, which I immensely hated. I don't care how unrelative to actual team strength it is, it's just nice to be rewarded for FCing and not getting into constant whale lobbies like last SM. Also, these type of things can happen, which is hilarious. I tripled 4th place's score, despite him having 10k after the SM. It's so absurdly stupid it's funny.
  21. I mean, it's nothing different than getting an FC in the old old days and getting 4th place
  22. This MMR system is actually amazing IMO. Read about it here https://02-78.reddit.com/r/SchoolIdolFestival/comments/69h6kp/information_this_makes_zero_sense_or_rather_this/
  23. To give a better answer, you can't just request a translation of a VN. Depending on length, it takes a team of multiple people months, and on longer VNs, upwards of a year to multiple years to come out with a quality translation.
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