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  1. Agree with everything above. The SM Pt system is a good idea, and it works a little nicer in JP where there's simply a much larger pool of players to match against to make a better average, but EN's version just sucks. I'll either get matched with people 1k pts above me (keep in mind I was 16.5k rank 300 at the time) and ended up dropping 1.5k points in just 3 matches. I've been griping and moaning this whole event about how unfair it is. On a not-complaining note: I'm ready for the Ruby UR after this event. On a completely unrelated note, I've been playing SIF less because I've been hooked on a newly released anime music game, BanG Dream's mobile app or Bandori for short. The series has outstanding music and has fun gameplay, sorta plays like the iM@S Cinderella Girls game combined with standard down scrolling rhythm style (looks like Guitar Hero actually) For an example of one of my favorite songs. Pretty much been playing this a ton.
  2. EN introduced what JP did for Hanayo's birthday, it's called Step Up and you can scout 30 gems, then 40, and then 50, the 50 scout is guaranteed SSR. Once you use those 3 scouts, the other page is limitless 10+1s, 50 gems each.
  3. Did you only do the 50 gem scout or the 30 gem scout? I hope you didn't miss the page that lets you scout 10+1 for 30 gems.
  4. Wow this thread has been dead for a long time. Congrats on the 4k PP! I'm still just a casual back at like 2.5k PP because I never get better at osu no matter how much I play.
  5. So, my companion phone of 2 years has finally kicked the bucket. The screen died and won't turn on any more, so I'm stuck without a half decent phone at best, since my old one is just complete garbage. On the plus side, after charging my old phone, I found some legacy stuff. The original title screen, pre-Takaramonos, where the song that played was just the default bgm in the main menu. I kind of don't want to update the app on my phone because then I'd lose this nostalgic piece of SIF history.
  6. I am saving for the New Years Ruby The only card I want
  7. I think the "mouse" suit looks like a rat and is ugly. For me, I missed like 5-6 hours of playtime at the end of the event due to various things so I missed my 111921 goal, so dropped Rin's birthday and just went 100921 instead. Also, I'll probably be buying this special pack just for the title and save the 10+1 ticket for when the UR Ruby comes out in April.
  8. I don't like the 4x because it stops plebians like me from getting top 10 in token events, because before the limiting factor was time (and less so gems), but now that the time factor is nerfed, the gem cost will be so crazy.
  9. This update doesn't fix the worst event though, MedFes. MedFes remains a tedious grind with the least payout of points per song played (except Token, but token's point rewards are lower).
  10. Moon's adaption was the anime we wanted all along but didn't receive.
  11. Oh, I was like "No followup post?", didn't realize you just edited your post. I woulda just double posted I saw your results in game though Congrats on actually getting her! I've never gotten the featured UR before (well, once off a ticket but I instantly sacrificed her for Maid Rin)
  12. Notice the 3 way tie at 12th with the same score 328874 = (3)Nya Hanayo
  13. My current score (at the time of this post here) is 171k, I've grinded 20392 tokens so far. Another 13k won't kill me, I think
  14. I'm no where near done, for the most part I'm actually behind. My final goal is 300k, which is another about 20k tokens or so.
  15. I'm pretty much only going to be scouting for Ruby now though, since I already have a Rin UR. Btw did I mention I'm going hard for this event?
  16. Depends on rank, I'm rank 326, so I have twice as much LP as a rank 132 player (to give an exact number) which would mean roughly half the gems needed (give or take a couple from rank ups). The number is generally 100+ for someone 250+, but for someone 100-200ish, it's more like 150-200 gems. I'm calculating that it'll take about 100 gems to reach 200k event points, which is my goal for either token event (most likely for Rin)
  17. I think my next gem spending adventure will be either whenever the Kururin Miracle Rin event finally comes, or the Yohane+Ruby Token event. The next scouting for me will be the next Ruby UR, which hasn't been revealed in JP yet, but should either be the next UR or the pair to the next. One of those two I'll attempt to aim for top 10 again, since Rin and Ruby tend to lack supporters, I want to be one of the few people to show support! Back during the DiaRuby SM, of the top 10, I was the only one who did it for Ruby, others either did it for Dia or just for the same of playing
  18. There has been no announcement in the English server, but the Japanese server announced that single member boxes will be available on the corresponding girl's birthday, people assume EN would just follow suit.
  19. So how did @Jade do? Did you get your T1? I went for all rewards, I'll be attempting to get all rewards in all events of 2017, I've decided it's time to stop being a lazy bum and consistently work on my player rank. During the event I did a 10+1 in the 1st Years box, in not disappointed because It's RIN
  20. I need to continue this, saw the first 8 so far, but fell behind,because of end of term stuff and exams. Definitely the most important thing I'm watching this season.
  21. No, one of the two I've read to completion And I'm not defending anything. As said, this is probably some spinoff mobile game due to who's involved. I'm not even remotely interested upon hearing that.
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